April 2015

Shrink wrapped view of The Cave
A shrink wrapped view of the cave

04/01/14 Red Bay, Al  From Foggy to Sparkling :))
Fresh Headlight Lens
04/01 - I didn't get a picture first thing this morning, so I'm just leaving the Shrink wrap picture up for now, it's interesting that on 4/1 2014 we were in the cave at the paint shop and on 4/1/2015 we're back in the same place - minus the shrink wrap this time. We pulled in, as noted last month, early the 31st and by 9am this morning we were back out of the paint shop and heading back to McKinney's. We decided after our neighbor in the space next to the shed came over and asked us to turn down the TV when we were watching our evening episode of Once Upon A Time, which by the way is a pretty good series if you've never seen it, that we'd move down by the end this time (no picture, I've got to get back into taking pictures). So we parked down by the end where no one else was parked. Might have seemed anti-social, but we figured we wouldn't bother anyone down there. It's very strange - I went out to listen and with the TV turned all the way up I could barely hear it and certainly couldn't distinguish what was being said. At any rate, they were kind of strange people so we didn't mind moving down the row a little further. We have a free day tomorrow, not sure what we'll do yet. The car is due at Bay Diesel tomorrow to get the A/C fixed - yep car and house, but had the A/C (dash air) die at the same time. Once that's done, if meds and movies arrive we'll start south on Friday. If not we'll wait on them and leave on Saturday. Real happy with the new fender and the patch job he did on the back wall next to the slide. Hopefully that'll be the last repair we have to do on both of them. I did notice today, missed it while we were still there that they missed one of the spots I wanted touched up on the front - maybe next time. but check out the headlights - from foggy to shiny - and a little tint in there as well :)
04/03/14 - Pensacola. Fl Pensacola RV Park
Pensacola RV Park
04/03/14 US78>I65>Local Streets
We decided that we'd like to go by and see Eileen on our way back and since Sheila had the Mayo on the 13th, the original plan was to stay out till after that appointment, spend a day or two in Pensacola and then find a place along the gulf to hang out for the week. But then as plans usually do other things came up and changed the plan, but that's a story for below. So back to Eileen. So we ran down to Pensacola and stayed at the Pensacola RV Park, We stayed there before the last time we visited Eileen and PTB arranged for us to get the last space in the park for the days we planned on being there. Eileen is doing well, and we found out that we'd come just in the nick of time, as Janet had decided that it would be better for Eileen to live up in Memphis and had found a retirement home very similar to the one where she is living now that was right on the way to and from the college where she teaches so she'd be able to stop by every day and visit. This was a big surprise for us, but Eileen seemed to be happy with the change and was looking forward to seeing Janet and the grandkids/great grandkids more so I think it'll work out well for her. Give us a little more motivation to stop by Memphis as well. So we had a good visit and caught up on family news as well as filling her in on all that had transpired with Sheila and I. We stayed a couple days and then on over to Jacksonville.
04/08/15 Jacksonville, Fl - Mayo Dry Camp overnight
04/07/15 -  I10>Jacksonville - Mayo Parking Lot Dry Camping overnight - pickup Prescription and Jury Excuse  letter.
A stop in Jacksonville wasn't part of the original plan, but as I've already mentioned plans are always subject to revision. As  a matter of fact I just read and interesting take on plans - plans start going awry as soon as you decide that you can do them :-)) which certainly seems to have proven true for us. Sheila needed to pick up a prescription and she'd been called for Jury duty and we had asked the doc's at the Mayo for a letter to get her excused. A crowded jury room is not exactly the ideal place for a immune suppressed person to hang out. The appointment was also going to conflict with her yearly review which is coming up the end of this month. More on that later.

So we left early and drove across the state (375miles) and spend the night in the Mayo parking lot. I also fueled in Jacksonville (that's important for tomorrow's comments). It was an uneventrful drive (or so we thought) and when we got there I dropped the car and noticed the windshield was dirty so I sprayed it with washer fluid but it just smeared. Humm, I thought but it really didn't register that something was wrong. I also noticed some gunk on the back of the coach, but again it didn't really register till the next morning. We walked over the the May early (around 8am) and he script and letter were both ready. So we picked them up, hooked the car back up and got ready to drive down to Melbourne.
04/08/15 Melbourne, Fl - Wickham Park
Wickham Park
04/08-11/15 I210>I95>Melbourne, Fl
So hooking up after we got the stuff from the Mayo, I noticed the gunk on the back of TisIt and so I looked around to see if I could tell what the problem was. My first thought was coolant, but this seemed more like oil or transmission fluid. So I  di notice after we got going that the fuel guage was on 3/4 tank. It was 30 miles from the fuel stop to the Mayo and mayber another 20 or 30 to where I noticed that we are losing fuel. So I stopped that the first rest area for a futher check and verified it was a fuel leak, there was fuel on top of the  fuel filter. Never had one of those do that before, but I didn't have a fuel filter to replace the one we had (going to order those and carry them in the future), so we continued down to Camping World to see if they could replace the filter for us. They were pretty booked, but again PTB stepped in and they were just finishing up another coach and were able to get us right in. Took a couple hours, turnss out they didn't have the fuel filter either and had to wait for it to get there, but we just have the drive to Melbourne (170 miles) for the day so we had time to spare. So they got it fixed and we finished the drive without furthe excitement. Next day I got out the hose and scrub bucket. added a little dish soap to my dry wash and gave the back a good scrubbing to get the fuel resedue off. Also took the car out the local car wash and got it cleaned up.  Rest of the time there was busy with taking the show stuff back to the office and a few meetings. Till next time - but happy, be safe and ENJOY NOW :~))
04/12/15 Jacksonville, Fl - Mayo Dry Camp
Mayo Again.
4/12-13/2015 -
Ok, busted. Yes that's the same picture that I used above (and actually it's an edited copy of one from last year). For some reason I seem to have a mental block on taking a picture at the Mayo and I keep forgetting to get a new one. Next time (end of this month) I'll try to remember to get a new picture.

