Apriil 2011

Little Trips

Our Booth

I'm going to go with this shot from MATS 2011 for now and we'll see if something better turns up later. Here's the booth during the show with our iPad & iPhone and all the literature out.

4/1/11 Louisville, Ky
Louisville Booth
No travel - just started out here at the truck show so thought I'd put up a couple pictures from the show.
These may be replaced - waiting to see what else we get. 1. Bruce, 2. Sheila, 3. Pill Head :))

BruceSheilaMr Pill Head

04/03-11 - Self-Serve Rv Lot, Red Bay, Al

Red Bay Self Service RV Park

I65>TN248>US31>TN243>US43AL24>RED BAY, AL and the lesson for this trip is CHECK THE ROUTE PLANNER before we start - 6ton weight limit bridges are not a good idea :0

Hole in the wallPainted Vent

And we had to pay them to cut a hole in the wall first picture, but the end result was worth it. The microwave/convection oven now vents outside instead of just recirculating it inside.

04/06/11 Fayette, Al , City Park
Fayette City Park
AL19>US72>Fayette, Al > We had our first roadside breakdown and this is right after we go to Red Bay, get the coach serviced, thinking Bay Diesel knows their stuff so they'll do a better job - not so much apparently. A hose to nowhere on the hyrohot burst and
Side of the road - break down :(Fayette City Park
dumped all our coolant into the basement. Then the generator won't run :( - They send a road crew, replace the fittings for the hose to nowhere, fine the hose they didn't find when they serviced the generator and another $540 later we're on the road again. I think we'll go to Cummins for service next year.
04/09/11- El Dorado, Ar
El Dorado, Ar
AL19>LA50>US82>EL DORARO, AR - good drive, but new issues. Our check engine light is coming on and now after a period the STOP ENGINE light is also coming on. I did stop the first time it happened and thoroughly checked everything, OIL, COOLANT, etc, and all was right. Checked the error codes and they are low coolant, but the coolant isn't low and  the temperature is good, oil pressure good, etc. So we decide to continue and see if any problems crop up. This light had started coming on before we got serviced, and the decision there was that it was a bad sensor. So we're fairly confident it's still this same issue.

This was a good route and we used our fuel op (in Truckers Helper Online) and picked up fuel for $0.10/gallon less than we'd seen it anywhere else along the route so that was a good thing, especially since we needed right at 100 gallons. The road was also good, the US82 is a big road some of the way with very little traffic. So other than worrying over the STOP ENGINE light coming on it was an enjoyable day.
04/10/11 - New Braunfels, Tx Dry Camped in parking lot.
New Braunfels Tx Dry Camped

US63>LA9>US79>I20>US79>I35>New Braunfels, Tx - A good day with pretty good roads, a few scenics along the way and a lot of miles - 464 today as we boogied towards San Antonio and the Cummins dealer to get our issues resolved.
National Forest - LouisanaMove Accident Sign
A shot of the forest :) and a sign I found amusing - how exactly to you move an 'accident' lol
04/11-??/11 - Dripping Springs, Tx
Cottonwood Creek RV Park
I35>San Antonio>I281<Tx165>Dripping Springs, Tx - Spent 1/2 the day at the Cummins dealer in San Antonio and found out a couple useful things, but they weren't the place to get things fixed. The cooling systems is a Spartan thing, in order to fix the timing cover leak the mechanic wanted me to take the bike off (a 20 minute job - put it back another 20 minutes) and then there was a 'maybe' in the get it done today statement - so I decided to put that on hold a few more miles and get it done at a Coach Card facility where they're better equiped to deal with full timers (like having plugs available etc.). Maybe El Paso for that - haven't seen the sights there yet. In fact haven't been there since trucking days I don't think.

So we're at Cottonwood Creek RV Park for our yearly visit and just getting here felt good. It's such a peaceful setting that the vibes quickly invade the psyche and just make you feel better. We have a different site this year - up the hill a little and set off more by itself with a great view of the sky for the satellite dishes and a great view of the woods out my window. Looking forward to a quiet couple of weeks - work of course, but interspersed with some bike rides and other moments away for the daily grind. Pic's to follow :))

And here's the shots from our 3 weeks here - Texas Hill Country 2011