April 2016

Wheeling again :))
Our New Jeep

04/03/16 -I75>US25E>US119> Putney, Ky.  After the show we had a week before we were due back in Jacksonville for Sheila' 2 year review. So we decided that we'd just take our time getting back and have a little mini-vacation on the way back. We looked for a place to play on the way home and found Black Mountain - Harlan, Ky. I didn't get a picture of the RV site, but here's one of one of the dirt roads we found to explore there. We had a new Jeep and we were both feeling the urge to try it out, so we searched the web for a spot that would have some suitable trails and this looked like it. We were not unhappy with our choice. A few more shots of our adventures can be found below - since this will be the event for April we won't do a separate page for this one.

If you'd like to know about where we stayed you can find the campground here
 We stayed in space 13 at the end of the RV sites and it was a nice quite campground. We were there before their real 'season' which I'm sure is the summer when the families can get away and  the 4 wheeling is great there. Whether you're on a dirt bike, a ATV or a  Jeep or Truck there's something there for every skill level. In our Jeep car we weren't looking for the heavy duty rock climbing challenges, but we found plenty of  tamer roads that were to our liking and a few paved  windy twisty roads that were fun in the car and could be a lot of fun with the bike. We didn't have the bike with us on this trip as we planned to concentrate on the new car on this trip. But we'll probably be back.
04/05/16 - Mountain Trails -
Mountain Trails
More Wheeling - 4/4, 4/5, 4/6 went out for rides pretty much every day. Just for a ride and picnic usually :)
So mountain is the theme and we have -

 Mountain ViewsMountain LakesMountain RoadsMountain Views
    MOUNTAIN:  VIEWS                     LAKES                                 ROADS                          & ANOTHER VIEW
All in all we had a great time and really got a chance to check out the new Jeep. The ground clearance isn't quite as high as the Hummer was, but overall it handled everything we ran across. We did turn about once when we got to a very rocky portion of the trail, but I think it was more because we weren't certain what was ahead and it was a place I knew I could turn around. Next visit I may walk up the road a bit and give it a try. It was a great few days off (still got email & tickets done early & late) but I'm happy with that - must be or I'd quit doing it :)
04/08/16 Kinard, Sc, Magnolia RV Park
Magnolia Rv Park, Kinard, Sc
4/8/16 - US119>us25E>I81>I40>I26>I95>Kinard, Sc.
This was a drive through the Appalatian Mountains in the beginning and then settled into freeways towards the last half of the drive. That ANOTHER VIEW above was taken from one of the lookout points on this drive. Blow that one up, it was quite a view. The mountain part was easy but did have a lot of curvy roads. Nothing hard, just a fun drive. Once we got the interstates it was easy going and we made really good time. By the time I was wearing down a little and we were looking for a place to stop for the night we were well into South Carolina and had about another 350 to get to Hanna Park. It looked like it would be an easy drive through Ga so we called Hanna to see if we could come in a day early. They found us a spot so we planned on getting to Hanna Saturday rather than Sunday. More on that below.

Magnolia was a nice park and a good place for my walk the next morning. We had to circle the park to get into the space they wanted to put us in, but it was a big pull through and easy in/out. The park is about a quarter to a half mile down a small road (thus a good road to walk in the dark) and that open out onto another county type 2 lane where I could get another mile or so in. We settled in, air card had good reception, and I got my evening work done and we watched out evening show.

04/08/15 Jacksonville, Fl Hanna Park Temporary Space
Hanna Park Space 13
I95>I295>Hanna Park - Space 13
We got an early start and it was an easy drive down to Jacksonville. It was mid-afternoon when we checked in. We drove down to check the site, we'd been warned it was a small site, but should be ok for us. It was no problem getting in to it. While I was setting up I noticed a stump (looked like a big rock) in the shrubbery across the road - I forgot about it the next morning, but we'll get to that in a minute. Knowing my fondness for lucky 13 I was smiling at getting into space 13. We settled in, and enjoyed the afternoon and evening. Our movies hadn't come yet, but we streamed something (don't remember what), but something to fill the evening.

