June-July 2013

Happiness is a glorious sunset or a Super Moon :)

06/07/13- Putting the carpet down
Ok, let's start with the 'super moon' - we heard this via the web and I went out early the next morning to check it out. This was on June 22-23 and is the closest and largest full moon of 2013. We have a few super moons every year, when the full moon conincides with the time when the moon is closest to earth. But this was supposed to be the best on of the year.

Now on to the events of the month. Nothing exciting so far mostly maintenance, seems like boats need constant washing - I don't know where it all comes from but a boat seems to be a dirt magnet. I also decided that it would be a lot easier if I had the carpet mounted to the hatches so I could just pick up the hatch I needed to get into the bilge for whatever, so I laid out the carpet, stapled it down lightly and then cut out the pieces to go over each hatch. Next step was to put carpet tape on the hatch and then attach the carpet to the carpet tape. It was a little time consuming but once I got the hang of it I got a little faster. The shot to the left shows one of the hatches with the tape applied and the carpet reach to be stretched over the hatch and pressed down onto the tape. The small hatches were pretty easy, the 2 big hatches a little more difficult, but I got it done. Took me a couple different sessions as I had time to get down and work on it - here's the finished product.

We have furniture on the list for next month. Pictures of the finish salon coming soon.
06/23/13 - Boat Ride
Boat Ride
06/23/13 - North on the St Johns to the cross Florida canal (what there is of it).

Where did this month go? Business has been keeping me busier than usual and the weeks just seem to fly by. We made tenative plans to get out a couple times but something always seemed to come up - so finally we both agreed - Sunday we're going for a boat ride no matter what and here we are, Captain John and First Mate Sheila We headed north again and there's a canal up that way, the east end of what once upon a time was going to be a cross Florida canal. If you're interested google 'cross florida barge canal', it's an interesting story about progress vs the environment back when people first finally started thinking about the environment. At any rate, we do have a portion of the canal that was completed here off the St James River and so we decided to check it out. I hadn't brought the good lens for the camera and the gators we passed both decided to dive as we passed so no pictures of them this trip - but next time I'll be better prepared for them. In this shot you can actually see one of them, at about 11 o'cloce off the bow. That dark spot up ahead is a gator easing along down the canal.

Since it's now mid-July - I know I'm way behind getting this up - we'll continue on into July below. There's just not enough to report right now to warrant separate pages. The hot humids of summer kind of put a damper on outdoor activities.
07/07/13 Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
07/07/2013 - no travel

Seems that the pattern from June is flowing over into July. Nothing exciting to report. The first 2 weeks of the month actually I was stuck to the computer  pretty much 14 hours a day working on the new 2013 rule changes that went into effect 7/1. The plan was to have Version 8, the new hybrid standalone/web version take over the Log Master duties, but since it didn't get completed in time - actually it's on hold right now for some other more pressing needs - I needed to update the old version and didn't get started until the end of June. It seems relatively easy fix, but those are the ones that invariably turn into deep holes that you continually have to dig your way out of. After 2 weeks of batting my head against the wall I finally said I need a day off. So I dug out the pressure washers and took a new approach at cleaning the roof up. Actually, the pressure washer approach worked really well - not quite as shinny in then end, but half the time and effort. I think this may be a good long term solution - pressure wash every couple of months and do the polish it up once a year (before the summer heat arrives). I also, while spraying away decided to trash my previous efforts at the Log Master and to take a new approach which I developed on the roof. So on Monday the 8th, I started in on the new approach and on 7/12 I released the first update. We've found a couple bugs and had another update, but overall it's performing as expected. :))
07/14/13 Boat Bugs
Boat Bugs
07/14/12 - Boat Chores

So Sunday I decided it was time to head down to the boat and do a little electical maintenance I'd been meaning to get to. So off I went. First job, the Carbon Monoxide detector had gone offline, so I wanted to see what was up with it. Pulled the plug to check the power, had power so I plugged it back in and it came back on. May have been knocked out by one of the nearby lightning stikes we've had recently - lot of thunderstoms in Fl. That was easy. Back up to the salon for the next phase and I opened the side hatch - humm, looks like the next electrical will have to wait. A closer look and I discovered the bow, the flying bridget forward and on the port side and the cover over front windows all looked like the pictue.

So time to fill the bucket and man the brush. I think next time I"m going to try the pressure washer on the boat. I have a feeling it'll be just as effective and a lot less elbow grease. But in the end the decks were and bridge were all white again and I think I lost 5 pound or so - hot, muggy tends to make you a little humid yourself. When I was young I didn't drink much other than milk so I never used to sweat. Now that I'm drinking lots of water I seem to be making up for lost time (:o

We have new neighbors - Port Neighbor --- Starboard Neighbor. They're both live-aboards and it's good to have another set of eyes near by :))  Will try to get the next update up in a little more timely manner (LOL)
07/22/13 Morning Surprise
Big Boat
As most of you who follow my adventures I like to walk in the morning and some mornings I will walk down the dock to check on the boat and finish my walk up by the river. So on this particular morning I come around the corner and start down the dock and I look up and there's a cruise ship at the end of the dock.  Oh, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it was very big. I checked it out when I got down there, it was on the outside of the dock which is the only place you can put something that big in our marina. At any rate it was a Hatteras 75 - the link isn't the one I saw, but a similar boat. Here's a better shot of the boat at our dock, Grateful Two was her name, I think I'd also be grateful if I had a boat like that :)).

Other than that it's been pretty quiet this summer. It's hot and humid out so I get out at the crack of dawn for my walk before it starts warming up. That puts it in the 70's but with the humidity I still come home soaking wet every day. I have also taken on training a dog for a neighbor who's on my walk. The dog used to run the fence barking incessantly - really acting like I psycho. So I talked with her and asked if she'd like me to work with the dog and she said she would, so I spent a week just walking over and sitting on my side of the fence for 10 or 15 minutes. When Macy, that's the dogs name got used to me I had her get a leash and started walking her. Now when she see's me coming she's barimages/2013/130726_Macy.jpgking still, but this is more a bark of joy. I take her for a walk 2 or three times a week and my biggest reward was a comment from the owner the other day that Macy has turned into a 'real dog' and a pleasure to have :)
07/31/13 More Bugs
Boat Bugs
July is apparently the month of bugs - hopefully the only one - but blow this up and you can see the bugs all over the side of the bow. I expect some bug stuff up on deck, but I was surprised by getting it on the hull. So I dug out the pressure washer again, but it decided it didn't want to cooperate. Seems once it get's pressurized the trigger to start it spraying wouldn't work. The only way to get it working was to get out the pipe pliers and take off the other end of the hose were it connects to the pump - big pop- water spraying all over, then hook it back up and hold the trigger when you turn it on and then don't let it go or you'll be sprayed again. But in the end persistence and patience paid off  - DE-BUGGED.

No pictures of the battle with the ants. They came in, I believe, from the tree and set up housekeeping along the bottom edge and inside the top rail around the roof. That 'dirt' along the rail is actually a mud/leaf housing project. I cut off access to inside the rail so then they moved into the air cleaner (the intake for the air cleaner is on the side near the edge of the roof). I finally got some of those bait traps and put them along their trails on the roof (they never ventured inside). As of today there are no ants visible. I have a new Air Filter and will get that installed this week-end. While I was up cleaning off the ant nests, I decided I might as well clean house - under the slide toppers has not been done for quite awhile. So I got out one of my extending poles, but a rag on the end - shiny slide topper :))  I also disconvered that the roof cap seam is showing signs of age and still need to get up and apply a little caulking to that. We'll get it repained on our next visit to Red Bay. That's it for now - ya'all be happy :)))