January-March 2012

Morning Walk  - 02/09/12

Morning Walk

 01/27/12- New Space - Hanna Park, Jacsonville, Fl  
New Site 
Internal Park Roads>Hanna Park, Jacksonville, Fl

Well our light had come on blinking out it's desire to get a little exercise and what do you know, when I went stopped in to the office after our appt at Mayo to pay another week on the space they had someone else there tapping their toes and waiting for us to get out of it. So it was hussle my bussle time and get moved to a new spot. Lesson - don't wait till the last minute to pay the bill :) But it was time for a little drive anyway, so off we went to our new site and yes that's the satellite up. There's a little hole in the trees and the satellite found it and got itself connected so the move turned out to be a good thing in the end. Somehow these things always seem to work out for the best. I guess if you're looking for the good it's always there waiting to be found :)).
Morning WalkAnother SunriseI really, really ,really enjoyed walking on the beach. The sunrise was almost always spectacular and the sand under you feet is a feeling I always enjoy. Here's a couple of them I stopped to capture.
01/28/12 - Ferandina Beach, Fl
At the beach

A1A> Ferry>A1A>Ferandina Beach for a picnic

We got in a few rides while we were in Jacksonville and mostly did the run up A1A to  Ferandina  Beach. There's a real nice spot there to sit on a  bench  on the edge of the beach and have lunch, watch the birds, people and occassional ships passing by. There's a resturant there as well, but once was enough for it so we stuck with bringing out own peanut butter and jelly and on the cold days that thermos with a little hot chocolate (now that's always good for what ails you) :))).
Ferry RideNew Camera LensView the other direction
     ---- The ferry ride was part of the fun  ---- My new camea lens (blow that one up) ---- Our picnic bench on the beach
2/18/12 - Camelot Rv Park, Malabar, Fl
Last Walk on the beach for now.
Local>I95>Local> Malabar, Fl (home base)
I'm sure everyone knows what our spot at Camelot looks like by now, so I thought the last walk on the beach and the beach sunrise might be a better tribute to the day. We stopped by Camping World on the way back down and here's a good one for you - we returned a "15' Slunky" (I think the sh## was under the hose instead of in it) and I bought a 'Good Sam Flexible Sewer Hose Support' in it's place. The Slunky is a bunch of plastic pieces stapled together, the GS support is a real how support and it was cheaper than the junky Slunky. So a word to the wise - if you're buying stuff always open the box and see what it's like before you buy it - had I don't that I would not have bought the Slunk junk to start with. The drive down was uneventful - fuel was $4+ on the way down and then $3.93 when we fueled at our local spot which was a nice surprise. The savings helped pay the bill (albiet a minor contribution) to our new set of shoes for TisIt. Fortunately he only needs new shoes every 5 years or so, but that puts a major dent in the maintenance fund. Time to start working on getting that back on it's feet. But then it's a blessing to have a maintenance fund so we'll just keep counting our blessings.

Outcome from the Jacksonville trip, Sheila has been listed and is now waiting for her new set of bellows to arrive. She's near the bottom of the list for now, which is good as that means we can keep on trucking. Louisville approaches. See you out there on the road soon. We're heading out March 15th - another quick stop at the Mayo for a blood test and then it's points wherever :))
3/15/12 - On The Road Again
Our Longer Train
I95>FL9A>Hanna Park, Jacksonville, Fl

Nothing exciting the last month, it just flew by with work and dentist, doctor, etc. Lots to do getting ready for the upcoming show and trying to get the phone app (we're working on iPhone app to go with the Truckers Helper Online) done. So here we are on the road again - up to Jacksonville for 2 days, check out some possible relocation parks and Mayo on Friday for a couple easy appointments.

The picture is our extended train - we were right at 70' previously with Mloyl on the back, now we've added a couple more (about 3) feet with the carrier for Sheila's scooter. It was great carrying it around in the back of the car for awhile, but that only worked when I was with the Honey. So we got this carrier so that she could do it by herself when I wasn't around. Has worked out really well as she can put her scooter or her walker back there, and on the weekends at Hanna when everyone had fires going she I'd put the walker on for her and she could drive over to the beach for her walk and not have to walk through the campground. Also worked great for a couple outings while we were home so she could get out and about on her own :))
3/17/12 - Rest Area - I75 308MM Ga
Ga Rest Area
FL10>I295>I10>I75> GA MM308

Blow this one up - that reflection of the truck to the right in the side is pretty neat (at least I enjoy it :))

Long day, but we found a way to get thos extra miles and keep the smiles. We stopped around 4:30 and took a break and had dinner. Then back on the road for a couple more hours - 438 miles for the day and we were late getting on the road - but couldn't pass up a morning walk at Hanna. I do love to walk on the beach and it's a great place with a couple long flat stretched for the Honey.