Next morning we had to move to the new site and so we closed up and I pulled out. The trees on the way out were not as far apart as the ones pulling in and so I got into the shrubs a little on the opposite side of the road and remembered the stump as the front scraped over it.. Oh well - I'm learning. Confidence is good, but it needs to be tempered with a little more caution. I think my intuition used to speak louder than it does these days (or maybe I'm just not paying as much attention to it as I used to). But I need to check the shrubbery before I pull into it in the future. That's two for Hanna - or maybe Hanna isn't the one to put my own 'well duh's' on. Backed off the stump and got out onto the road and into the new space without a problem.
04/11/16 Jacksonville, Fl - Hanna Park, Big Space
Hanna Park, big space.
4/11-13/2016 -  4/12 - MAY DAY
So here we are in the big space - the one I asked for when I did the reservation. A big space on the end of the row. Should be easy in/easy out. We'll see - it was an easy in. We stopped at the post office to get our movies and do some shopping on Monday - then Tuesday was a big Mayo day. Busy, busy but all went well and we'll get the results tomorrow. So we'll just have to wait and see. Result in the next panel -
8:55  DAVIS 2E ECG
12:30 DAVIS 7E Pulm Arterial Blood Gas Room Air
12:50 DAVIS 7E ECHO Cardio
2:00 Bronc
04/12/15 - New Facuet - see  below for details
New Facuet - closeup
04/12/16 - Ok, I know, what's the new facuet have to do with the Mayo Report? Actally NOTHING, but I had 2 pictures to go with the new facuet so this is one of them and the other is in the next frame. Now to the followup visit which didn't have a picture of it's own ---
Everything is looking good with her lungs and this was her last scheduled bronc. The next bronc will not be until they feel there is some reason to go look around, that could be tomorrow or it could be in a few years. We'll just have to wait and see. The only thing they have now is a shortage of IRON which causes a little anemia so they have started her on iron. We'll see at the next labs (she's on 90 day labs now instead of monthly) how the Iron is doing. She also has a heart valve that isn't working right. Not a new thing, but it's a little worse than the last ECG so they're referring her to the heart guys to see if they want to do anything about that. Apparently they can put a new valve in without surgery (go in through the groin and put the valve in place). Se we're waiting to hear if they want to do that or not. All in all it was a very good report and things are looking very good. Her breathing, compared to before surgery is fantastic. She still get's a little short of breath at times, but we think this may be the heart valve issue as it blocks the flow of blood a little and the anemia also hampers the bloods ability to carry oxygen everywhere. But everything is realtive and compared to where she was before the surgery we're very happy with where she is now. Till next time -- Remember to pay it forward with a smile or two today <:-D={
04/20/15 - Hummer Parking Space - stage 1
New Facuet Install 
The old kitchen facuet was getting really slow flow and had gotten some crud around the base and was not swiveling very good any longer.So we decided that we'd get a new facuet and I'd put it in. Now in the old days (when I was in my 60's or before - aside: interesting, 60 something is the old days???). Anyway, in the old days a new facuet was 2 or 3 hours and I'd be sure I had everything when I left the store with the facuet. If I'd have been in a house I would have had everything, but we live in a RV and so things are often done differently. At any rate, I got the old facuet out (of course the water is off for the whole house) and discovered that I needed a different fitting to get the new facuet connected. It is by now, of course after 6PM and the stores are closed. So I got a bucket of water from the facuet outside and put it next to the toilet for flushing. We had a full pitcher of zero water (if you don't remember zero water, check it out it's just water) for drinking, so we'd make it through the night. Next moring early I hit the hardware store got the parts and added a new strainer for the sink, they also get old and crummy after years of use. So facuet, another 2 hours, then the sink drain was a whole other story. An hour trying to get the big nut that holds it n place off - finally had to cut the nut off. Clean up and then realize I don't have any plumbing putty. So back to town - which by the way is an hour trip with 10 or 15 minutes for the store. Finally I'm back, it's late now, I'm tired, we have water, just not a drain in the big sink. So morning of the 3rd day the sink it back together, shiny new drain now and new classy facuet which the Honey loves. So 3 days for a 3 hour project - I must be getting old LOL. I'll be 74 in a couple of months - who'd have ever thought I'm ever be 74? Certainly not me. Take care all and remember it may take a little longer but it's finishing that counts :))
04/20/16 Garden AFTER -
Garden After
04/19-20/16 -
The little garden area that we have next to the patio had spent the winter being ignored and the WEEDS and FERNS have totally taken over. I never realized, until I started pulling them out, how the ferns send out roots everywhere and then sprout new fern leaves as they move along. They can totally take over an area. But I got to pulling and weeding and made pretty good headway. I got a pretty big pile of built up and then went and talked to the grounds keeper here at the marina about where to put my big pile of weeds. He said he'd come over and get them picked up and take care of them for me. I was thrilled, I'd started thinking that I'd need to carry my big pile somewhere.

Next morning I looked out on the river and the gardener was back and was weeding for me. I have to admit he was a lot better at it than I was. He actually knew what he was doing and I'm guessing that the 20 year or so advantage he had on me might also have helped a little. But I was glad to have the help. I can pull stuff out but I really don't know what to pull, I just pull out everythng that doesn't look like the cactus and flowery kind of stuff that we have there. We also went to the nursery and got a small planter and a couple of flowers to add a little more color to it. Now it looks like a real garden (more or less). It's worth looking at when we sit outside at any rate. We still have a month or so when it's cool and nice to sit out so we'll enjoy it :))
Till next time - take care, be safe and keep smiling. Happiness is a choice so why choose anything else.