June 2011

Oops :(

oops - slight ding

For some reason I'll never fathom, some parks insist on putting in this 18 inch high posts as markers and I've now discovered that where they appear to be in the convex mirror isn't where they really are :(( - So we headed into Vegas in need of a minor fix - Las Vegas RV Doctor sent someone out and they fixed it right at our space in Sam's Town Rv Park - good as new :))

 6/1-20/11 Sam's Town RV Park, Las Vegas, Nv
Sam's Town RV Park
US89>I40>US93>Las Vegas, Nv
It was a good drive across a part of Arizona that we haven't driven before (the US89). Once on the I40 it was familiar territory, but we did find the US93 has changed since our last trip up it. The by-pass for Hover Dam is now in place and the 93 just routes you up that way. Last time we came up that way there was a turn off for the bypass, but this year it was just the way the road went. If there was a turn off to go over to the dam I didn't see it.

They had wind advisory signs up for the bridge on the bypass warning 'high profile vehicles' that they were not 'advised' on the road - interesting, we have a bypass, built for big trucks (aka, high profile vehicles) and they have signs up on it saying high profile vehicles are not advised on the road - that's our government right on top of things lol.

We decided to give it a try anyway and the wind was taking a break when we went over the bridge which we were pleased with :))  There was one spot where we could see over to Lake Mead and it's continuing to go down :((

Adventures around Las Vegas
06/21/11 Valley View RV Park, Ely, Nv
Mloyl Gets Tarred & Graveled
US93>Ely, Nv
Ok, I know you're wondering why there's a picture of freshly oiled (and graveled) road. Well there is of course a story to go with it. I didn't think about it when we were driving down this FRESH oil/gravel (I think we were the first vehicle over it) but it was throwing up a lot of gravel - and I mean UP yes that's MLOYL's roof with the gravel on it - and the roof was the light part. It took all evening to clean the oil/tar and gravel off :(. But thanks to Protect All both before and for the clean up it all came off and MLOYL is none the worse for the experience.

I did invest a little time and thought into how that stuff manages to get on the back of the RV, the roof of the car, and the sides of the car and discovered that it's the vacuum at the back of the coach that's the real culprit. The tires kick this stuff up and then the air rushing in to fill the vacuum as we run down the road plasters the back of the coach, the bike (or more properly it's cover) and the car, front, back and both sides. Looked at and considered a rock protector, but since we're towed him over 30,000 miles without any previous serious incident I think we'll pass on the rock guard. I am considering adding one of those brush type splash guards though - might help with the road dust that come up from under the coach and gets the back and the bike - yep even covered it still get's road dust up under the cover.
06/22-28/11 Hagerman Rv Village, Hagerman, Id
Hagerman RV Village
US93>US30>Hagerman, Id
The road was good, we took the long way around again as it's a lot more scenic and we finally figured out what some of those piles alongside the road are - they're pterodactyl poop :)) lol - we get a big kick out of making things up as we go along and a sense of humor never hurts :))
For example - here's a Road Crew hard at work. This of course elicited a couple of snide remarks, but when a mile up the road we saw three more road trucks heading that way the stories got more interesting. Now it was time for the 'how many ....... (you can fill in the group you want to mock) does it take to change a light bulb' type comments. Then we had a minute or so later another truck moving real fast head that way - so we had the story -
The first three are planning what needs to be done.
The other 3 trucks are additional planners and supervisors who will get filled in when they get there and approve the plan.
The last truck, with the single young man in it, is the labor force who will actually perform the work. He's a few minutes late, worried that he's in trouble now and hauling ass to get his butt down there before they really get mad at him.
Driving is boring work - it helps to find a little distraction and amusement along the way :)))
Adventures around Hagerman, Id.
6/29-7/5/11 HuNaHa Rv Park, Elgin, Or
Broken Down
US30>I84>OR82>Elgin, Or
It was an uneventful drive up and we ended up on a new space this time - actually it's 2 spaces, back in's for smaller rigs, but they let us have both spaces and we turned then into an easy in/out pull through for us. We're here for a week, but ended up working most of the week so our only outing was a bike ride over to Wallowa Lake and then up into the Hells Canyon National  Recreation Area  on their  windy/twisty road  :)) But we had a bike break down on the way back :(( which is the pic for the day. Fortunately Les, the customer I'm working with here was kind enough  to bring out a trailer and pick us up and bring the bike back. 2nd time for broken spokes on that wheel - have already ordered the replacement MAG wheels.

We also had a picnic at Lake Wallowa and a great ride up to the Hells Canyon Overlook. Discovered the problem while we were up there when another biker noticed a bad spot on our rear tire. We were a little over 100 miles from home, so we took it slow and tried to nurse it home - got within 15 miles when the wobbling back wheel stressed the spokes enough and 3 of them broke. A spoke wheel with 3 broken spokes (and the rest loose) does not go down the road :(  There's a Harley dealer in Kalispell, Mt, where we're headed next, and hopefully he'll have the new wheels by the time we get there and we'll be back on the road in a few days.