May 2011

A Place To Jog

Tx Rv Park Pool

This is the pool at the Texas Rv Park - it's the reason this is one of my favorite parks.

 5/4/11 Texas RV Park, Big Springs, Tx
Texas RV Park
US290>US281>RR962>TX71>US87>Big Springs, Tx
It was a pretty good drive, router did something different on the little tablet we use up front for navigation - on my computer it didn't take that RR962>Tx71 shortcut, but it worked out well. I did the fuel op and it had us looking for a Town & Country store in San Angelo on the US87, but the truck stop we spotted was a Stripes and didn't have a price posted so I kept looking for the T&C which never turned up. We finally fueled in Sterling at another Stripes for $3.99.

Texas RV Park is one of my favorites - they have this great indoor pool, small but indoors, water is fairly warm and it's a place I can jog, so after we got set up I went for a 20 minute jog. That jog and a mile of my walk here are off the record - my garmin did something wierd this morning and paused for about a mile of my walk. Oh well, I'm still ahead of schedule :))

Don't know if I mentioned the walk here - I'm on a challenge to walk 1000 miles this year. So far 399 down only 601 to go. Gives some real meaning to the expression "Just keep walking".
5/5-11/11 Circle B RV Park, Ruidoso, NM
Circle B Rv Park, Ruidoso, NM
US87>US380>US70>Ruidoso, NM

Interesting oops in the routing. Seems that a change of one number in the preferences runs us a completely different way. Then I missed a turnoff and so we ran 26 miles out of our way. It was a mixed day as far as roads - Tx was fair, NM when we first came into it was great, then degraded to miserable, then finally back to passable.

We talked to the host here at the campground and this is a really interesting area so I think we're going to stay somewhere between a few days & a week. Looks like there are some really great attractions, a windy, twisty or two for bike rides, some forest roads that look like they might need exploring and the weather is real good :))

Our adventures is Lincoln County New Mexico
5/12-18/11 Casa Malipias RV Park, Springerville, Az
Casa Malpais Rv Park
US70>US380>I25>US60>Springerville, Az The 380 was pretty rough in Lincoln county from the junction with US70 to the country line. After that it cleared up a little and varied from not bad to great. Overall it wasn't a bad drive. A few changes in scenery along the way, but mostly it was the high desert type of scrub brush and with the drought a log of very brown grass.
The Road AheadThe Lava Fields - Lunch BreakSatellite Dish - National Radio Observatory, NM
Left: typical scenery for the day. Middle Lava Bed, where we stopped for lunch. Right our next satellite dish :~))
We're always the talk of the park with our big dish- we'd be the talk of the country with this one on the roof (lol).

Our adventures in Springerville, Az
5/19-5/25 Payson Campground & RV Resort
Payson Campground
US60>AZ260>Payson, Az. This was a short drive, around 130 miles and the road was good most of the way. We climbed up over 7500 feet and then dropped quickly on the other side with a very long 6% grade down the face of the mountain. It was really pretty there, but the mountain required my full attention so I didn't get any pictures of it.

Leaving SpringervilleTopping the mountainSloping site
Leaving Springerville snow on the hills - Topping the hill - the valley ahead - and another view of the site at Payson Campground

Our adventures in Payson, Az
05/26/11 Fairgrounds RV Park, Prescott Valley, Az
Fairgrounds RV Park
AZ260>I17>AZ169>AZ69>AZ89A - not a bad drive, a little windy in spots, but TisIt found the groove and handled the small mountain road with ease. Fairgrounds RV Park is nothing fancy, but the sites are big (about 50x50), water is a little hard but not too bad and they have free WiFi if you need it.

This is a great jumping off place for some bike rides (the 89A going north looks to be a real fun ride) and for wheeling as there's forest all around (once you start into the mountains) and Sedona, with it's red rock and vortex's is only about 40 miles away.
View from the road
The road ran mostly through high desert. There were some really pretty spots going through the mountains, but I was a little too busy staying on the road to get any pictures :0!

There were also a few vista's along the way as we topped the mountains and headed down into the valleys below such as the one to the left :))

Our adventures in Precott Valley, Az