January-March 2014

This sunrise on the river - Happy New Year
Sunrise - Acosta Creek Harbor

01/10/14 Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral, Fl.
Jetty Park Walking the beach
01/10/14 - They say that the  world is moving faster and time along with it. Google "earth's heart beat" and you'll find some discussions about it speeding up. Next we put the past 70 time change into the formula, and I found a good explanation of that. When you're 5 years old a year is a long time, it represents 20% of your lifetime. When you're 70 a year now represents 1.4% of your lifetime. That huge difference accounts for the change in perspective regarding time. At any rate, for us New Years this year came and went pretty much unnoticed. So it seems did January I guess since it's now mid-February and I'm just getting to starting the 2014 web pages. We did get out in January, went down to Jetty Park which is on the little canal where the Cruise ships go in and out and right next to the Cape Canaveral Space Center. It's a great little park with a nice beach for my morning walks and for Sheila to get out on a little later in the day. We went down for a meeting at the office, Dr appts and to meet with friends and go out for lunch. This year we're going to try to get out at least once a month to go somewhere for a few days.

The boat has been languishing it seems. I'm having the busy time of year work demands, the weather has been cold and rainy along with Sheila being up and down and not really in a boating mood. We have taken the bike out for a coupe of short rides. Nothing exciting - but then as you get older a ride into town starts getting exciting :)). So life continues and we're still enjoying it and taking it one day at a time. As with last year, a busy start to the year, but a slow one for exciting adventures. We'll have to see if we can dream up a little excitement as the year progresses.
01/19/14 - Ruby Parking Spot
Spider Web
Where we have had the garage and parking for Ruby sloped off to the right and was a little uphill trying to back out of the space. So I decided to fix up a better spot. So got a couple of those landscape boards, rounded up some spare dirt from a recent sewer line project here and walla - a level and slightly downhill parking spot for Ruby. Here's the finished project and  here's Ruby At Home - snug as a bug in a rug. Took a couple of days to get it all finished, but it turned out pretty good in the end. I have those fiberglass patio tiles under the garage to give it a stable footing. It took me a few days to get it all together, but I think it turned out pretty well and when we get the bike out for our next ride I'm sure the downhill exit will make it a lot easier getting the bike out.

Of course a few days after getting finished our neighbor to the west (the river side of us) announced he was going to be leaving. We have been coveting that site and had told Jay, if it opened up we wanted to take it so we'll be moving come the first of March. But that's another story so we'll save it for the March edition. Just thought I'd give you something to look forward to.

Ah, the joys of life, it's so great to be at a point in life where you can just take things in stride and find amusement in how these things work out. If I'd know we could get the site by building the parking platform I might have done it sooner lol :))
02/03/14 - Spider Web
Spider Web
 02/03/14 - You need to blow this one up to appreciate it, hard to see small. Spotted this web on my morning walk the other day. It was such a perfect little web I couldn't resist taking a picture of it. No spider in site, just the web, but I'm sure he/she is lurking behind that cord cover somewhere. I didn't want to disturb the spider, just wanted to capture the web with a little moisture highlighting it.

Busy, Busy, Busy and just when I think I'm on top if it 4 new things come along. So day by day I fall slowly a little further behind. I need a dose of that 20 year old energy and work speed. Or maybe it was just a slower world when I was 20. I don't notice todays 20 year olds getting alot done [:0 Just seems like the faster I go the longer it takes to get there these days. But that's just one of those - "It is what it is" things so just have to shrug and keep on keeping on. :))

Still nothing exciting in the adventure category. We do have some things in the works, so stay tuned for an upcoming news break. For now I'm  slowly learning PHP and doing a little programming again and most recently have set up a JAVA/Android  development machine (my old test laptop is now been pressed into daily use). With the demise of the offshore programming we are falling behind and so I need to jump back in and pick up some of the slack as I can. So life continues, live is good (I can tell because we're still laughing) & the adventure continues. 
02/13/14 Hanna Park
Spider Web
. Ok, I know it's a little dark and a little grainy, but it's early morning and the sun isn't up yet and that's as good as it gets with an iPhone camera in those lighting conditions. The sun is till a little below the horizon, and this morning it's not putting in an appearance at all so we don't get treated to one of those spectacular sunrises at the beach. But the surfs up, big storm went through overnight and it's now offshore.

