May 2010

Back Roads

Lone Rock Cave

This one pretty much summarizes the month to come - 4 wheeling is the order of the day for May. This was our first day out on the trails. :))

05/01/10 - Dry Camped, Richfield, Ut
Big K Richfield Ut

I515>I15>I70 up in the mountains again. Roads good, views sometimes spectacular and the Rockies never fail to impress us.

The forecast was for snow overnight but it didn't stick down here - there's some on the mountains out my window, but none on the streets which is good since we have to drive today, but I was hoping to get a picture of TisIt in the snow this morning.

There is an alternative to WalMart, which is down the street there. That's a Big K off to our left and they're also happy to let you park for the night and while their grocery section isn't as extensive as wm, they have most of the essentials and they carry products that are made in the US and other places besides China. In fact we bought out Made in the USA place mats at a Big K :)) Anyone remember when WalMart proudly displayed their MADE IN AMERICA signs??

05/02/10 - Spanish Trails RV Park, Moab, Ut
View - Moab Ut

I70>US191>Moab, Ut. goo road and great views especially when you get down to the Moab area.

We're going to be here for a month and get in some bike rides and some four wheeling. Since we'll be stationary for the whole month I'm going to put some highlights of each day - when we get out (still have to work now and then ya know :0) - and the highlight picture on this page will take you to the pictures for the day.

This shot was out the front window at sunset on our first day in Moab. Click the thumbnail below for some other shots of our spot in Moab.....

Spanish Trails RV Park          Moab Sunrise     
Our Site                    Sunrise

5/4/10 - Picture Frame Arch & out to overlook
View - Moab Ut

The drive out to Picture Frame Arch was fun, mostly pretty good road until we got to lone rock. There's a good road in and a road? way in on the east side - we of course went in the east side and that was fun.We go a picture of the arch and then came around to the west side (picture at the top of the page) and then headed on to the overlook which is the picture to the left.

Picnic was up here at the overlook and it was definitely worth the drive up to it. There's a steep climb at the very end of the road to get up to the overlook but other than that it was a pretty tame trail.


05/06/10 - Gemini Bridges & Long Canyon
View - Moab Ut

Today was a double header, we got to do two trails. We did the Gemini Bridges on the way out and then down highway 276 a couple miles and ran the Long Canyon trail back. Both were really interesting, but Long Canyon was the most fun.

The shot to the left is above Long Canyon - there are pictures of the descent on the daily page along with some pictures of the ride up to Gemini Bridges. Be sure to check them out, there's some really good ones there :))


5/7/10 - Arches National Park

We dropped the car off at the tire place for a new set of shoes and then took the bike up for a quick look at Arches National Park. Didn't stop much, this was more finding a place for our picnic and just having a quick look around to see what was there.

We stopped for lunch at Balanced Rock and that's the shot for the day (only one we took)

It's a big park and I think we'll be back for a closer look at the arches. Several of them are a long walk (for us) so not sure yet if we'll do them all or not. There's also a couple jeep roads in the park, so we may come back with Mloyl and check them out.

5/10/10 - Needles Overlook & Uncharted trails
Sheila Top of Rock

The drive out to the Needles Overlook was mostly just a dusty dirt road, but we found some places to play along the way and the Needles Overlook was worth the drive.

The shot to the left is at the Needles Overlook. For most people this is just a little walk up to the high point - but it's a pretty challenging hike for someone with breathing problems. Here's a view that shows how steep and rugged that little climb is - Steep Climb But as always the honey was up to the challenge and there she is at the top of the hill :))

Turned out, after a boring start, to be a real fun day.

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5/12/10 - Canyon Rim Overlook
Canyon Rim Overlook

Today was an exceptionally hard one to cut down on the pictures and decide which ones to post for the day. There were so many different views and so much of interest in the drive that I wanted to put them all up. But this is meant to be an overview, not an exhaustive study - so I did finally narrow it down to 13 pictures out of over 80.....

The winner for the front page was also hard, but this one was a real WOW for both of us, so it earned the place of honor. But there are more worth seeing and some good wheeling shots of the drive, this one had an "easy" drive section and then a "medium" drive section. The rating system we're using is easy, medium and hard - hard is the lifts, big tires, winches (it's on the list but don't have one yet), locking differentials front & rear (we have a rear locker, no front one) and "body damage possible", etc..... We're going to skip the hard trails at least for now. We're wheeling for fun and adventurre, we love to explore, not to challenge ourselves or our car. Easy & Medium suit us just fine and get us to the places we want to see :))

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Balance Rock

It was another day of scenics on Potash Road and then up the Shafer Switchbacks. This shot was typical of what we see on a lot of our drives in the trails here. Rocks balanced on seemingly impossible little bases. When they're over the road - we mumbe STAY! as we approach :))

Balanced Rock Over Road

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View from White Rim Trail

The goal when we started out was to get to Lathrop Canyon and explore it, but we got a late start and by the time we got to the turn off leading down into the canyon it was already after 5pm, so we decided that we'd save the canyon for another day and headed back.

