Jan - Feb - March 2011

Little Trips

Bok Tower & Gardens

After our Christmas trip we stayed home and worked the rest of January, but by early Feb our 'gotta go' light was flashing(see below)
So we headed off to Bok Tower & Gardens.

Got-ta-go light
No travel just a story to tell <(:~)=

Every 30 days our generator system starts flashing a red light (the round on far left in the picture) to remind us that it's time to get on the road again. In order to get it to stop you have to run down the road at least a couple of miles - can't just push a button and it goes away. So this year I decided that it would hence forth be known as the GOT-TO-GO light and when it started flashing we would have to go somewhere for a few days (or weeks as the mood of the moment dictated). But then work and other things interfered until Christmas - but we used it to reminde us at Christmas and again in Feb.

It's not March 17th and it's flashing again - so we're packing up and Saturday, the 19th we hit the road again. This time we're off on our summer adveture. So stay tuned another year of travels, sights and maybe we'll even get a few sounds this year - but a new year is upon us and we've got the itch bad. So off we go.....................

ps - there's also a got-ta-go light in the generator switch in the bedroom. Just blinking you to sleep each night and reminding you in the morning that it's time-ta-go.

02/05-11 - Harbor Rv Park, Lake Wales, Fl

Harbor RV Park, Lake Wells, Fl

I95>US60>LAKE WALES, FL just a long weekend getaway to keep the Got-Ta-Go light happy :))  Turned out to be are really great spot. It's the lead for the year (picture above).

Reflections at Bok TowersBok Tower - Trees

The first shot is the tower reflecting in one of the many ponds that are scattered around in the garden. The second is one of the many huge oak trees that were everywhere in the gardens. It doens't really capture the majesty of the trees, but it helps us remember it.

Bok Tower & Gardens continued --
Bok Tower Entrance
 Ok, this place was worth 2 frames - it was a slow month with just the one trip so we can give it a second frame :))  To the left is the entrance. We got the honey a scooter just for this occassion, but also for others where there are acres (or miles) to cover. She can walk it, but carrying enough air with us is an issue. The cart solves that issue and allows us the freedom to really see some places we might otherwise miss.
Flowers at Bok TowersBok Tower - Birds
and of course there were flowers everywhere.I could fill up a whole page with the flower pictures - and birds and other critters galore. All in all it was a great day and we had a lot of fun touring the place.
03/19/11- Crawfordville, Fl
Crawfordville, Fl
I10>FL44>US17>US40>US27ALT>US98>US319>CRAWFORDVILLE, FL - good first day. We went a little further than we originally thought we'd do but just less for Sunday that way.

I got the garage all packed up and on top of the car, but it needs some adjustments (a cardboard base to give it more stability) so we decided to wait till Pensacola to add that step. It's inside MLOYL for this leg of the trip. We've got a wheel seal that's leaking a little so I need to keep an eye on that and get that fixed in Red Bay. Other than that it was a relaxing and enjoyable day. Traffic was light, the road was good and we made good time.

Not a route with a lot of sights so no pics along the way, though there was one spot, a really pretty building but I"m out of practice and the camera was in a new spot and hard to reach. I'll get it redone this morning so it's close to hand for the next opportunity. Picture is the morning of the 20th - in the parking lot and hoping the fog will clear soon.

03/20-26/11 - Pensacola, Fl
Fl 20 foggy morning

US319>FL267>FL20>FL85>US90>Drifters RV Park, Pensacola, Fl. - mostly a good road and a new way across the panhandle of Florida. We usually run down along the coast but decided to try a new route this time and see some new sights. This way we also avoided the Sunday beach traffic which, on a 84 degree spring day, would have been a mess.