Sheila had a day at the Mayo this week, we had a recall on the spartan chassis for a steering box issue and it was time to get out for a few days so we stayed at Hanna park for a couple nights and then went over to Cummins Power South to get the work on the coach taken care of. Mayo was Mayo - nothing much of note. They did put Sheila on prednisone for 5 days to see if that would break up whatever has been going on, so we'll see if that works. That was Wed and we had to go early so no morning walk. The picture is Thursday when I got out for my walk. Other than that we just kind of kicked back and took it easy that day. Friday we left early and went over to Cummins then took off to go do some shopping and browsing (mostly browsing) while they worked on the coach. A new thumb drive for Sheila, a few books for each of us at Barnes & Noble and we ate lunch at the B&N snack bar - a nice break from our usual 'healthy' food. We had quiche which was pretty good and a cookie :)) Saturday it was back home and back to the routine, but it was a fun week with a little variety to spike up our days. It's interesting how when you're young you need to jump off a cliff for adventure and a little later a day out browsing and lunch out is so much fun.
02/22/14 Dinner On The River
Dinner On The River
In the afterglow of the Prednisone and with the advent of some absolutely beautiful weather (70's) Sheila decided she wanted to get back down to the boat and have a dinner on the river again. So she got out the travel pans (that double decker stainless dinner pop that you see in front of us) and we headed down to the boat for our supper.

You know that old saying about 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'? I think the decision to sell the boat has made its presence grow a little fonder and gotten us to thinking about it not being there for our evenings on the river. Perhaps we'll miss her more than we thought, perhaps we'll want a replacement, smaller but still with dining facilities available. One never knows. Change is ever present, that's what lead to the boats new name, Change Is, and perhaps we'll change and perhaps we wont. Either way, while she's still here it'll be nice to get back to an occasional supper out and I'm starting to get an itch to get out on the river again. Those motors like to be run now and then, so if the weather holds up and we find another day when the conditions are just right and we both wake with an urge to try anchoring out for supper we'll put this plan into action.

We did our part to start the change - we'll just have to wait and see if PTB wants us to move this direction or not. If not expect a few more dinners on the river :))
02/26/14 Moving Day
River View
Ok, it was only a few feet, but the move was a big change in the view and the 'let's sit out on the patio' appeal. The new patio runs from the front of the coach to the duals in the back. We also got an unobstructed view of the river from the patio and the passenger side windows. Laying in bed now, you can look out the window on the river and the forest across on the other side of it. The road is also on the other side now which make the patio less noisy, dusty and a little more private. At this writing we've been here under a week and we've already been out there 3 days since we moved over here.

My view to the other side has degraded a little, I have an RV out my office window now, but with just a little turn of the head I can look out the picture window (windshield) and the river and docks are a relaxing break from the computer.

I've started programming again. Just a little at this point, but enough that I'm starting to learn the new PHP that I need for the program and am remembering why I got into this in the first place. If one should work at their passion, and passion is defined as the thing you can do where time seems to disappear, programming is my passion. I have missed not doing the programming the Truckers Helper Online, but I'm working my way back into it now and am enjoying every minute of it.
Big plans a brewing - stay tuned more details as they start to come together.
03/02/14 Supper & Work Detail On The River
Dinner On The River
It was a great day again with that weather that just calls you to come out and play. We were sitting on the patio when Sheila suggested that we have supper on the boat again and maybe work on cleaning up the cushions and other spit & polish duties. We'd given some thought to taking the boat out as it was such a nice day, but the river was very busy and we do have a preference for the more laid back days when we often don't see any other boats out on the river. So we packed up Ms. Froggy with some sandwiches, chocolate and some crackers for our soup (homemade split pea::))) and headed down to the boat.

It was a great supper and after we let it settle a little we got to work on cleaning a little. Sheila did the cushions and seats up on the bridge and I worked on the fiberglass. All in all we got quite a bit done (no pictures yet but they'll come after our next cleaning venture). I bought some special (that means expensive) boat fabric & vinyl cleaner and it really worked well.

