April 2013

Beverly Beach Camptown

Beverly Beach

04/02/2013 - Exploring the River
Exploring the river 
St Johns River - 2934'08.08" N  8141'45.30" W

Still sitting as April arrived, but we did get out in the boat for a cruise up and down the river. We started out heading south and after about 20 minutes or so decided we'd rather go North and explore up there a little more. So turned around and headed up the other way. The picture is at the location above. If you click the link it'll take you to a satellite view of the area. It's Stokes Island in the middle and we ran around that little channel that goes around the island. Have to take it slow and keep an eye on the depth gauge, but we navigated through it and had a fun little explore.

Other attractions - a 7 acre river front property, or how about an 18 acres one?? Doubt we'll every be in that tax bracket, but it's always fun to day dream a little :)). Then there was also an interesting boat and of course any cruise up the river has to include a critter or two and some moss. Other than that life moved on . Busy with work, but not too busy these days. and working on finding an investor - we're ready to start marketing in earnest but a little low on funds. So I got a business plan together and of course had to get a picture for the business plan (honey like this one the best. If any of you run into someone who'd like to make a little money on a pretty sure thing - there are no 'sure things', but this ones pretty proven, let us know. If not, we'll just built it up a little slower. That's it for the beginning of April - we are starting to get an itch :))
04/05-10/13 - Walking & Wheeling
Here's some other events of interest along the way.

Out on the river we remarked that we needed to do some exploring from the land side and get a perspective on where some of these places were when approached from land. So on the way home from town I turned down one of the dirt roads and much to our surprise it turned into a for real 4 wheel trail. I didn't get more pictures this time, but we had mud puddles, spots where the trail closed down and we had to beat our way through the brush and some sand. So it's a real 4 wheel trail :)) and only a few miles from the house so expect some more explores and pictures in the following updates.

The rest of the pictures for this update come from my morning walks. I often see interesting things along the way, it's a beautiful world we live in and every now and then I'll catch something exceptional and get the phone out in time to catch it. Occasionally the deer accommodate me and just stand patiently waiting for me to get ready, and the mules show moments interest before going back to mowing the grass. The trees and flowers are always amazing to me. I'm especially fond of the tiny flowers that seem to grow everywhere. That's it for today- as it says on my T shirt - Life Is Good. Savor and we're just savoring every moment of it.

04/11/13 - Beverly Beach Camptown, Beverly Beach, Fl
The beach
US17>US100>FL A1A

Ok, that itch won. So took 2 days to air up all the tires, replace a couple of valve stems that had frozen up, and get everything straightened up and ready to go, but we finally agreed that we'd been sitting too long and while the boat is definitely helping we still have that urge to go nagging at us. So after a short debate over where to go - inland state park on a lake or the beach, the honey cast the winning vote and we're at the beach. We'll be here a today and tomorrow and then head back to Acosta Creek on Saturday. Interestingly, it's 90 back in Satsuma right now, and it's 78 with a cool (actually more like chilly or cold) breeze coming off the ocean over here. There will be more pictures, probably just of us lolling on the beach, but I should be up for sunrise, so maybe I'll get another sunrise at the beach :))

4/12 - yep sunrise at the beach and a morning walk in the surf & sand. The honey says we don't enough pictures of me, so I even got one of me out & about this morning and a shot of the house at the top of the stairs. Afternoon update - honey put my backpack on an we headed down the beach. I'd guess from the smile that she was having a good time and it's always fun to get your feet wet.
04/13/13 - Time to head home
Sunrise on the beach
We only came for a couple of days and they passed (like all the days do) way to quickly. But we got in another  walk on the beach this morning before we started packing up and got a couple shots of the sun peeking through the clouds and the waves putting on their morning show. We'll miss the beach, we really enjoyed the day, it was a great break and I think it rejuvenated both of us a little.

So back to home. The drive back was uneventful, but last 20 feet however proved to be a big chore. As usual, I think of the pictures after the face, I didn't get any so we'll have to settle for after the fact so click the link and where the car is there's a 'sorta' driveway where, in theory, you can drive out or back in to our space. In reality, from the beginning of the shaded area back to where we're parked is actually soft sand so the rv just buries itself in the sand. After 4 failed attempts at pulling forward and taking a run at where we needed to get I gave up on that idea. During the 4 tries, I got a rake, smoothed out the grooves in the sand (about 8" deep) and put some boards down. but as soon as I got past the boards it was back to digging a hole in the sand. So I moved over right next to that row of pilings which you see in the left edge of the picture. That puts the tires off the road, on set of duals on the grass and the other on the center hump of the road which is considerably harder. Back around the corner and then drive front ways into the space. We've moved up a little, put the awning out andput up the screen again. Spring is a wonderful time to sit outside and the river is a nice view from our patio - so new we have a sorta screen porch :))
04/26/13 - Dinner on the River in Gator Country
Gator our for an evening swim
It's been a fairly quiet couple of weeks. I've been busy with work and with getting a business plan done and getting a listing on an investor web site set up. Business is growing, but slowly, so we've decided to see if we can give it a shot in the arm and get some additional funds for promoting and marketing it. So if any of you know of anyone who might be interested put in a good word for us.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, we've been muddling along. We have been down to the river for dinner a couple of times, but the sun coming in from the sides was starting to become an issue - so our latest addition - Sunscreens for the river dining room - and we're still walking and enjoying the flowers. Along the way on my walk there was a dog behind a chain link fence going nutsoid every time I walked by. So I got to talking to the owner and she agreed that it would be nice to mellow her dog down a little, so I've started taking him out 4 or 5 times a week for a training session. It's been going well, and my neighbor is into roses, so she's been sending me home with flowers for the honey occassionally.

And now to the main event, we were down at our river dining room a couple days ago and spotted something in the river that seemed to be moving against the current. Blow this one up - he/she's a big one. Swam around for awhile and then headed back to shore around the bend and out of sight. But we really enjoyed the show :))