January-March 2018

On The Road Again

 01-26/27-2018 NM Rest Area
NM Rest Area - One The Road Again
I had a choice betwen the house in the rest area and this one and I decided that this one was more interesting. I think everyone knows what the house looks like by now and it's up above already.
Keeping On Keeping On - so I decided that I needed to get somewhere warmer and so I'm moving to Texas. After saying I could use a rest area now for about an hour I found one. And they'd saved me a space, so I pulled in, shut the motor off and crashed - leterally, walked to the back, pulled the covers back, flopped on the bed and was asleep. I'm on the way to Del Rio, Tx. It's right down on the Mexican border and should be warmer than Az. Probably going to stay down there at least till it gets too hot (if it does). I need to get back up to Red Bay, so figured I'd do that come summer. This traveling alone has it's shortcomings and is a bear at times. So the trip (I'm in Del Rio now)...First I stopped at the casino at the bottom of the hill outsdie Phoenix and discovered that I was leaking oil. The back of the rv was a mess. Opened up and discovered the Oil Dipstick was not latched and so it was spewing oil. So an hour there cleaning up the mess and then concerns about the missing oil. But the oil pressure was still up and the only side effect seemed to be running a  little warmer than ussual. Next, I didn't plan my route through Phoenix well enough, I figured it would be easy, just stay on the 87 to the 10 and then head east. But I lost the 87 somewhere and without a navigator to help me find my way around wandered around Phoenix (in town) for a couple hours. Finally I got the Phone to give me directions and found my way to the big road. I found a SPEEDCO and stopped to get an oil change and lube. It had been well over a year since my last oil change I so I figured it was due. Day two was a  little less eventful, I was on the 10 and the day was just going to be the rest of NM and then Texas as far as Van Horn. So I pull into a rest area just for a nibble and a walkaround and the door over the holding tanks on the passenget side is swinging open. No telling how long that had been going on, could have been a few minutes or a few hours. So out comes the tool box and a couple new screws to get it closed again and I get that fixed. Other than that the rest of the day was trouble free and I got into a RV park for the night. Stopped around 5pm local time. One ugh day one good day. :)
Holiday TraVL-Park
3/28/2018 - and here I thought I was all up to date until I went for my getting ready to go addition and discovered I never got here yet. Oh well, better late than never. I did make it from Payson Az to Del Rio, Tx and have been here for 2 months. It's starting to get hot here now though so I've been thinking about moving on. The picture is the space I'm in here at the Holiday TravlRV Park. It's been a quiet stay here and I've enjoyed being here and just kicking back and finishing my recovery. I'm getting back together finally, and I think (pretty sure actually) I've found someone, not here, not even in the US actually, but more on that in a minute. For now I'm still working and slowly today getting packed up. I plan to leave Friday and am going back to AZ for awhile. Maybe a long while, just don't know for sure yet.

So more about my new lady friend. She lives in Thailand and we met through eHarmony. Actually she was matched with me back in December, I think she was in with my first group of matches actually, but I saw where she was and at that point was thinking she was too far away. But later, after chatting with several other matches who just weren't right for me I saw her picture in the "Similar Matches' down at the bottom of the page. I messaged her and we started emailing back and forth and it just kind of developed into more. Here finally was someone that I felt might work out. So next step we need to meet, so I'm going to go to Thailand for 4 or 5 days and meet her and see how it goes. If all goes well then I'll go back for another visit and well start the process to get her to the US. More in the next section - see 3/28 page 2 below.
3/28/2018 Page 2 - New Quick for the summer
New Quild for Bed
So the new quilt update is what broght me back to the web page to discover I never updated it for arriving in Texas. I never really liked the sham and light insert that we used for a summer blanket, so I decided to splurge and went the that store I don't like (not much here in Del Rio) so Walmart has won for now. So I looked and picked this one, I liked the design on it I guess and it wasn't that expensive. I'll see if I like it tonight when I break it in.

So back to Ladawan and my trip to Thailand. Yes, I know that I don't fly anymore, but turns out the RV doesn't float so flying is the only want for use to get together and see if we like each other as much in person as we do in email. She's another special lady I think and I'll find out for sure next month when I fly out to meet her. She's a little younger than I am, in her 60's still and we have had a lot of very good discussions via email. She's going to get skype so we can do Video Calls, but not sure it that'll happen before I go or not. So that's the reason for moving back to AZ. I'll fly out of LAX and Arizona will put me close enough so that I can drive to LA and leave the car at the airport and then drive back home when I return. I's about a 4 or 5 hour drive and that way I don't have to take the house to earthquake land. I thought about just moving to CA, but I still have a bad feeling about that so I figured I'd take it one step at a time. Flying again will be enough for me for a first step. And flying to the orient is a big adventure for me. So tomorrow I leave for AZ and next month I'll be flying to Thailand. Till next time keep smiling :))))