June 2010

Back Roads

Grand Canyon North Rim

This shot is from the north rim of the Grand Canyon which we visited early this month.


06/02/10 - Bauers RV Park, Glendale, Ut
On the road again

US191>I70>I89 After sitting for a month we were ready to get back on the road even if it was just a days drive to the next stopping point. It was a fun drive, roads were good and the scenery seems to never end in Utah. It was a days drive over to Glendale, Ut where we planned on spending a week before we headed back down to Las Vegas for the truck show. Below is our spot at Bauers - a nice quiet little park with no cell phone coverage so we put up the dish and ran of the satellite and the parks WiFi for the week.

Bauer's RV Park, Glendale, Ut
06/03/10 Zion National Park -
Zion National Park
We picked Glendale because of it's central location. You've got Zion, the North Rim and back roads and trails all within an easy drive or ride. We wanted to do Zion again as we had done it back in 1988 on our first RV adventure but we didn't have any pictures from that ride - so this time we got a few pictures.
Zion National Park   Zion National Park   Zion National Park
Zion is a mixture of towering cliffs, trees and shrubs growing out of the rocks and riot of color.  The pictures really don't do the beauty of the place justice. Zion is also home to the Mt Carmel/Zion tunnel which is 1.1 miles long and runs continuously through the rock inside the mountain. It's a real treat to ride through it. There are occasional overlook cut in the side of the mountain but no place to stop and enjoy them. I think their purpose is to provide ventilation as the fumes would be overpowering without them.
06/04/10 Grand Canyon North Rim
Honey at 8000 feet
The next day it was going to be hot down at Glendale and Zion so we decided to go for a ride up into the mountains and see the North Rim as I had been wanting to get by there for a couple years but just hadn't had a chance. I think the picture at the top of the page really says it all :))

The view from the north rim is completely different than what you see from the much more popular south side of the canyon. We walked around a little, had our picnic at the main view point and then took off to see the rest of the park and what things looked like from the other viewpoints. We did Point Imperial and decided we'd save the other look out for the next time we go this way. With so much to do here I'm sure we'll be back.

06/06/10 Back Roads
Today we decided to take the car and do a little wheeling. There was a back road that wound through the hills and so we figured it would be a fun explore. It was mostly just a bumpy back road - but there were a few views along the way -
Picnic spot      Perfect circle
View from our picnic split                  Hole in the rock - perfect circle

View From The Trail
06/08/10 - Ride in the mountains
Cedar Breaks National Monument

You need to blow this one up and it still doesn't really capture the grandeur of Cedar Breaks National Monument.
Today we just headed out for a ride with no particular destination in mind. It was going to be hot so we just wanted to head over into the forest and find a cool spot for our picnic. There are these giant lava flows in the area and we found a picnic are next to them and stopped there for our picnic. Then we just headed off randomly and ended up at Cedar Breaks National Monument. We didn't know anything about it, but it was definitely worth seeing -
   Honey at 10,000 feet     J&S at Cedar Breaks    Cedar Breaks
We thought 8000+ at the North Rim was good, but today we got up to 10,400 and the honey just keeps on trucking. We didn't expect the snow but it was fun to get up in the snow and see the Breaks.
06/09/10 - Back to Vegas
UT59 - down the hill
US89>AZ389>UT59>I15 - back to Vegas for the show. We stayed in the same spot as last year, next to the trees and in the afternoon shade :)) Show was even smaller this year - but I'm sure they'll be putting out a press release about attendance being up and the show being a big success....Picture of the booth below - that's Brian Thomford, a competitor, but also a fulltimer like us and a good friend on the left and JJ Martin, our lead salesman on the right.
Truck Show Booth 2010
It's hard to believe that less than a year ago JJ was in the hospital after a very bad car accident with the doctors telling everyone he probably would not make it through the night. We're sure glad they were wrong :))
06/21/10 - Ely, Nv
Ely, Nv
I15>US93>Ely, Nv.

Time to get out of Vegas and get back on the road. Heading up to Elgin, Or again this year for a couple more days with our customer up there and if the weather co-operates we're hoping to get in a bike ride and a day of wheeling :))

This is the same place with the extremely scenic and challenging road out and I"m looking forward to that part of the drive as well. I'm sure it'll earn a few new pictures here.

Today we avoided the "shortcut" and came up the US93 which is marked as a scenic route. There were definitely some scenics but as luck would have it I'd left the memory card in the computer and my Nikon will not work at all without a memory card installed. Oh well, we'll get them the next time we come this wa.
06/22/10 - Mountain Home, Id
Twin Falls
US93>US30>I84>Mountain Home, Id

A good drive and the route through Twin Falls took us right by the fall. The picture is from the road we were on. This is a real interesting area and next year we may stop here for a week or two to do some exploring. There's a big river, and a lot of geology sites, a fish hatchery, and possibly some back roads to explore :))

We just spent the night in a parking lot - but that didn't mean there was nothing to look at - we got a nice sunset.
Sunset Mountain Home Id
6/23-27/10 - Elgin, Or
HuNaHaRV Park, Elgin, Or
I84>OR82>Elgin, Or.