No rush getting out, but we did get an early start and the drive back up to the Mayo was uneventful. We got there early and ran over to Whole Foods. It was time to stock up before we headed back to Satsuma as it would be awhile before we come back up and we have a lot of Whole Foods stuff that isn't available in Palatka (a minor disadvantage of living in the boonies). So all stocked up on the essentials - popcorn being at the top of that list. We got that GREAT popcorn maker for Christmas (that was a year I didn't do a lot of Christmass pictures). Not the popcorn on top - that is organic popcorn and the taste reflects the organic part :))) So with popcorn in hand it was of course time for a movie and popcorn again. We're planned that for a previous night and discovered we were out of popcorn - we added it to the shopping list (at the top) and had to settle for After Midnight frozen yogurt bars instead. We suffer well lol. If you've never tried them and like chocolate then you definitely should give them a try they are superb.
Ok, all this talk of popcorn and ice cream (frozen yogurt, same thing) is making me hungry - till next time keep smiling(:~))>
04/13/15 - Satsuma, Fl - Home Again
Home Again
04/13/15 - it was really nice being at the Mayo for our 7am appointment rather than having to get up at 4 and into the car by 5 to drive up. We're giving serious consideration to doing this more often. In fact we've already scheduled the next couple of visits which are  on the calendar to  go up ahead of time and park in the parking lot for them. We have Sheila's yearly review coming up - can you believe it, in a couple more days it'll have been a year since her transplant. I can, I do these pages by pulling up the previous year, renaming the file for the new page, and then replacing the old pictures and text to build the page - simpifies the process as I don't have to re-create the table, etc.

Anyway - here's a shot of home from a different point of view - down the hill leading to the river looking back up at the house. It was really good to get away, but after barely a month, it was also good to get home again. I have to admit that getting the cable I've gotten spoiled and I missed the high speeds of the cable. I also have to pay attention to the Aircard as we have a 40 gig limit and I need to keep an eye on it. With it taking up all our usage, the internet and out evening show that we stream we use over a gig a day, so we got real close to our 40 this month. But we're home again now, cable is plugged in and the call to the cable company made - plugged in but not working. He'll be here tomorrow to fix the problem and we have enough left on the card to get through the day. Remember to pay it forward with a smile or two today <:-D={
04/20/15 - Hummer Parking Space - stage 1
Hummer Parking Space 
Ok the end of the month has turned into project time. This first one is not a one day project as I've decided that I can shovel all day if I have to, but in this case 'have to' is not in the formula. We are on a minor hill which slopes down to the river and while the space we park the house in has been leveled (more or less) the parking spot in front of it has not. So I decided to make us a spot that's level for the hummer. A foible of the Hummers (and some other GM cars I'm told) is that the sun roof does not seal up. Instead it has a hose in each corner that runs down under the car for the water that comes in to drain. I think I talked about this before, when I got the cover for the car. If the car is level and the hosed aren't blocked (filled with that green stuff that likes to grow in dark damp places) the the drains work. If it's sloped and tilted so all the water runs to one corner it overflows into the car :-()! Not fun cleaning up. So a level parking place will be a positive.