Of course that doesn't mean it was a wasted day - quite the contrary it was another day of scenic overload and trying to determine which pictures to put up for the day was a real chore. The shot at the left was taken along the White Rim trail. To get to Lathrop Canyon you run along the White Rim trail for about 11.5 miles and we'd heard that the White Rim Trail is really worth running - but it's an 90 mile trip all together and really needs a couple of days to run and we're not set up to camp out of the car this year. But we've got our portable oxygen machine now and overnights are a possibility once I get the battery power and other equipment we need to camp out, so look for this one next year.

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5/17/10 - LaSalle Loop MC Ride
UT128 on the Colorado River

Our batteries were starting to get a little low so it was time for a recharge. Took the cover off Ruby and spent a few minutes taking the dust off as well - cover or no cover the dust is everywhere here :(

But the riding was good and the views were fantastic. This show was on the UT128 along the Colorado River. It was a day for riding, not stopping for pictures - so check this one out below....

Colorado River       LaSalle Loop      Motorcycle Road  View from the mountain

5/18/10 - Grand Junction Shopping Trip
Colorado River from UT128

Today was a shopping trip and we headed off to Grand Junction, Co on a mission - chairs. Unable to find any chairs we really liked in Moab we decided to head up to the big city and check it out. They had an REI and some other stores of interest so off we went. We didn't really find exactly what we were looking for but did find some inexpensive chairs that seemed like they'd work so we'll give them a try and the day was considered a success :))

But shopping as our mission didn't mean it had to be a day without scenics - the 128 runs along the Colorado River for a ways and through the gorge the river formed in ages past.

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5/20/10 - Bull Canyon
Bull Canyon

The Bull Canyon run was a really fun one. It starts off with the GEMINI BRIDGES TRAIL (see it for the start of this run) and then turns off to take you into Bull Canyon. We got a chance to use the new chairs and got a few great shots and found a couple spots to test our wheeling skills.

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5/21/10 - Dome Plateau
La Sal Mountains

This was an interesting day. We started out with a plan to see if we could do the Dome Plateau loop. The book said that "stock SUVs will be challenged" and he was right. But we still had a great day and as they say where there's a will there's a way.

The book also said "stay on the main trail" - but this book can be hard to follow frontwards through the trip. When you try to run it backwards lost is probably pretty much assured.

Check out 5/21 to see what happened :()

5/25/10 - Canyonlands National Park
Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Ut
Due to the DUST STORMS over the weekend we ended staying home Monday to let her get back to normal - even staying inside all day the dust has a bad effect for a couple days and this one was bad. See the picture above and here's another looking directly into the sun.

Tuesday we decided to get our bike ride for the week end as it looked like the best day of the week for it. We'd decided to go do Canyonlands National Park and see the sites that you can see from the road and it was well worth the trip. The shot to the left is just one of the views from the overlooks there. I'm trying something new this week, so take your pick -

SLIDE SHOW (no comments) or the tradional -

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5/26/10 - La Sal Forest & Geyser Pass - Something a little different for today - here's the first of my new 'panorama' shots. We had a colorful sunrise so I figured I'd take advantage of it and see how these would turn out - not real tall (but if you make it tall it'll take 4 computer screens to view it. I'm new at this so give me some time and I should get batter at it :)) It was a great day for wheeling and seeing the sights. SHOW ME 5/26
Sunrise in Moab, Ut
5/27/10 - La Sal Pass
Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Ut
The ride up the La Sal pass road (trail actually) was interesting and the views were really great. The shot to the left is another panorama but it's too big to fix on this page so blow it up. This is also using the new landscape settings on the camera to see if I can get more clarity. I think it worked pretty well. Be sure to check out the day, it was an interesting one.

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5/31 - Hurrah Pass & Down the west side to Catacomb Rock
Hurray Pass West Side
The ride up to Hurrah Pass was fun, nothing really challenging, a few spots that we wondered how the cars we saw made it up or over them, but nothing that challenged Mloyl :)) . The secret to the cars making it was the drivers were young and when you're young you don't give a lot of thought to tearing up your car and of course everything is possible. When I was 20 there wasn't anyplace I couldn't go on a motorcycle or a car but that's another story. The plan was to go up to Harrah pass and then down the west side as far as we felt like doing. The west site out to Chicken Corners was supposed to be more challenging.
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