May 2016

Roses From Heaven??

Roof Before
05/14/16 -Before we talk at the roof let me till you about the roses. So Sunday (the 15th) we had been to our TM knowledge meeting and when we got home Sheila said 'there's flowers on our doorstep!' It took us both by surprise and was a really great surprise. Sheila said she'd been thinking of getting some flowers and so, since no one has stepped forward to take credit for the flowers we're giving the credit to the Universe. We have no idea where they came from but we're glad they blessed our home for a few days. There's 20 of them, long stem roses and they were really beautiful.

Ok, not on to the roof. Even without blowing this one up (if you click them they get bigger) you can tell it's been awhile since I've been up on the roof. It was a really heavy duty mess. But I think experience is paying off as I got the pressure washer and the Mr. Clean Magic Mop up there and in 4 hours I had it all washed off. I say 'all' but in reality there were still a few spots the mop couldn't get into so those are saved for the rag and Protect All. The initial cleaning however went a lot faster then it has in the past. The rag and Protect All not so much. I had to do it in sections, as the rains have started coming by every day now so I used the clear mornings to get what I could and it took 3 days to get it all cleaned up. But the end result was we still have a white roof :))
So that's it for May so far. Just working, playing a little and enjoying life. Keep Smiling out there and remember a Smile A Day keeps the humm-drums away. Be Safe, Be Happy and life will keep smiling on you.    
Some get the High Road & Some the Low Road
5/21-22 The roof only took 4 hours to wash, but it took most of the rest of the week, between working and taking care of customers, to get finished with the waxing. I attribute the short wash time to the fact that I invest the time to give it a coat of Protect All after washing it. It makes getting the built up grime much easier to remove. The roof is a one man job, Sheila has no desire to get up on the roof and I have no desire to have her climb the ladder to get there.

We started on the outside on Saturday (21st) and finished it up on Sunday. As usual Sheila took the Low Road (we have an aversion to her being on a ladder) and I took the High Road. The ladder is  empty at the moment as I 'm occupied with picture taking . In this shot you can see Sheila  hard at work and my empty ladder  twiddling it's thumbs awaiting my return. I didn't have long to wait. We started on the other side early and then moved as the sun moved. Staying in the shade is a particularly good idea this time of year. The temperature outside is not bad in the shade, but the sun is a real cooker if your in it's rays. Those holes in the ozone weren't there when we used to lay on the beach basking in the sun. For Sheila it was basking - for me it was broiling as I don't tan - I burn, peel and then burn again when I attempt the basking thing. But between us we got the coach done and it's once again gleaming and smiling. Next up I think it's getting to be time to get on those wheels again and I have an indoor project getting a new plug installed on the thermostat which has again gone out. Last time I replaced it I did a temporary job, this time I'm gong to give it the long term fix. Till next time be happy and keep passing out those smiles.
Front Wheel
If you're interested, I have a 'before' picture, but I figured the After shot was more fun for the always visible one. With everything except the passenger site mirror done, the wheels where really looking pretty shaggy, so I decided it was time to get on them again. I haven't really done a serious wheel cleaning in a several years. I don't remember exactly, but last time I remember doing them was in Red Bay. I didn't record it in the journal but I think it was 2007 when we were there so long, so it's been 9 years since I last did them myself. I did have them done once at the truck show - guy offered to do them along with the coach for $125 and I couldn't resist. But even that was several years ago. Probably around 2010, again no notes when I got it done. So this will be the wheel polishings first appearance here in the blog.