Big plans are still in the works, but are coming together. Appears that we are going to head off for a couple of weeks and go up to the Louisville truck show this year. We missed the show last year, but we'd like to make it this year and we have got most of the planning, oxygen arrangements in place, etc. We're both really looking forward to seeing old friends and visiting with those who we only get to see at this special show each year. So if you're going to Louisville stop by the booth - we'll be there.
03/05/14 New Power Cord & Reel Repairs
New Cord & Reel Repair
Starting to get ready for our trip and on my repairs list was a new power cord. The old one was showing signs of age, use and abuse (it got pulled once upon a time - oops)  So I pulled the cord reel off and the screws that hold it down all pulling up out of the wood brought back to mind the need to mount the reel better. Also, since the hydro-hot is behind the cord reel it needed to be done in a way that would make it easier to get in & out when the hyro-hot needed servicing. So I found some bolts I had bought for this purpose awhile back (and never got to installing), drilled out the holes, put some caulk on the flat bottom of the bolt to seal the holes up and new mounts :)).

Being a little old (as in senior moments) and wanting to be sure I got this back together the way it belonged I also snapped a shot of the connections in the reel. It's really easy to look at it and 'remember' which goes where incorrectly so in order to avoid doing it twice I figured a picture is worth a million (was it red/black or black/red???) wrong answers. But I still had to do it twice, just connecting the cord, not the whole install. The loose wire on the end of the cord was too long which I couldn't tell until after I had it connected, so I had to undo the connections, trim and strip the wire back further and then reconnect  it. But all's well that end's well  - so it's up and running and  is working better (less voltage drop when I connect with the new plug/wiring).
More to come so check back soon, I'm trying to work on this and get caught up while sitting waiting for the show to start :))
03/11/14 Roof Half Done
Roof Half Done
Next on the list was getting the roof cleaned up a bit and as usual I forgot the 'before' picture, but I did think of it half way through so you get 'before & after' in one picture :)) I didn't get down with rags and ProtectAll as I have in the past, but my previous ProtectAll is still doing it's job - a little water and a scrub brush and you get the 'after' section. It's not spotless, but it got 98% of the groddy off and I'll get back to it with the rag and polish this spring (hopefully - you know how those "PLAN" things work. I've pretty much discovered that the moment the plan starts going off track is the moment when you decide that the plan will work. So I'm tending to shy away from the planning thing and leaning more towards the go with the flow and see which way the wind carries us today. Seems like expecting fair winds and calm seas works a lot better than making a plan that relies on them being there. I think Murphy takes that plan thing like a challenge and sets out to prove who's the real master any time a challenge is issued. Whereas, when you steer clear of the plan, acknowledge that Murphy is the boss, and see where the flow takes you things seem to go a lot smoother. I kind of watch the squirrels and birds out my window. They don't seem to have a 'grand plan', but they also are not sitting back waiting for someone to put a seed or a nut in front of them. They still do, they're busy a lot of the time doing, but they do what's right in front of them needing to be done rather than sitting in their nest figuring out what to do next. I'm hungry, get something to eat appears and they do it. A hawk circles overhead, they take cover. Life just seems to present itself and they go with the flow. Perhaps they have a secret we're missing as we work at making life a complicated as we can. Ok, kick the soap box to the curb - have a great day - roofs clean :))
03/25/14 Louisville, Ky - that's snow not a dirty window. Snowy Louisville
More to come as the show gets underway.
Ok, I'm out of practice and not paying attention to walking out the door and taking the picture the moment I have the thought, so
Wed - 3/19-20:Cummins Power South -  yearly service and fix a minor steering issue.
Thu/Fri 3/20-21: Fleetwood RV Park: Oxygen, shopping, fix the cord for the toad lights (old, frayed, not working)
Sat 3/22: 413 miles to the Ga Rest Area at the 310 mile marker
Sun 3/23: 316 miles to Elizabethtown Crossroads RV Park, Elizabethtown, Ky, trip to Best Buy and some work on setting up a new computer for the show.
Mon 3/24 Arrive Louisville - here for the show, get set up, fill the water tank (freezing forecast) so need to bring the water softener and the hose in for the night. Car - Tue morning early our spot is behind the car to the right. Our usual spot :))
We wanted an adventure - we're getting it. The hydro-hot gave up the ghost yesterday. The 'burner' section, electric still works so we have some hot water, but the heading when the temperature goes below 40 is out of service. We called the local mobile service guy who does hydro-hot, he's out of town at a RV school getting certified for something all week. Local hydro-hot/aqua-hot dealer (RV place) is backed up and can't get to it. So we're hoping to get it done in Red Bay next week. Meantime it's space heaters and finding space heaters in Louisville in March turned out to be a challenge. But good friends loaned us one and we picked up a couple others (small ones) at Staples.The usual places you'd expect to find them, Lowes, Home Depot, Wally's, etc. are all 'out of stock' :0 They say it's spring. Forecast is for tonight 22, that's spring in Louisville lol.
03/28/14 Louisville, Ky - Sheila  visiting the show Sheila touring the show 3/26-3/29 - Louisville Truck Show -
20' wide - 30' boothWell the carpet people screwed up and on carpeted 20 feet of our 30 foot booth space. Actually I think the show people screwed up and put the cross bar (that should mark the end of the booth) in the wrong place - but we ended up with a concrete slab on the corner and a 20 foot booth. So it was a little bit of a squeeze trying to get 30' worth of stuff into 20', but we managed to squeeze it in.