The rest area is really great. Lots of parking for both cars and trucks and a double decker. There's an lower lot with the truck and camper parking and then an upper lot with a ton of car parking. They have No Overnight Parking signs up, but the lot was filled with campers and trucks who'd obviously spent the night. It would seem to me that is the point of the rest area's in the first place - to give travelers a place to get off the road and rest rather then driving tired.

3/18/12 - Cave City Campground, Cave City, Ky
Cave City Campground
I75>I40>I65>Cave City, Ky.

An easy day today, just poked up to Ky. Could have made it to Louisville, but stopped short to get some chores done and have a little rest before we get into the campground there. We usually stop short where we can get a full hookup, dump the tanks, do a wash and get set for the week there. The campground there is just a big parking lot. The have sewer, but it's shared so you have to run on the tanks and then dump when you get a chance so not a good place to take long showers or do laundry. But it's sure convenient to just walk in rather than needing to drive to the show every day.

The flowers are starting to bloom here and the weather has turned unseasonably warm. Usually it's 60's day and 40's night, but today it was in the 80's most of the day. The forecast is for it to continue in the 80's during the day and go down to the 60's at night and, of course, rain is forcast for Thu, Fri and Sat with tempratures going back down to the 60's again. Doesn't sound like a good show for those who set up outside the buildings.

We're rolling out the fleet version, albiet just a beta for now, payroll didn't make it for the show, but we're still ready to start beta testing officially - we've been doing it unofficially for about 2 months and have some happy customers using it :))
3/19/12 - Louisville Exposition Park, Louisville, Ky
Louisville Exposition Center
I65>Louisville, Ky

Another easy day, just 90 miles up to Louisville and we're not first this year, but second for the front row. Couple of days now to finish things up and get ready for the show. Lot of last minute things for the web site, fleet sign up, phone app, just never ends. I think next year if it's isn't ready on March 1st then it isn't at the show......but we'll see, we've never managed to do that so far.

Here's a sunrise from Cave City that we didn't have room for above and a shot of the boTruck Show SeminarTruck Show Seminaroth (Cave City Ky Sunriseand one of me doing our seminar)
our redesigned display
3/25/12 - Whittington Rv Park, Whittington, Il
Whittington Rv Park
I264>I64>I57>Whittington, Il

It was an easy day just a couple hundred miles. Wanted to have a slow day to recover a little from the truck show. Even not working the booth I still had a lot to do and managed to get worn out. One of the joys of getting old I guess, just wear out a little easier - but I'm still going and I guess in the end that's all that counts.

Nice park with big spaces and fairly empty this time of year. They're right by a big lake so I imagine they fill up during the summer.

Weather is unseasonably warm and the bugs are out early this year. That blue thing on the side of the coach is my modern chamois - I don't know what they make them out of these days but they work real well. Had to get on the front and windshield as soon as we parked - lots of bugs.

3/26/12 - East Kansas City KOA, Oak Grove, Mo
East Kansas City KOA
I57>I64>I255>I270>I70>Oak Grove, Mo

A little longer day - 321 miles, but another easy drive. We're running the big road this year, at least so far, may switch to smaller roads later, not sure. As time goes by I find more of a desire for the easy route and the best way to do things is the easiest way.

We're here to do a few radio spots for Land Line Now and see our old friends to catch up on what's happening at OOIDA. Hopefully we'll get a chance to have dinner with Mark and Sandi, both old friends now. Sandi and I were chatting at the truck show and we can't even remember how many years we've known each other - since we were much younger anyway :))  We'll be here till Saturday and then head down to Texas for business and to kick back till time for Vegas.

Illinois again took it's toll though in general the road wasn't bad, but it got one of our hub covers. Drivers side and I think it may have been because it wasn't put back on right after we got the new tires this year. Guess I forgot to mention that earlier - we put a new set of shoes on the coach. Used that FMCA Michilen Advantage Program and saved a bundle ($4582 for 8 Michilen tires that list for over $800 each). That'll cover my membership for awhile to come.