A fulltimers journal June 2009
June 2009

More Sunsets :))

Las Vegas Sunrise

Sunrise in Las Vegas won the place of honor this month - even in the city you can still catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

HAPPY TRAILS TO ALL and if you're out there on the roads BE SAFE.

6/1/09- Broken Bow RV Park, Escalante, Ut.
Broken Bow RV, Escalante, Ut

This month started with us in Escalante, Ut seeing the sights. This is the park we stayed at there. See last months Adventures In SW Utah for details on this location.

This month will be a little light on travel as we spent much of the month in Las Vegas. The 3rd through the 9th we were there to visit with family, then we headed north to beat the heat for a bit and returned the 19th through the 27th for the truck show.

But we did have one of our big adventures of the trip so far and that's described in more detail below. The big even here was coming to the conclusion that it's time to retire MLOYL and start looking for a jeep. There are a lot of trails and other back roads that are more than Dinky can handle and MLOYL is just not suited to 4 wheeling.


6/03/09 Dixie Natl Forest
Dixie Natl Forest

UT12>US89>UT14>I15>Las Vegas, Nv. the UT14 through the Dixie Nat'l Forest was a spectacular drive.

The road through the forest is a real mountain road with lots of switchbacks and a few steep climbs and descents. The scenery was breathtaking and we stopped at the scenic overlook for Navajo Lake and spent lunch with the lake out the window :)

We stayed at Sams Town instead of the Circus Circus this time as it was 1/2 the cost of the KOA and in these times of economic woes trimming expenses wherever possible is a necessity.

More Dixie National Forest    Lunch Break over Navajo Lake

6/12/09 - Roadrunner RV Park, Pojoaque, Nm
4 wheeling

US95>Tonapah, Nv then US95>Fallon, Nv we haven't done the 95 on any of our trips so we decided to give it a try for our break. It's a good road and very scenic if you like the desert type of scenery.

As I said earlier we'd decided that we wanted to get 4 wheel capable, so we were debating between a jeep and a 4wd pickup with a side by side in the bed. So while we were in Fallon we rented a Polaris Ranger from Outdoor Xcape who I highly recommend if you're looking to rent an ATV. They bent over backwards for us, delivered the Ranger and picked it up at the local riding spot.

We had a blast, that little sucker will climb walls and was really fun. The goal was to give it a try and then decide which way we wanted to go. While this was really a lot of fun, the open environment and dust were issues for Sheila so the jeep has won the debate. We can close it up and turn the air on if it's dusty for her and still get out on the trails :)

6/19/09 - Sam's Town RV Park, Las Vegas, Nv
Las Vegas in the shade

US95>Beaty, Nv and then on to Las Vegas

While we were gone the heat moved in and with it 106+ in Vegas a little bit of shade made all the difference in the world in keeping comfortable. They put us in an open spot for starters, but the next day the people next to the trees left and I immedately went to the office to see if we could move into the shade. We've noted the spot so we can request it next time we drop in there.

It was time for the show now and it was greatly scaled down this year. I'd guess it was 1/3 the size of last years show, but the attendance wasn't bad and I was able to get a good deal of business done so it was a worthwhile trip.

6/28/09 US93 North Bound
US93 North Bound

US93>Valley View RV Park, Ely, Nv - again a scenic ride if you like the desert landscape and we're both fond of the desert.

Stopped for the nite in Ely and just kicked back. We're on the way up to Elgin, Or to work with a customer for a couple days and then will kick back there until after the 4th. We've been on the go pretty steady since we got to Vegas so a little R&R is on the calendar.

6/29/09 - Hagerman RV Park, Hagerman, Id.
Hargerman, Id

US93>US30>Hagerman Rv Park, Hagerman, Id - scenery is starting to change on this drive. The desert is giving way to greener pastures as we leave Nv and head into Idaho.

This was a nice little park. We blew the 50amp circuit breaker and when I reported the bad breaker to the office she said the maintenance man was gone for a bit so I just drug the cord over to the box on the space next to us and plugged in there. That solved the problem :) We also turned off one of the AC's - I think all three were running when the honey turned the dryer on and it that big 240v dryer added to the 3 AC's is a little too much for a 50amp circuit.

After we run all day the back 1/2 of the coach get's pretty warm and it takes an hour or so to cool it down. Our dash air keeps up pretty confortable unless it's really hot out so we rarely run the generator and the inside air while we're driving.

6/30/09 - Hu-Na-Ha Rv Park, Elgin, Or
Hu-Na-Ha Rv Park

US30>I84>OR82>Elgin, Or - once we got off the interstate it was a nice drive up to Elgin.

Be here for a week. Working with a customer for a couple days and then a couple days of R&R, a bike ride (it's been awhile and we're overdue), watch one of the locals do a few illegal fireworks, and take some walks down by the river. This is Oregon, there are rivers and lakes everywhere. But that will be next month :) For now we're settled and this is a real nice little park.

There's a good (as in quiet) road for my morning walks and a river to go wade in if the urge strikes us. Should be a good time for all.