It had been long enough since I'd done this last time that I couldn't remember exactly how I went at it. It took me a little while to find the right buffing wheels and right combination of things to use to get the when all shiny again, but a little trial and error and I finally got it down. So as you can see if you blow this one up a little, it's a nice mirror finish and it looks better than it did the day we took delivery :))) I do enjoy making things shine. It's a very rewarding type of work I think to take something dull and dirty and work with it a little and then stand back and see it gleam. It touches something inside and gives you a nice feeling of accomplishment. Next up - the back wheels. I'm saving the other front one for last and working my way around to it.
Back Wheel Before
I don't have a back wheel After picture yet as the first of the back wheels  is still a work in progress. It's a whole new learning curve to  figure out how to get these back wheels done. The front wheel's a snap, it's all open area so you just buff it up over and over and eventually it's a mirror. But the back wheels are enclosed so you have to figure out how to get into them and that is a lot of trial and error. But I think I'm starting to get the hang of it and I've ordered some more 'facer buffing wheels' which I hope to have in a couple days to use for this process. They are buffing wheels that are made so you can put them in a drill and then use them straight off the end of the drill. This will make it much easier to get into those back wheels. I have a couple of those type wheels now, but hoping the rest come soon. They wear out pretty fast when you have really cruddy wheels to start with. I may run to the auto parts and pick up some spray on wash off type cleaning to help with the initial cleaning. The stuff I'm using now is Black Diamond metal polish and it works real well, but it also requires a bit of elbow grease. I've notices that I don't seem to have as much elbow grease available as I used to have. A much greater preference for a drive and buffing wheel these days. Might be a sign that I'm getting lazy, or maybe just older lol

Till next time and a shot of the finished back wheel, take care, be happy, safe and smile a lot. When you're down - smile. It'll make you feel up instead of down!
Back Wheels After
Well you can tell we're not traveling this month - nothing here but wheels - but we're almost done with wheels for now, just one more front wheel to go, so we know what I'm doing for Memorial Day. The house is all polished up, the roof is clean and the wheels are shiny again so we're ready to hit the road. Just so happens that we have plans for June - we have a birthday (Sheila's) coming up and our anniversary both coming up in June, reservations are made, plans for anniversary dinner are made and we'll be taking a little trip in June. Don't know what we're doing for the birthday girl yet, but this is a big on (we won't mention which one lol) but I'm guessing we'll go out to eat next Sunday for her birthday.
We did have a little excitement this past week, we had when it rains it pours day. Friday around 4pm we heard a loud pop, didn't know what it was. I looked around, shrugged and when back to meditating. By the time we finished our meditation it was getting a little warm. I didn't check anything, just assumed - everyone knows what's next following assumed - you're right it was a bad assumption. In my defense life had been setting me up for this one - the thermostat has been going for a couple of months. You could pull the 12volt fuse for it and get it to reset and the A/C would come back on. So I had bought a new thermostat and just hadn't installed it yet. So I installed it - oops no A/C coming on. Now what, so I fiddled with it and tested this and that and finally got to checking the power. The loud pop was the surge  protector shutting off and recycling the power box didn't bring it back to life. Turns out after some more investigating that we had a BIG surge - fried the incoming power box and the cord that runs from the electric reel to the inside plug I installed. - continued in the next frame :))
Electic Setup
I don't remember if I ever did a write up on this or not, but the entire eclectic system is plug and play. The cord reel is connected to that plug in box top right of the picture. That them can be plugged into the Surge Guard, which it is at the moment and was then the surge occurred, or to the auto-former which is used to boost the power when the power is too low. You cannot use both at the same time (that's another discussion) so I can plug whichever I need at the moment in to the incoming line and then there is a plug from the generator/shore power box (black box to the left of the surge guard) that is plugged in to either the back of the power-former or the plug that comes off the surge guard (which is out of site in this picture). So the issue with this was the surge came, the surge guard caught it and shut down the service before it could burn up the entire eclectic system - and it caught it before the 50amp breaker in the shore power box could trip. It was a big enough surge to weld one of the terminals in the plug bog to one of the prongs on the plug. I had to pry the plug out of the box. So we did the generator for the night and then the next morning I rewired the eclectic bay. At the same time, the clorinator for the water system went out so we were on bottled water (or boil the water) for a couple days until that could be fixed. So trip to the store for bottled water - then a trip to the hardware store for eclectic parts (new plug and new cord). I got the wrong cord, but I made do by cutting the end of our old power cord that I was keeping for some unknown reason - now I know why I kept it. So that was an interesting day :)).
Till next time -keep smiling and remember to give those smiles out - they're free and they can make someone else's day.