May 2015

Happiness is accepting that -
It Is What It Is

This hasn't changed, so the picture will stay the same for this month :))

  05/01/15- Sunset on the river :))

Just noticed this and thought it was worth mentioning - 2 years ago today we were back in Jacksonville after our marathon run back from Texas awaiting our appointment on 5/2/12 to get Sheila checked and admitted to the hospital. Now 2 years later on the anniversary of our canceling our trip and deciding to just wait and see what happened she's transplanted and enjoying  a new lease on life :))

The rest of the May 1 report was done yesterday with the end of April since that finished up her long list of appointments and follow-ups. So today is a lean one for news. A security guard (I won't go into my opinion of security guards, I'm working on being positive these days and if you don't have something nice to say don't - so I won't). Anyway he knocked and informed us that we couldn't stay in the parking lot overnight. I told him we'd be leaving in the morning and left it at that. This has happened before and I've even gone in and talked with the watch commander and been told that parking overnight was fine, but I didn't feel like messing with it. We really like Hanna Park so I'm thinking that we may just start going to Hanna when we come up. It's about 15 minutes from the Mayo, has the beach for my morning walks and we have water/power/sewer, so we don't need to run the generator. The cost of running the generator is less than camping fees at Hanna, but we have a lot of other side benefits of staying there. So we'll see. If we can get reservations we'll do that. For now - we're in the parking lot and we'll head back to the river in the morning.
05/10/15 Hanna Park Hanna Park May is shaping up to be a busy month. As you can see from the picture Hanna Park won the debate so here we are. We have a 6:30AM appointment at the Mayo tomorrow for Sheila's first cataract surgery - right eye. Then a follow-up on Tuesday at 2:30PM. Wed we leave here early, go to Cocoa to a place we used before to get the generator serviced and checked, then on down to Wickham Park. Original plan was Melbourne for 4 days, but then they decided to add a Friday follow-up to check Sheila's eye, so it'll be Wickham for 2 days and then back up to Hanna so we can do the Friday appointment. Then we just stay put for the a few days and due Monday and Tuesday again for the left eye. The cataracts played a big part in Sheila's bicycle accident - the confusion came about in the first place because she couldn't see well enough to tell what the lights she saw were. So getting her vision cleared up will be a big step in the right direction for her and for us. She's also starting to make noises about a bike ride and we've planned a 2 week get away to a spot where the riding is fantastic. We're still debating whether we'll do the Tail Of The Dragon or not, but there are several rides in the Asheville North Carolina area and we're hoping there may be some wheeling as well as some great motorcycle rides to be had. It's an area we have not visited before so I think it'll be two weeks filled with new sight and adventures. We're looking forward to it. So far that's the only adventure type trip planned, but we do have something special in the works for our anniversary (June 13) and I'm not letting it out of the bag early so stay tuned for that one. Till next time, be safe and keep smiling - in fact pass those smiles around. A smile a day keeps the blues away.
05/12/15 Hanna Park - Morning Walk Hanna Park - Morning Walk Back on the beach and loving it. This shot was at the end of my walk, had my shoes back on and I'd walked part of the return route when I walked up to another beach entrance to see if the sun was showing off yet. It was, but I ended up being a little (very actually) dark, so by the time I adjusted it so I was visible the sun rise ended up a little faded I think. Here's just the sunrise :))  I have to admit that as much as I enjoy walking at home in the woods and by the river that walking in the dark on the beach has got to be my favorite. I'm listening to a new book again. Falling Into Grace by Adyashanti and being on the beach while listening really makes it come alive more I think. It's a great book and I'm starting to write in my blog again - - the latest is not posted yet, but I'm going to post it over the weekend I think. 'What's Up Doc' is the title.

In other news Sheila got her first eye done and it's healing well. The 'eye patch' has changed since I got my eyes done, from a patch to a plastic guard. We're down to Melbourne again tomorrow and Thursday for a meeting at the office and then back up here to Hanna Friday for an appointment with the eye Dr. At this writing it is Friday, and the report from the Dr was real good - from 20x60 she's now at 20x25 which is great. Her vision is still on/off a little which they say is normal and will clear more as time goes on. No big plans for the weekend at this point, probably a walk on the beach (besides my morning walk). Be safe, be happy and pass out lots of smiles - Life Is Good :))
05/15/15 Hanna Park - Great Space :)) Hanna Park - Space 101 It's been a busy week since the last update. We went back down to Melbourne the 13th and 14th, which was as I said earlier part of the plan, but then had to head back up to Jacksonville for the new eye Dr appointment at the May. The pic to the left is the new space at Hanna - space 101 which we've put on our let's ask for this one list for the future. It's a great space with lots of vegetation - next time we get it I'll take a picture out my office window - great view and good for a quiet moment.

As always the big attraction at Hanna is the beach and I was able to take advantage of it Fri-Sat-Sun. Monday we had to be back at the Mayo by 6:30am so not walk that morning. I did get back to it Tues and then again Wed before we started getting ready to head home. It was a particularly glorious morning for my last day. Looking forward to next month - Sheila's birthday, and our anniversary coming up - outing to Beverly Beach Camptown and dinner out - still deciding where :) For now we're back on the river again. The place was sold while we were gone, going to miss the old owners, Jay & Cathy were really special people. The new owners seem pretty nice and they have big plans for a lot of improvements to the place so it'll be interesting to see how that goes. As Heraclitus (an ancient Greek philosopher) once noted, "The only thing constant is change".
So we'll just keep changing along with the rest of the world and hope that the change proves to be to our liking :)) So we all just keep changing along with the world we live in - via la change :)) Keep smiling, keep loving and keep laughing. Life is good!