This shot is of the beginning process which was to get the landscape timbers and get them set up as the framework for the level section. So step one was to lay out the area where this will go, insure that it wouldn't interfere with getting the house in and out of the space and then drill 3 or 4 1/2 inch holes down through the 'wall' I was making and drive the 2 foot long rebar that I got to anchor it down through the landscape timbers. At this point in the process that's where we're at. The side bars are just sitting atop the wall for now. Next step will be to attach them and to probably shorten them a little so they're not in the way of pulling in/out of the space. Updates on this laster as we progress.
04/25/15 Roof Wash & Polish
Roof Wash - Before
04/25/15 - Roof wash  - 4/26/15 Polish -
Next project was to get the roof cleaned up again. It's been over a year since the last time it was cleaned and while our new space is less under the trees than the old one was, it's still partially under the trees and does get dirty as you can see by looking at the picture to the left. Those are shaded area, but they are also very dirty areas. A look at the roof again with the power wash part way done illustrates the point.  Another shot that I thought might be of interest is 'tools of the trade' which shows my seat (the big colorful towel), on top of the A/C is my wipe off and leaning pad, convenient for leaning on while using the non-scratch souring pad on thier hadle(that blue thing on the other side of the A/C. In front of the A/C, the spray bottle is ProtectAll, I think I've mentioned it's advantages before - it's a wonder of modern technology and takes a lot of the work out of this process. Spray on the protect all, rub it around with the scrubbie, wipe up the excess with the blue hand towel, buff slightly with the smaller dish towel (in my pocket so missed the picture, and walla - shiny roof which you can see around the tools of the trade :)). This is of course a two day process still. Day one is the power washer which takes of 99% of the dirt and grime but does leave some spots that are a little more stubborn. Day two is sitting on the roof, scrubbie in hand and wax on - wax off (most of the day). but the end result makes you smile and proves that it's worth the work. Tomorrow, it the weather permits, rain in the forecast, we'll do the rest of the coach. Sheila has stated "I can help now :))"
04/26/2015 - Polishing
Homey Polishing the house.
I'm not sure if polishing the outside is considered housework or not, but the honey was good to her word and was out for several hours polishing. I did the ladder and high work and she did the bottom, which is everything under the slideout level and that she can reach above. We both finished about the same time, but I had a headstart as I'd done the drivers side bedroom (back) slideout and the space between the slides a couple days ago - just before I started on the roof. After getting those two things done it dawned on me that I really should start with the roof so that I didn't have to do the sides twice :~0!

Project 1 the Hummer parking area is also coming along. I have the side rails cut to size and anchored, I rescues a couple pieces of plywood from the burn pils and am using them to fill the voids (so the fill dirt will stay in the parking area) and have started adding a little of the dirt. Moving the dirt is the big part of this project I think, and that portion I have decided to do in bits and pieces. So I go out three or four times a day and shovel a little dirt. Not enough to wear me out or to get my back complaining, but enough that progress is beginning to show. I've had my share of shoveling all day and am past the part where I can get any sense of enjoyment out of that. But doing it slowly I see progress and don't have to take some Aleve and put up with my back hurting for days. This isn't exactly something that needs to be completed in a hurry. I keep the Hummer covered most of the time, it'll just be a nice thing to have when I get it finiahed. That's it for now - you be happy and save out there and I'll see if I can't get the next update online in a little more timely manner. We're back to the Mayo next week - update then :))
04/28/2015 - Jacksonville, Fl Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic Dry Camping

 Thursday - 30th
8AM – Transplant Co-ordinator MAYO 3S
8:30 Transplant Dr MAY 3S
9:40 Infectiious Disease Dr. MAYO 3S
11:30 DERM – DAVIS 4E

Friday - May 1st
8:”40 DAVIS 2W - Endocrinology
10:15 MAYO 5S – Physical Therapy/Rehab

AND - next review in 3 months and we can travel a little again :) But first we need to get those cataracts taken care of, then it's a few short trips I think :))
If you're smiling - the whole world smiles with you!!

04/28-05/02 Dry Camping at the Mayo Clinic
As promised here's a new picture of the Mayo Clinic parking lot. We came up on Tues the 28, had a very hectic Wed a slower Thru, and what was supposed to be a slow Friday with a drive home after the morning appointments. But like all plans they changed it for us as the day progressed :)

Wendsday - 29th

< Thursday and Friday are to the left.
So the IMPORT PART - best PFT (lung test to date) lungs have healed completely and the Dr is VERY PLEASED with how she's doing. Everything looked good, all the tests were positive, so big smiles all around.

Friday - you can see that we only had two things. But the Endocrine doctor did what they call Reclass for Sheila for her Osteoperosis and the set that up for her to have the infusion at 2:30 this afternoon. This is a once a year treatment for the Osteoperosisn and should stop and possibly reverse a little of the damage that's already happened in her bones. The anti-rejection drugs, mostly the steroids, weaken her bones and she already had osteoperosis. That contibuted to her breaking her knee when she fell off the bike. This should help avoid more bone weakening so it's definitely a positive. Another positive was the Infectious Disease Dr. suggested taking her off two of her meds (the REAL expensive ones) so that'll have a positive financial impact we think. But that also puts us back on the Cyclosporine teeter totter for a little bit. Next labs this coming Tuesday. But we'll just bring the car for that trip :))

So all in all a great week filled with great news and positive outcomes on all fronts. We're very, very happy with the outcome. We'll head home in the morning, ya'all take care, be happy, be safe and hugs and smiles make the world a better place.