Not a bad drive, but bad experience. The Flying J in LaGrande, Or has signs posted on the truck pumps directing pickups and RVs to go to the front pump which is "full service" meaning that a station employee pumps your fuel. This is wrong, you can fuel at the truck island and it's $0.10/gallon cheaper over there, but I found that out after the fact and a complaint to the manager about being charged for following their instructions got me nowhere. We'll fuel in Idaho in the future and skip fueling in Oregon all together.

That out of the way, we got up to Elgin and it's a great little town. The RV park sits right on Clark Creek (actually more a river than a creek) and Clark Creek Road is a great road for walking with another creek running alongside the road much of the way. Going to work Thursday and Friday, then we'll see if we can find a place to ride and maybe a wheeling adventure for the weekend.
06/26/10 - Ride over to Milton Freewater, Or
Picnic on the banks of the Walla Walla River

Saturday turned out to be a perfect day for a ride so we headed out the 204 with a plan to just explore, no special place in mind. We rode over the mountain and just randomly turned up the 11 towards Milton Freewater. Along the way we stopped under an overpass where we noticed hundreds of birds congretating - turned out they had built nests on the concrete uprights that held the overpass up. As we came into Milton Freewater we spotted a sign for a park and since lunch time was approaching we headed off for it. We ended up a little past the park and had our picnic on the banks of the Walla Walla River - 
Or204Or11Underpass     Bird Nests    Or204 Overlook
Oregon is a helmet state - so honey                          Bird Nests                                    Or204 - forest overlook
with a helmet on :(
06/27/10 - Umatila National Forest - Back Roads
Field of Flowers
This is our FIELD OF FLOWERS and was the first thing we came upon going down this road (other an a few mud puddles). Pictures to right are - a log in the road, me moving it, one of the muddy spots we ran thru and the last one is of one of the minor rutted areas. We found some much deeper but didn't stop to take pictures of them as we were to busy getting past them :)).
Sunday was another perfect day and we had a plan today. While at the Walla Walla River we'd checked the map and there was supposedly a back road (dirt road through the forest) to get back to that spot again. So we figured we'd give that a try. But the best laid plans of mice and men - the road was closed. So we just took off for an explore and ended up on a real wheeling trail - mud, big (2 feet deep) ruts to stradle and some fantastic views - unfortunately we left the camera behind, so these pictures are from the phone - not bad for a phone :))

Minor Obstacle     Clearing the road     Muddy Road
Rutted Road
06/28/10 Roadside Pullout - near Lowell, Id
Roadside Pullout
OR83>OR3>WA129>US12>Clearwater National Forest Roadside Pullout
This is a really fun drive for me - see THE ROAD -picture 1 below. I love the windy twisty roads, especially on the bike, but they're fun in the house as well - just take them a lot slower in the house. Plan was to stay in Orofino, Id at the same park we stayed in last year - but we were feeling good so continued on and figured we'd just stop when we got tired. It was worth the extra drive -
The Road     Roughing It     The View
Only down side (well maybe it was - maybe it wasn't) no phone - see the view? Huge mountain to the south, no satellite so I had to just enjoy the river and leave work for tomorrow. Very sad :)))
06/29/10 - White Sulpher Springs, Mt.
US12 Montana
US12>White Sulpher Springs, Mt

It was a good road and very scenic day. We continued along the river for quite a ways and then the forest continued up into Montana where we lost an hour switching to Mountain time and the forest gave way to the rolling hills and plains. There was a long downgrade shortly after getting into Montana and the pic at the left was taken near the top of that hill.

We stayed at the Conestoga RV Park in White Silver Springs but I didn't get a pic of the site there. It's a nice park and a good place to walk :)) I walked into town to check out the gas station in town and see if we could get in - we'd been having a little issue finding a station we could get into, but they had a small town truck stop with a couple pumps in the back for the big guys so we stopped there on the way out of town.

06/30/10 - Bowman, Nd
long straight road ahead
US12>Bowman, Nd

The goal was to get the rest of the way across Montana today and into the Dakota's. No special destination in mind, we just figured we'd go till we got tired and then find a place to stop. The stop was Bowman, Nd in a big dirt lot behind the truck stop there - we got all settled in, stands down, the 2 passenger side slides out (we almost always put those 2 out so we have a little more room to move around) and then the fun started -
Big Storm     Lightning
It started with the wind - gusting to 60-70 mph, rocking the coach. I pulled in the slides to keep our slide toppers from being blown away and we settled in to watch the show. I think this is the first time I've caught the lightning with the camera.