A fulltimers journal - June 2008
JUNE 2008


 `New Mexico

HAPPY TRAILS TO ALL and if you're out there on the roads BE SAFE.

6/1/08 - Cottonwood RV Park, Espanola, NM
. The Kids

6/1/08 Cottonwood RV Park, Espanola, NM (still here :))

May spilled over into June so we're still here. Once it became apparent we were going to be here a week or two (actually turned out to be 3). I got the kids out to stand guard at the threshold :)) They were happy to get out of the cage and since the ground was so hard here I made them a little stand so we can get them out wherever we are.

On to Farmington, NM in a few.

6/14/08 US64 enroute to Farmington, Nm

Farmington, Nm - US84>US64 road is a 7, scenic an 8.

The site here was a dust bowl, but we didn't come for the campground we came for the ruins and they abound in this area. We only got a chance to take in the Aztec (name of the town the ruin were not built by the Aztecs though the early settlers thought they were and thus the name). This area is definitely on our come back list as there are other ruins here that are even more spectacular. Chaco canyon is supposed to be really interesting and probably worth a few days.

I'm going to post the pictures of Aztec on their own page along with some comments on what we found so interesting there. Link below (soon as I get it done :~))

6/16/08 - enroute to Tuba City, Az.
lunch break

6/16/08 - Tuba City, Az. US64>US160 Road varied from a 8 to a 3, mostly in the 6-7 category. Scenic ran from 3 to a 10.

This shot is the spot where we stopped for lunch and there's a second picture from here below. Tuba City was going to be a ride into the east end of the Grand Canyon if the weather was good, but it looks like the heat is going to be over Sheila's comfort level so we'll use the day for a tour of the local Navajo museum and some shopping and chores.

The campground here is ok, but not very level. It's not on our list of places to stay again ;(  We couldn't get level, but got very close after jockeying around in the space various ways so I decided to just let it go. It's only 2 nights and we'll be moving on to Vegas for the truck show.

102 in the shade - we can hardly wait :(( but it'll be over in a couple weeks and we'll be heading north again :))

Red Rock

This shot was also at the lunch stop and this is the scenic 10 I mentioned above.

Click this one to blow it up and look closely - do you see the people and critters there in the rock? I'm fascinated by the shapes that the wind and rain etch into the rock and the way that the softer rock washes away first.


06/18/08 Las Vegas, Nv
Arizona Charlies

US160>US89>I40>AZ68>NV163>US95 - not a bad drive. A few scenic spots along the way and the road was good all the way across. Rate it a 7 overall.

We got here early for the show so we'd have a few days to visit with Sheila's dad. Her brother and niece also came over for the weekend so we were all able to get together and go out for dinner a couple times. We decided to try another campground for the extra 5 days and probably won't stay there again. The facilities aren't bad, but the sites aren't level and I dislike having to raise my front wheels off the ground.

We're moving over to the Circus Circus KOA on Monday and then have the truck show to do. Setup is Wed, then the show Thu, Fri & Sat. Going to try taking the show stuff back and forth in the miata, so this should be interesting. Going to take a few trips to get everything there but it should be doable.

6/23/08 Vegas Show
Vegas Show

Well this is what we came for. Here's a shot of the booth from the nearest doorway coming into the exhibit hall. This isn't the main door, but it's a secondary door and puts us on the end of the main isle through the show. It was probably the best location we've ever had at a show.

The show was a little slow, but with the fuel prices up and the econumy down that's not surprising. All in all we had a fairly decent show and talked with both prospective and old customers.

Beast of burden

And I just couldn't resist including this shot. We had rented a car to take Sheila's dad out for dinner and so used the minivan to take the stuff to the show. After the show I didn't want to rent a car again if I didn't have to, so we decided to see if we could bring the stuff home on Mellow Yellow.

I though at first I'd have to make 2 trips, but we just keep piling stuff on and managed to get everything on him for the short ride home. As you can see, he's sagging a little in the rear, maybe that extra 3 or 4 hundred pounds on his back has something to do with that :)). But he made the trip without incident and we've got everything packed and ready to go.

We're pulling out tomorrow and heading north for some cooler weather and a little of the "in the wind" we talked about earlier.

Nevada US93

I15>US93 really good roads and a lot of mountains and scenic vistas along the way. Have to rate this day a 9 :))

You'd think since you're going up into the mountains that it would be mostly mountains, but the road runs between the mountains really and through these giant valleys that stretch out straight in front of you to the horizon. There were only a couple real climbs and mountains twisted roads. For the most part it was straight road with slight climbs and descents.

This shot was towards the end of the drive and it's worth clicking on - looks a lot better larger.