A fulltimers journal - May 2009
May 2009

More Sunsets :))

Cadillac Ranch Sunset

This months sunset was at Cadillac Ranch RV Park in Bluff, Ut. It was cut short by a very fast moving dust storm, but was gorgeous while it lasted.

HAPPY TRAILS TO ALL and if you're out there on the roads BE SAFE.

5/10/09-  Texas RV Park, Big Springs, Tx

US290>US87>Big Springs, Tx good road all the way :)

Texas RV Park proved to be one of our better choices. They have an indoor pool which I decided to take advantage of and had a real good workout in the pool (it's the one place where I can run as the buoyancy keeps me from getting the impact from running). It's the first time I've had access to a pool since the Dr recommended it and I really enjoyed it.

The park also had a really nice flower garden that I enjoyed walking through and testing out some new settings on the camera. I found I could get some pretty good close ups with the lens I have.

We really enjoyed out time in Tx but it's good to be moving again.

5/11/09 - Trailer Village RV Park, Roswell, Nm
Roswell, Nm

US87>US380>Roswell, Nm another good drive with lots of scenic's along the way :)

Nice park and a first for us - they charge and extra $3 for 50 amp service (not unusual a lot of places charge extra for 50 amp) the unusal part was I told him I'd just hook up to the 30 amp as we didn't need 50 for the night and he came around a little later and locked the 50 amp circuit breaker. They have a lock on the circuit breaker so you can't turn it on - that was the first time I'd seen anyone do that.

We'll stay there again next time through Roswell, it's a nice park, easy to get in/out of and the rates are reasonable.

5/12/09 - Roadrunner RV Park, Pojoaque, Nm
Road Work

US285>Pojoaque, Nm good road all the way. The final lap is right through downtown Santa Fe, but it's easy going just have to stay on your toes. :)

Blow this one up so you can appreciate it - no cones just a men working sign back about a mile and there they are in the middle of the road - and people coming over the hill the other direction don't get any warning at all :( - not a bright way to avoid getting run over.

The park we stayed at is just a big gravel field with with hookups along it. They used railroad ties to mark off the spaces, but they're big spaces and real convenient to the local area and to getting back into Santa Fe. A few trees would do wonders for the place :)) But we'd stay there again as it's easy to get in/out of and real convenient without being in the center of town.

5/14/09 - Lee Acres RV Park, Farmington, Nm
View from the 550

US285>US84>NM96>US550>Farmington, Nm good road and lots to look at :)

We've stayed at this one before. It's nothing to write home about, but they have full hookups, reasonable rates and they're easy to get in/out of. For an overnight it's a good park. Seems to be mostly filled with long termers, but there's usually a space or two open for overnighters.

The photo is on the way taken on the US550 as we topped a hill. These vista type shots are also one of my favorites. Sunrise/Sunset, rocks and then vistas in that order.

5/15/09 - Cadillac Ranch RV Park, Bluff Ut
Lunch Break

US64>US491>US160>CO41>UT262>UT163>US191>need to look for the little lines on the map to find those state highways, but it was a fun drive and lots of scenic's for us especially towards the end.

This has been another of the spots where we're suffering from scenic overload. The new camera has also gotten a workout so be sure to check out our

Adventures in SE Utah

This shot was taken at our lunch stop - why do people do that :0
Here piggy piggy

5/2209 - Hitch-N-Post RV Park, Panguitch, Ut.
US 89 Vista

Here's the runoff and the washout -

US191>US163>US160>AZ98>US89>AZ roads run from glass to not bad, UT from fair to 'did it change to a dirt road?'.

It was an eventful drive - in Kayenta we had four horses run across the street in the middle of town, and of course the camera was out of reach :(, that was a once in a lifetime event. Next event was just south of Page, Az. They'd apparently had a major cloud burst a few minutes before we got there and the runoff had deposited a bunch of mud on the highway and they had traffic stopped to clean it up. Then the main road through town was blocked so everyone was being routed up AZ98. Then just down the road had really washed out. A big chunk of the shoulder S bound was gone so that was down to one lane. Slowed us down, but we arrived safe and sound so alls well that ends well -

Panguitch - if it ever stops raining - just kidding, it doesn't rain all the time, just a few hours every day. But it's right in the middle of a large number of sights worth seeing so as soon as the Memorial Day crowd clears out we're going to get some riding in, with leathers up here, the hot day is in the 70's. We're also still in wait and see mode on how Sheila's going to do with us this high all the time.

Adventures in SW Utah