A fulltimers journal - April 2010
April 2010

A Summary Shot


This may just be a place holder or it may stay - but here's a summary for you - my lady, my ride, my cage and my house - my life in a nutshell :)) See below for a shot from a little further back.

3/29-4/4/10 Drifters RV Park, Pensacola, Fl
Drifters RV Park, Pensacola, Fl

Drifters RV Park - Pensacola, Fl - continued from March -

Got the scooter down, like the sticker says - SCREW IT LET'S RIDE :))) Time to recharge the battery.

No place special, just ran up US90 and then down on FL87 to the beach and back over to Pensacola on the US98. Last time tried that the road was closed, still covered with sand and debris from the hurricane. It was a fun ride and we stopped by the beach for our picnic :))

Recharged and ready to go.

4/5/10 - Frog City RV Park, Duson, La Frog City RV, Duson, La

I10>I12>I10>Duson, La nothing exciting, just running the I10/I12 across. Road in La are better than they used to be but still have their sections that really hammer you.

This pic is from last year at the same park. Our Autoformer was acting up and we're not sure if it was the park or us, but we spent the evening working on it. Finally took the Autoformer out of the circuit and just ran on one AC for the night. But didn't get a pic as I was busy with the electrical issue.



4/6/10 - Dixieland RV Park, Carmine, Tx
Dixieland RV Park, Carmine, Tx

I10>US90>FM1960>US290>Carmine, Tx we took this route hoping that passsing over the top of Houston would be an improvement on going through - IT WASN'T - FM1960 is heavy traffic and a signal on every corner for miles.

Other than that it was an uneventful day and the Dixieland park was a nice one. Grabbed this shot all folded up and ready to go the next morning - still trying to get into travel mode and remember to get a shot after I get set up for the day. I'll get there.

If you're into walking, this is a great park to walk, lots of room.

4/7- 4/21/10 Cottonwood RV Park, Dripping Springs, Tx
Cottonwook RV Park, Dripping Springs, Tx

US290>RANCH ROAD 165>Dripping Springs, Tx not a bad drive. The I35 section of it is a little crazy, but the rest was just an easy day.

Back in Cottonwood which is a favorite of ours. Our year wouldn't be complete without a stop here - the park is great, the walking is great on their trail out back or the local back road and friends to visit with and enjoy. The drought has finally ended and the creek is running and the flowers are in bloom.

We need to go ride the Willow Springs Loop again - it should be especially beautiful this year.

TEXAS HILL COUNTRY rides & adventures.

4/21-22/10 - Roadrunner RV Park, Oklahoma City, Ok Roadrunner Rv Park, Oklahoma City, Ok

US290>TX1>TX183>I35 - the I35 in TX isn't too bad,Ok it needs some work. Will try to avoid it in the future but we needed to get up here to get the new dish installed - see the pic.

The picture doesn't really do it justice as it's tilted back - that thing is 4 feet in diameter. But we are getting better (as in faster) service with it. We upgraded to the middle price plan and we'll see how that works - if not we'll have to go to the higher priced plan.

Thunderstorms big time here last night so we put both dishes down for the night - no sense tempting fate with them pointing up to the sky inviting the lightning.

Today we take off and head west. Still not sure the route other than it won't be across the I40.

4/23/10 - Dry Camp - Plainview, Tx

I240>I44>US70>Plainview, Tx - If you like fighting the wind and isolation this is a great route. It's hilly and just lots of range and sagebrush type country. With the winds coming at us pretty much from the side I was paying more attention to the road than the scenery, but the Honey commented it wasn't a route she'd pick to do again. But it's something new and an area we haven't been through before and I always enjoy something new :))

Winds were up all afternoon and last night, sustained 30mph with gusts to 50mph, so the new dish stayed down and we relied on the air card :( - anxious to use the new dish/service some more and see how it's working.

Picture is the next morning, wind's down and dish is up :) and speed it screaming - 5megs down, .58megs up.

4/24/10 - US60 in NM - Along the way

US70>US60>Socorro, Nm - good road most of the way and a lot less wind than yesterday. The scenery is pretty much the same for miles, then the landscape changes a little and you've a new scene for the next couple of hours - but as compared to the big road, these little back road highway win out every time :)).

We dry camped again and since one parking lot looks like the next I figured I'd give you a shot of the road - which with the exception of a small town here and there was pretty much the same all day.

I was going to make a comment on signs, and drivers licenses from Cracker Jacks boxes but decided it would be pointless. Signs for the day: "No Parking Except On Shoulder", "Do Not Drive On Shoulder" accompanied with an arrow pointing to the shoulder, "Do Not Pass" - hundreds of those. Use your imagination on what the comment would be :))

4/25/10 - Meteor Crater Rv Park, Winslow, Az
Along the way

US60>US77>I40>Winslow, Az (actually past Winslow at exit 233). Great drive, road ranged from great to medium, but the views along the way were really good. US60 runs through the mountains and was a fun drive with antelope out grazing in several places along the route.

We saw a number of ELK CROSSING signs, but no sign of any elk. Meteor Crater Rv Park is a nice facility, full hookups, which we needed after a couple nites of dry camping.

The picture for the day was a debate between the rv park and this shot from the road - the road won :))  It just seemed to capture the enormity of the drive and capture the feeling that makes us so adicted to our lifestyle and travels. Click it to blow it up for full effect.

Today's sign - "DO NOT THROW LITTER"

4/26-30/10 - Sams Town RV Park, Henderson, Nv. Sunrise in Henderson

I40>AZ68>NV163>US95>Henderson, Nv we thought about going over the dam, but it's a lot easier to go around. Next year the bypass is supposed to be finished and we'll be able to go that way. Not a bad drive - pretty hilly, but also scenic if you like the rock formations, through the NV163 section.

We went by to visit with Sheila's Dad for a few days and get a little work done. The little work done is pretty much an ongoing process - never ending it seems, but it keeps us occupied so we don't get bored - I mean really, having to just travel around where we want, when we want, unheard of!!

The picture is sunrise the first morning there. I was at my computer working when I noticed the sky was taking on a beautiful hue - so I went out and got a morning shot of the sunrise behing the coash with our dishes silhouetted