June 2015

Happy Birthday - Sunset

A stunning sunset for the birthday girl -06/05 - year is classified data lol

  06/09/15- Morning hunting party.
New Neighbors

Haven't been anywhere since our Jacksonville/Hanna Park and Melbourne/Wickham Park trip last month but there are plans in the offing and we leave in a couple days for Sheila's combined Birthday/Anniversary trip to the beach. Pictures of that to follow :))

After my morning walk I like to sit out on the patio as it's getting light and watch the river and this morning I noticed a new visitor. If you look closely you'll notice there are 2 gators in this shot. The far one is a new one we haven't seen before but he was HUGE - look directly below him and you can see our regular neighbor. To give you a little more perspective, that small one at the bottom of the picture is about 6 feet long. The big one is easily twice that and probably a little more than twice that size. I think they swim along real slow with their mouth open and wait for a fish to swim into it as they were just coasting along near the shore when I heard this loud crunching sound - and sure enough the big one had caught a fish. I didn't have time to run for the close up lens so it's not the best picture of him eating, but here's the big croc with a fish on the way to his stomach. I decided it might be a good idea to keep the bigger lens on the camera all the time but the problem with that is that it starts (no zoom at all) at the same place the regular lens is when it's zoom as much as it goes. So when I want to take a picture of something big I have to get a long ways away from it. So maybe a compromise is in the making - keep the regular lens on all the time but have the bigger lens close at hand and easy to get to. We'll see.
06/11/15 Loaded Up & Heading OutFull Load This is something you haven't seen for awhile - we're all loaded up (except the garage), bike on the back, bicycles on the back of MLOYL and ready to head for the beach. Our first day we got there a little after lunch time, got set up and got some lunch then pretty much just kicked back for the rest of the day. we had a thunderstorm on the horizon all afternoon and it eventually showed up and got us to go back inside. We were sitting out (in the shade) watching the beach and the kiddies playing.
Next morning I headed out early for my morning walk and of course had to get a sunrise :) . A little later in the morning Sheila also headed out for a walk and did over 3 miles on the beach. Good accomplishment, but also wore he out a little too much. She was beat when she got back and took a little nap to revive. The afternoon we spent sitting out in the shade. We face east, so we have to wait till later in the day when the sun has moved over enough to give us some shade. Sheila went out earlier than I did, so she got a couple more hours out, but when we came back in we discovered - shade or no shade we still got sunburned a little. I had shorts and a tank top on and my legs and exposed top were pretty pink - Sheila was mildly red. So not a bad burn but enough to be a little uncomfortable. Then Saturday came and we headed out for our restaurant only to find it was closed :( - but never fear, we're adaptable so we went to a nearby Mexican restaurant and got a meal there. Then we headed home for ice cream and an afternoon by the beach. All in all, a great anniversary (27 years). Tomorrow we head back down to Melbourne. More on that below.
06/14/15  Wickham Park - Wickham Park
Smile - it's free, it makes others smile back and it makes the world a better place for us all :)))
Back in Wickham Park and we'll be here for 2 weeks this time - then backup to the river for a week for a 6/30 Mayo visit and then to sit out the 4th of July. We'll then be back down here for another week or two to finish moving out of the office. Truckers Helper has finally hit the point where something needed to change. We have 300+ users and another untold number of standalone users, but it's just not generating the revenue we need to keep the office and the 2 employees, so I'm shutting down the office and taking it over myself again. I hated to have to left the folks who where there and have been for years go, but the program just hasn't taken off the way we expected it to so it was time for a change. Not sure how it'll do with just me doing the work we had 3 people doing before, but we'll see. It'll be profitable with just me to support and it'll be nice to be getting paid again :)) As far as the work, no idea, I'll just have to see how it goes and do what I can to keep everyone up and running and happy. It'll probably take off now that I don't have enough people - and I'll bring them back, but I think that offices are becoming redundant in the world of the internet. My original idea was that I'd run the business over the internet and Sheila and I would sail around - but that idea was a day early (more like 10 years before it's time). It's an idea who's day has come though and I think we're going to be seeing a lot more people working from home as time goes on. All the tools are in place now to be able to run and/or work from home.
In the pic you'll notice the bikes are back on the scene. Sheila, with a little help from me getting started, is riding again and we've been doing a few laps around the park each morning. She's getting a little more stable once she gets going, but still having problems getting started. We're going to look into getting some training wheels.. Whatever works :)) Ok, that's it for now, you all take care out there and we'll see you next time. Updates are slow I know - but at least I'm sorta keeping up.
6/21/15 - Shredding Paper
Wickham Park
One of the things that goes with having an office is it becomes a good storage bin. Now that we're moving out we have about 15 years of old tax documents and papers to get rid of. So off to Staples and we picked up a good shredder, a Fellows ($239 on sale for $189). I bring the paper home and Sheila fills the bags with it. She also tells me it's a good shredder. That stack is one day and one box of papers. Seems that it takes up a lot more space when it's shredded. That's 18 bags - I know I counted them on the way to the recycle bin with them. We have recycle bins here, but they tell you (we checked) to put paper in paper bags - yea right, where do I get paper bags?? The market might be good for a couple, but I need a couple hundred. So I'm just emptying the plastic bags into the bin and hoping that when they come to collect it that they'll be able to dump the big can into the truck without dumping half the paper on the ground. We'll see, they come to pickup tomorrow.
The other thing we discovered is that we are going to have a few things that we need to get rid of that I don't want to throw away, but I also don't have any room for on board. So with my aversion to paying rent, I've decided to get a trailer which we'll then park at our spot on the river. We have a number of oxygen machines (3 of them) oxygen bottles, etc. Cost us thousands, but they're well used, still worth several hundred though. The furniture will go to whoever will take it - the oxygen machines and a few other things will go to eBay or craigslist.com. That's it for now - pic of the new trailer when we get it - till then be happy, life's too short to waste it grumping. Live, Love, Laugh - <:~)[
6/28/15 - Buried In The Sand
Buried In The Sand
Lesson Learned - park on a board in Wickham Park, the sand can be very SOFT! K
Ok, it doesn't take much to tell that there's something wrong with this picture - but if you haven't guessed yet, we're buried in the sand.

What started out as a early start and an easy drive up to the river turned into a very long day. We packed up, slid the slides in, raised the stands, put it in gear and moved about 6 inches before the wheel started spinning - back off immediately, we're in Florida, the state is all sand and once you break the surface you sink pretty fast. So get out the boards, put them under the stands and raise us back up - passenger side comes up nicely, drivers side only about 1/2 way, the other half is the stand pushing the boards down into the sand. But the wheel is up a little bit, dig it out a little, put a couple boards under the drive tires and try again - no go. the sand is soft and the boards just get thrown out from under the wheels. Raise the stands, more boards, raise again. 2 hours latter we're almost sitting on the frame and not making any progress other than losing weight (it's very hot out and I'm in the direct sun). Time to call road service - it's now noon and it'll be an hour before the tow truck gets there. So lunch (PB&J :)), plug in and get the A/C going again and cool off for awhile. We get the biggest tow truck I've ever seen (no picture of the tow truck), but it was Jack's Tow Service and there are pictures on Facebook. Very professional and excellent job - winched us right out of the hole :)) Lesson - CALL ROAD SERVICE FIRST and don't waste your energy AND lesson two - when parking on the sand when it's going to be raining, park on boards so you don't sink! But we're up on the river today - heading for the Mayo tomorrow, then back to Melbourne to finish getting out of the office. Till next time be safe, be happy and don't get stuck in the sand lol