Actually we think it came out pretty good considering :))

Show was busy, we passed out about 2000 of our 'post cards' and it seemed like the post cards worked well. At least everyone seemed to 'look' at them.
03/30/14 Red Bay, Al - Tiffin Campground (sorta)Dry Camping At Red Bay 03/30/14 - I65>AL20>AL24>Red Bay, Al.
We got out around 9:30 (fairly early for us) and headed down to Red Bay. This week will be dedicated to getting the moldy Diamond Shield off the front of the coach - interesting that their product is defective, this seems to be a universal complaint from RV owners who have Diamond Shield on their coaches, and yet charge me $400 to take it off with no responsibility for damage to the paint, which of course will occur.

We arrived late in the afternoon and checked in at the Red Bay Campground office. It was 'Dry Camping Only' and the over flow around the corner where we had stayed on previous trips to Red Bay was filled up. There's a lot to be said for having a quality company standing behind your coach, but then they become popular and as the number of coaches grows the number of snow birds flooding into Red Bay grows with them. This is the fullest we've ever seen it here. The picture is out back, behind the repair bays and wood shop and we're just lined up alongside the road. The list for the real spaces was 2 pages long. But we have a spot for the night, we'll venture over to the paint shop, Bruce Deaton's Custom Paint & Body Shop, in the morning and get started on removing the defective Diamond Shield and fixing the damage along with a couple other minor scratches we've picked up along the way.
03/31/14 Red Bay, Al - Custom Paint & Body ShopInto the paint shop 3/31/14 - Red Bay, Al. We moved over to the paint shop this morning and  got started on the repairs that we need done. The first step was removing the Diamond Shield and that was done by a guy from Diamond Shield. After discussing this with Bruce , the owner of the paint shop, it was decided that they'd be the best at getting it done as quickly as possible. We also told Bruce that we would be happy to either stay in the bay at night or move out and park across the street - he opted for us to just stay put so our home for the week has become affectionately known as 'The Cave'. The name came from the dark cavern we sit in after they go home at 2 in the afternoon and turn out the lights  Sun sets early in the cave :))
The original plan was for the guy to get the Diamond Shield removed on Monday, then for the painters to start on the front Tuesday. But the removal took longer than expected as he was called away in the afternoon and didn't get back to finish the job until Tuesday. So we ended up a day late getting started but alls well that ends well and, we'll conclude this story (along with a happy ending we hope) in the April-May-June page. For now we'll end the first quarter with a smile and a chuckle. I haven't walked since we left for this trip and I think both of us are starting to look forward to getting back to our home base and our usual routines. We wanted an adventure and we have had one which I think we have both enjoyed. The final chapter on this adventure is still ahead, but it's drawing near.
So for now, I'll get this posted and I'll start to work on next quarter. Hopefully I'll get the start of it and the end of this adventure up shortly - till then be safe, be happy and remember - It Is What It Is (:~)>