A fulltimers journal - May 2008
MAY 2008

A Texas Sunset

 `Camelot Sunrise


HAPPY TRAILS TO ALL and if you're out there on the roads BE SAFE.

5/1/08 Cottonwood Creek RV Park, Dripping Springs, Tx
Cottonwood Creek RV Park

US79 to Tx290 to Tx12 Into Wimberly then up the 2325 to Shady Oaks RV Park in Wimberly.

Missed a turn in Austin but the GPS helped us get back on track. Overall not a bad drive, just a lot of traffic in Austin.

Original plan was to stay at Shady Oaks, but it didn't work out. We've stayed there before and the sites at the top of the park aren't bad, but the lower sites are badly sloped and an attitude from the staff convinced us to look for greener pastures. Worked out for the best as we found a gem - a new park, great people and the sites aren't the typical row after row crammed together.

So we're at Cottonwood Creek RV Park for a couple weeks. Great locations, great people, this ones a 10 :))

Willow Springs Loop

Well this one turned out to be such a great place that we extended out planned 2 weeks to a 3 week stay. Visiting with friends, business meetings and working combined with a number of rides to fill the time.

This is one of our first rides, up around the the Willow Springs Loop and it was one of the most spectacular. Here they have loops on many of the main drags. The loop is really a small road, often broken up with cattle guards and loose livestock with ranches and homes along the way. It really makes for some idea riding - slow rides through winding, twisting roads, one lane bridges with signs to watch for water on the road - they don't do "bridges" here really, it just mean a one lane road over the low culvert :)).

Here's some more highlights of our rides and the places we went during the past 3 weeks - Texas Hill Country

5/22/08 Post View Campground, Post, Tx
Oil vs Wind

Back on the road again and on the way to NM. US290>US87>TX153>US84 and I'd rate them all a 7 to 8. Really peaceful drive and nice scenery along the way.

I thought this shot from the day was more interesting than this litlle CG, so here's one titled Oil vs Wind. That building in the middle of all those wind generators is an oil facility. I think it was a collection center, but not certain. This is on the US 84 between Sweetwater and Post. There were miles of wind generators and a couple mile stretch where they were putting in a new windmill farm. Hundreds of them already setup and others in various stages, from a couple columns on the back of flatbeds to partially assembled ones.

This is the future :))

Good day, peaceful drive, good scenery now just need to get the cost of fuel down - prices varied from $4.45 to $4.79.

05/23/08 - Fort Sumner, NM
Your in the jail house now

US84 all the way today - good road and relaxing drive.

We ended the day in Fort Sumner just a couple doors down from the Billy the Kid museum and got in early enough to walk down to the museum. It's also the office for the RV park and for $28.00 we got a space for the night and a chance to take a stroll through the museum.

It was really interesting with a lot of antiques and relics from the area, Fort Sumner as well as some personal things from and about Billy the Kid. There was also a little movie room where they had a tape running on the TV with a number of people talking about Billy and his story. The story is really well done and give you some perspective on who Billy the Kid really was from the decendants of the actual participants as well as a couple of history buffs.

As you may have gather from the picture Sheila threw me in the hoose gow and threatened to throw away the key. But like Billy I managed to break out of jail and I'm on the lamb now :))

5/24/08 - Cottonwood RV Park, Espanola, NM
. Cottonwood Rv Park, Espanola, NM

US84>I40>US285 - good roads and some nice scenery. The US285 was a little bumpy (the big dips that bounce the front end up and down) but we took it slow and enjoyed the drive. US84 a 8, I40 a 8, US285 a 7.

I missed a turn and we ended up going through the middle of Santa Fe instead of along the edge, but it was still an interesting drive once we figured out where we were (what did we ever do without GPS??). Then when I got up here I misread the directions and thought it was on the north side of town when in actuality it was on the south side. So of course blew right past it and had to do one of those all 4 lane uey's - but we found it and got set up. Real tight squeeze into the spot, but it's a quiet campground and we are looking forward to exploring the area.

Have to make a run to town tomorrow and get both our glasses fixed. Sheila's sun glasses broke and my regular glasses broke. So tomorrow is probably a shopping and errand day and then we'll get to work exploring. The weather looks like it'll be pretty good for our stay here so we're expecting to get some serious riding in.

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