January-March 2017

Four Wheeling Again :)  

Ocala National Forest - 2/5/2017 
 01/17/17 - Sunset On The River
Sunset on the river
01/17/17 - Not much going on this year other than work and staying busy. Staying warn has also been on the agenda as it is winter and we keep having warm days and then cold days. Nights are all fairly cool and my morning walks are generally somewhere between cold and comfortable (with a sweatshirt on). So not much to talk about we're just plugging away and staying out of trouble. No real adventures to report, but life is good and we are enjoying life and each other. But I did want to get at least something in here for the January so another sunset on the river seemed to sum up January pretty well. I'm also finally gettting into getting the business growing again and doing some sales and promoting. We're going to skip the shows this year, since the internet has become so important it seems like the show are not as productive as they once were. So we'll spend the money on promoting the business on the internet instead of attending shows. We do have our annual Red Bay trip in the plans for March, and may stop by the show - that's still a little up in the air right now. Decision as we get closer. It's good to go and touch base with friends, but we won't have  a booth to tend so won't need to say for the whole week this year if we do go.

With Ruby retired now, or at least semi-retired as I still take it out for an occassional trip to the post office or to town for a minor shopping trip, we haven't gotten out this month for any explores or picnics. We'll have to start using the card for those - so maybe we'll get out next month. Ocala National Forest is on the other side of the river and I think I hear it calling to us. So stay tuned therre may be something a little more interesting coming up. Till next time be safe, be happy and smile a lot (:-)
 2/5/17 - Ocala National Forest - Wheeling
Looking in the mirror - Ocala Natl Forest

Life's to short to spend it frowning. I've found that even if you have to force it a little - it's hard to be negative when you're smiling.
SO SMILE <::~)))) and enjoy the party.
02/05/17 As promised we finally did get out for a picnic and an explore. We drove up to Palatka and ran down the Fl19 to the Ocala National Forest and then just drove through the forest looking for some likely looking roads. The picture is looking back in the side view mirror from the spot featured above. We also have a shot below of another big mud hole we came to a little further down the road below in the middle. The first shot is our picnic spot which was on Lake Ocklawaha. It was a very strange looking place with tree stumps sticking up everywhere, but it was something different. Further down that road there's a 4 wheeler park with a variety of trails for the mud bugs (smaller open type 4x4's) and some trails for Jeeps which we'll probably explore one of these days. On the right we have the 'ferry crossing' but the river they say is low so the ferry wasn't running a local who lives by the crossing told us. So we drove the rest of the way around and then crossed back over the river on FL40 and backup to home from there. So far for this year that's our only adventure, but there are, I'm sure more on the horizon. So till  next time ya'all be happy, safe and enjoy all that life has to offer.
Picnic SpotAnother deeper mud holeThe missing ferry
3/4/17 - The Never Ending Job
Roof Cleaning Again
Wow - a month, where'd it go??? They just fly by and I don't seem to keep up with them. But that ones gone now and we're getting ready to head up to Red Bay, so I figured I should get the roof done again - it's been quite awhile since I've been up there and it's a mess again (what's new lol). But I have to brag a little bit as I had a really great idea (and it worked). The last time I used my pressure washer the pistol grip broke and the trigger stopped shutting off. So I went looking for a replacement and in the process I stumbled onto this "Patio Cleaner" on their site. $20, I can take a gamble on that so I did and ordered it. The results you see in the picture I got in under 1/2 the time it's taken me in the past to do the roof. Between the new patio cleaner power washer attachment and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser mop I use for hard to get at spots it only took about 5 or 6 hours to get the roof done. So this has gone from a 2 days job back in the beginning when I was doing it all by hand, the famous 'wax on - wax off' process to now a 1/2 day job. And it was really bad this time around. as it had been quite awhile since I last did it, 5/14/16 to be exact. So you can image, 10 months worth of trees, birds and the general muck to build up. When I saw how the patio washer cleaned it off with just a couple of passes I knew that it had been a winning idea.

So on to the trip - we leave March 8th and head up to Jacksonville. Sheila has a port visit on the 10th and we'll head out after her ports flushed and we're fed. We're going a new way, so it should be interesting. We'll head up the same way we came back last year. More as the trip unwinds. Take care and safe travels to eveyrone out there. Keep smiling :))
3/08/17 - Pecan Park
Pecan Park
Ok, we're on the road again. First stop on the way to Red Bay was Pecan Park for a few days then to the Mayo for a Port Flush and back onto the road again. Since we've decided the avoid Hanna Park for the time being, Pecan Park has become our favorite stop on the way out for a trip. BIG advantage for us is that our CABLE works there. They also have COMCAST as their cable provider and we've learned that, at least here, if we plug in our internet account with Comcast works so we still have cable and don't need to sweat the Air Card usage. The rest of the trip will be on the Air Card, but as the month for the card is up on the 18th, we end up splitting the month and should be ok for this trip.