If you need a reminder of DRIFTERS RV PARK just click the link - same space, same rig, same car, but I do have the big antenna up this year :))

There's another photo if I get a chance to get back and get it that I want to put here - a house we passed on the way into town. We made a wrong turn and followed the US90 instead of the US90 Alt and there was a house that came up around a curve - no way to get the camera out and get it in time. Let's just say it was a bit 'unusual'. So if we get a chance to get back over there - maybe a bike ride, though the way it looks at the moment I won't have a spare minute for anything but work this weeek, but if we do I'll replace the foggy Fl 20 shot with it. If not, it'll be there next year (assuming we're still here and the creek don't rise).
03/26/11 - Hartselle, Al
Hartselle, Al WM parking lot

Downtown looks a little different with cars parked on both sides of the street - this was early Sunday morning.
Hartselle, Al Main Street
US29>US31>I65>Hartselle, Al:  Well it wasn't a boring day - road wasn't too bad but it was a day filled with excitement....
First off we we're tooling along on the US31 in some unnamed small bumpy town and I started hearing this banging noise from the monitor. The rear view camera has a microphone back there and the monitor has a speaker on it so I leave it on low (barely audible) so that I can hear it if anything back there starts protesting. So I hear this banging sound. Ok, find a lot, pull in and check it out. Couldn't find anything, but I played with the ladder (I think the bottom and top sections were rattling where they join together) and the noise went away. Event 2 a few minutes later was a squeak (squeaks drive me nuts). After about a 1/2 hour of hunting Sheila suggested putting the front shade all the way up to see if that was it - ahhh, squeak is gone. Peace and quiet again :))

Event 3 it starts pouring and the CHECK ENGINE light comes on. I check my gauges, everything looks ok, and we're on I65 now, in heavy traffic and it's pouring so pulling over to look around isn't an option especially since oil, temperature, air pressure, voltage - everything seems fine. So we just keep going and I figure when we stop I get the fault codes and called Spartan. Event 4, yes we're not done yet, the drivers side tag tire starts loosing air - or so the sensor says, and we're talking about losing air rapidly. The 90# tires is at 70, 60, 50.... So off at the next ramp and negotiate around town trying to find a place to pull in. Finally find a deserted store with a big lot. Check the tire and it's fine - humm, ok, replace the sensor and it was a bad sensor and apparently it's sensor day :0! After we stop I call Spartan and helpful as always they look up the fault codes for me. The issue is a bad sensor in the cooling system. Not an emergency, proceed to destination and get it taken care of there. So every onward :))

So on we go but all this is wearing us out so finially we call it quits. Check the map, a Walmart right up the road. So off at the exit, and we head for Wally World down this really narrow main street through town to where we think the Walmart is. Oops, no walmart :( so pull into a Autozone parking lot, get out the phone and have it navigate to Walmart. We finally find it but the parking lot is very sloped and they tell me out at the end of the sloped lot is it. Well I circled the store and found a spot next to the auto/garden department. Heck with it - I'm tired so we're chancing it. The picture is us on the side of the store out of the way. I took the pic from the back so you can see the garage riding on the new roof rack. I repacked it and added a piece of heavy cardboard to the bottom and that solved the banging on the roof problem

All in all it was an interesting day. A lot of little reminders of how nice it is to have an uneventful day and just sail along peacefully. Actually I like the little reminders as they keep us appreciative of the nice days and a lot of little reminders are better than one BIG one :)) Space to the left is for the DOWNTOWN shot (if I remember to get it in the morning on the way out and they don't chase us out before morning). Storms are passing through so I'm going to call it a night and go watch the lightning :))

To all you road warriors out there - may your days be sunny, your troubles small and your parking spots flat.
3/27/11 Louisville, Ky
Louisville Convention Center

I65>Louisville Convention Center - The drive was uneventful other than the hour we spent doing 4 miles - someday maybe people will learn how to merge, but I doubt it, they're too full of themselves and everyone has to try and rush up to the front of the line :(
But the spring colors take your mind off it :))  We got to Louisville a day early and there are advantages to being among the first to arrive :)) The lot is pretty much empty and so we could just pick our spot. Now if they don't come and tell me I need to move 6 inches in the morning we're set :O! 
 Traffic BackupTrees in bloom along the road