April 2012

US96, Nice road, pretty scenery, storm coming?

Sunny Texas Day

 04/01/12- see above - 5 minutes later 
Store Arrived 

Oops, forgot to get the camera out and take a picture of this one, but it was nothing memorable. It was a good place to walk, but a little spendy and the connections were all at the back of the site - I think it's the new style. If that's the case I'm going to need to put a longer electric cord on. By the time the car got into the space I needed the extension cord to make the connection, the extra sewer hose to get to the sewer (though there was one in the middle, but I didn't see it till later). So I dropped the car and backed up - that was easier. The power cord was a good 10 feet too short. I may upgrade to a 50 foot cord, but need to see if it'll go on my cord reel first, don't want to have to buy a whole new reel ($500+) .

The picture on the left relates to the one above. This one was about 5 minutes after the one above. A very fast moving storm and some very high winds - even running down between the trees it blew us on to  the shoulder and then pushed us over into the other lane. Fortunately no one was coming at the moment as I'm not sure I could have kept it from crossing the center line, it was a real gust. The picture is after the wind stopped, it only lasted a a few seconds, and the rain came down in buckets. Real Texas downpour. But no twisters, so we'll count our blessings. Today (4/3) the Dallas area got hit with 2 big twisters.

04/02/12 - Gulf Coast Rv Park, Beaumont, Tx
Gulf Coast Rv Park
US59>US96>Beaumont, Tx

Other than the little storm we hit - the picture above - it was an easy drive. Short day for us as I neeed to get ready for a meeting with Pro Miles the 3rd so just a little 170 mile day.

The park in Orange, near Pro Miles, was filled up so we had to change plans and stay over here. I'm about 40 miles from my meeting, but it's just a one time drive, so no big deal. Again the hook ups were at the back of the space, but this time I needed to drop the car anyway, so wasn't a big deal to move it around front and back up. They are very long spaces - we're 74 feet and there's another 10 to 15 feet to spare. There are a number of other parks around but not in our directory so we're looking around at some other directories we can use. Thinking about joining a few of these other discount clubs that list some of the other smaller parks.

Meeting went real good :)) and tomorrow we'll head over towards Dripping Springs and a longer stop over. Going to dry camp tomorrow night at the Camping World in New Braunfels, then it's just a 50-60 mile drive to Dripping Springs Thursday.
4/4/12 - Camping World, New Braunfels, Tx (dry camp)
Camping World Dry Camping
I10>TX46>New Braunfels, Tx

It used to be that Camping Worlds had a big lot with lots of room to navigate and it was easy to stop in to pick up a few things when you were going by one. The addition of Rv Sales at Camping World has resulted in them filling up their parking lots with Rv's for sale which has made that much less convenient. We did get into a spot, but had to drop the car and then back in to find a place we'd fit.

Droping the car was also fun as it really has a preference for being straight (lined up with the rig) and have all the tension taken off the hitch and we were on a turn when dropping it became necessary in order to complete the turn. So the car was wrapped around the back and there didn't seem to be a way to get it to take the tension off the tow bar - Catch 22 - need to get the car off to get around the curve, need to get around the curve to get the car off. But the application of sufficient force (my foot) got the hitch to unlock.

Then to top it off they didn't have the parts I was looking for anyway :~() - oh well, we spent the night anyway.
4/5/12 - Cottonwood Creek, Dripping Springs, Tx
Cottonwood Creek Rv Park
I10>TX46>FM311>US281>RR165>Dripping Springs, Tx (RR is Ranch Road)

The navigator veto'd the route the planner came up with and put in a few way points to get us to go this way. The goal was to avoid a small road on the original plan, but you know what they say about plans :)) - yep, FM311 was a small, windy, twisty road. But we made it through - lesson maybe learned, but probably we need another time or two for it to sink in.

We're back at Cottonwood Creek, one of our favorite parks in the country. All you RV park owners out there blow up this picture, now this is what a RV spot should look like. Nice yard, shady spot to sit outside and the evening, room to park the car and set up the garage - this is what home should be :)))

The rain was good this year, so there are flowers everywhere, so we've decided to call this the Year Of The Flower. Pictures of our Bike Rides and other Adventures here - and we have a few planned will be coming up shortly.

Our Adventures in Dripping Springs (more to come :))
4/30/12 - Florida Welcome Center, Pensacola, Fl
Florida Welcome Center
US290>TX12>I35>TS46>I10>Pensacola, Fl

Well, just like the old days> put the hammer down and stay in the seat and 703 miles later we're at the Fl Welcome Center with an easy 300 miles to go today. We'll probably be back at Hanna Park this afternoon, but haven't called yet to make a reservation - will get to that shortly (when the sun finishes coming up and they come to work :)

Sheila called our co-ordinator yesterday and she called back a few hours later. Here's the reason for making a 1000 mile return trip - Thursday Schedule:
0630: Fasting Lab
0730 X-Ray
0830 Nurse Co-ordinator
0900 Dr.
1030 Breathing Test
By 11am they'll know exactly what is wrong and she'll be on the way to recovery. Whether we'll be going out again is still up for debate, but we're thinking we'll probably stay closer to home and maybe make some shorter trips. I hear the Virginia mountains are really nice with some killer spots to ride.