There's wasn't really anything we needed to do other than a shopping trip to Whole Foods to stock up for our trip and we got that done early on Thursday. Then it was just kick back and wait for Friday morning so we could get Sheila's port flushed and then head out. We picked a slightly different route for the trip to Red Bay this year. I'm using this new trip planner that I really like - RV Trip Wizard, we signed up for a yearly membership with them and it works better than any of the others. So I planned out the trip, then moved it to the Good Sam Trip Planner and from there to our RandMcnally RV Trip planner. It's a system that works pretty well, but I do have to give them a call and find out how to stop it from re-calculating the route every time I turn it on and to just stick to the route I have loaded. Always something :)). Ya'all keep smiling and we'll do the same.
3/11/17 - Red Bay, Al
Red Bay Al. Sunrise
We got a little later start than we planned as we ended up waiting to pick up a script that Sheila was supposed to pick up and didn't get going till around 11AM. But once we got to rolling we made good time and the new route turned out to be good 4 lanes most of the way. We stopped in Auburn, Al for the night (no picture - this is getting to be a habit I don't like, have to work on breaking it). The site is right down on the creek and it's really peaceful most of the time. This year we timed our visit to coincide with the yearly softball tournament (not intentionally) so there was a lot of cheering and carrying on to be heard from the nearby softball diamonds. But it was a good day, an enjoyable drive and a quiet day for the business. There was one call that Sheila took care of and got a new customer all ready to sign up (which she did :)). So that was a good experience for future reference. Sheila is able to work as we're rolling  down the road. We've filed that away in the good to know department. After her 3 year review the end of the month the plan is to get her heart valve fix done, then get her port out. Right now the port is keeping us tied to the Mayo. So getting it out will turn us loose and the every 6 months or once a year reviews that are on the horizon will leave us more time to do a little traveling. Not sure if we'll wait until after the office is setup before we start or if we'll just keep running things ourself from home, but we're starting to think more about getting a few trips into the schedule in the near future. Office will depend on how fast we grow - we're definitely growing slowly and looking for ways to speed up that process. Marketing, need more marketing which I've been ignoring for years. But it's a going - it's a growing and we'll keep working at it. Office is the next step in our run up the ladder again. Till need time, be safe and be happy.
3/18/17 - Flint River RV Park, Bainbridge, Ga 
Flint River RV Park
The original thought was to head over to head down to the gulf or over to Ga Atlantic Coast, but we couldn't find a place to stay anywhere on either coast. Turns out it's Spring Break the whole month of March and all the coast/beach type parks are booked up. So we'd been eyeing the Alalachicola State Forest as a place we'd like to check out, so north of there and near Tallahassee we found Bainbridge and the Flint River RV Park said we didn't need a reservation to just come on in, so we did.

We stopped st the Deer Run RV Park on the US231 in Troy, Al. another place we've stayed before and another (no picture) I'm going to get back into the habit soon (I know we've heard that before). We were thinking of making the whole drive in 1 day, but Birmingham put a squelch on that plan. A trunck had turned over on the I65 and it took well over an hour go get through Birmingham. But eventually we got to rolling again and worn out from the stop and go for the accident, we did shorten the delay a little by getting off the highway and going through town part of the way then back onto the highway just past the accident. I'm still trying to figure out why stop and go at 2mph is so tiring, just seems to wear you out. But the drive down to Bainbridege was peaceful except for that one delay. We got here on Saturday, the 18th and took off Sunday to go down and explore the Alalachicola State Forest and I remembered to take the camera. So wheeling and the forest coming up next.
Till next time everyone be safe, be happy and keep smiling - remember you get what you expect so expect the best :)))
3/19/17 - Lake Talquin State Park for a picnic 
Lake Talquin State Park for a picnic
We got a late start for the drive down to the Apalachicola forest so we found a state park along the way down to stop for our picnic. It wasn't fancy, we just pulled into the trees and ate in the car, but it was peacefule and very enjoyable and we were hungry by then. We spent an hour or two checking out the city park next to the RV park, it's a neat park right on the river and we plan on stopping in there again to check it our further. There's a Board Walk that sounds interesting. But for now- it's onward to the forest. We've never been to the Apilatchicola before and we're looking forward to a little wheeling on the expected big and small dirt roads. Big Road in the middle - and small roads were not the narrowest we found, but are typical of what we found. It was a realy fun day and eventually Sheila said "enough bouncing" and we headed home smiling :)))Apalachicola National Forest
Apalachicola National Forest - Big RoadsApalachicola National Forest - Small Roads
3/24/17 - Maclay Gardens State Park, Tallahassee, Fl 
Reflections On The Pond
Not being one to waste space let put descriptions over here (:-D -
J&S by the entrance, A Pretty Flower, A GIANT oak, Honey by the Maclay House & Flowers, More Flowers, Picnic by the Lake.
A really great morning and a lot more pictures than are posted here.
Rocking Robin actuall a Cardinal, another Flower that claimed he couln't be left out and finally another Flower or Two. smiles 4 miles
Friday is usually a slow day and will be our last day here so we decided to take the morning off and run to Tallahassee and see the Maclay Gardens. It was definitely a trip worth taking and we has a great time. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so todays post will be several throusand words - Take care, be happy and smile a lot (:~)))
J&S At Maclay GardensA Pretty FlowerA GIANT Oak Tree

Honey at Mclay House Porch FlowersMare FlowersPicnic By The Lake