June 2016

Morning At The Beach
Morning Walk

06/10/16 Jetty Park, Fl
Jetty Park
06/10/16 - So for Sheila's birthday and our anniversary we decided to take off for a week and go down to Jetty Park for the week. It's in Port Canaveral, and if anything is launching from Cape Kennedy we can see it from here, the cruise ships go in and out on a channel that runs down the edge of the park and the beach is really nice to take a walk on. So off we go and it turned out to be an interesting and eventful trip. About 40 miles from our destination in a constructions zone, one of those with the concrete barricades lining the shoulder our muffler and tail pipe decided that they'd had enough and so they got off. I keep the rear microphone on low so I can hear is anything is going on behind us and so heard them hit the ground, but didn't see them in the rear view camera which had my attention as I tried to figure out what the noise was. The clue was the increase in the volume from the engine which increased considerably. I have checked the straps when I replaced the flex pipe that connects the pipe from the turbo to the exhaust a month or two back, and they looked fine. Apparently looks were deceiving, because both of them are torn off right where the mount to the coach frame. How that happened I have no idea, but the muffler and tailpipe are gone and of course there was no good place to pull off and go back with the barricades blocking the shoulder. So we just continued on. We stopped at the rest area and checked and they were gone, the jeep was unmarked, so they didn't bother the jeep on the way off. We just continued on to Jetty Park and then proceeded to see if we could get a replacement on the way. But Spartan doesn't have a replacement and said it would be 45 days to get one. We're looking for other options now.
06/11/16 Visiting Day
An old friend of Sheila's was in town visiting with her mother and when Sheila called Wendy and her daughter offered to come over for a visit. As you can probably tell from the picture Sheila was thrilled and we really enjoyed visiting with Wendy and her daughter Lilly. We  went for a walk down to the beach and a stranger offered to take picture of all of us . Lilly also took a picture of Sheila and I down at the beach so that's something we don't get often :)). So we got in a second walk on the beach, Sheila & I had been for a walk earlier, and had a nice time chatting and visiting. The beach was packed - Saturday, Summer and Schools out, so everyone was coming to the beach. It was hard getting through all the beach chairs, umbrellas and pop up shelters everywhere. But once you got to the water it was a pleasure to walk through the surf.

After our stroll on the beach we went out to find some place to eat. We started out with them leading, but they quickly decided that the phone wasn't finding anything near that looked promising so we switched places and led the pack. We decided to go down Atlantic Blvd which is kind of the main drag for Cape Canaveral and just see what we came across. We passed a little Mexican Cantina, but decided to pass on on it, but the next Mexican restaurant we came to looked promising so we pulled in there. Sheila & I had already eaten so we decided to split a cheese casadia. Wendy also had a casadia and I'm not sure what Lilly had, but she said it was really good and took the leftovers for later. After the restaurant everyone headed home and it was a great visit with a very old friend and a pleasure meeting her exceptional daughter.
John Surfing lol
So we had the 12th to ourselves, shared in part with customers of course, but they weren't very demanding, weekends are generally very slow. I had decided I wanted to try 'body boarding' and Sheila wanted to get a better shirt for the beach so after finishing up our morning stuff we headed off to Ron Jons to do a little shopping. I picked out a small board (foam with a pretty graphic on it) and got a shirt to wear in the water and some goggles to keep the salt out of my eyes. Sheila picked out a shirt and we also got me a new pair of thongs so I'd stop wearing hers :)). Then back home and after supper (noon meal) we headed down to the beach to try out our new stuff.

The picture is me on my little board discovering that the surf breaking in the shallows is not really rideable. Couple of issues I found - first the board I got is great for a kid but too small for a 150+ adult. It sinks when you plop on it. Second issue, and more important really, it was too shallow where the surf was breaking. When I got on the board my legs were dragging in the sand. So I didn't really get much of a ride - but for a hot day the water was great and I had a lot of fun splashing around in it and seeing if I could master this body boarding thing. So next time I'll know a little more than I did this time and I'll be a little better prepared and I'll find a place where the surf is breaking out far enough to be able to catch a ride without dragging bottom.
Till next time, go ahead and "make my day" SMILE - makes you and everyone around you feel better :))))
06/13/16 - Picture 06/13/1988
Twentyeight years ago on a fateful Friday the 13th two people took their vows. Really?? Twentyeight years ago? We're both amazed and more in love than we were on that days all those years ago. Intriging how sometimes each year brings a little more boredom for some and for others each year just deepens the bond.

So for the big day we kept busy. Eye Doctor at 11am, followed by our anniversary dinner at a little Greek diner over in the town center (a huge shopping center in Viera) and then back home for an hour or so. We capped the day with our 6 month checkup at the skin Dr. We're both on 6 month check ups now. Sheila because of the meds and me because of a melanoma that was removed 2 years ago. I guess it's just a sign of age and security that we don't need to make a big deal out of the anniversary's any more. But there were also a few presents, a few smiles and a few snuggles, it was that kind of day :)).

We also made some progress on the upcoming repair, but that is mostly stuff for tomorrow's topic. For today we started with no luck on finding a used replacement anywhere, but we did decide that we should be able to find a suitable substitute and I got the spec sheet for the old muffler from Spartan (the company that made the chassis we ride on). More on that tomorrow. For today it was a day to celebrate - good check ups with both Doctors and just a day of hugging and smiling :)) Hope you also had a few smiles today and that you remembered to pass them along.
06/14/16 - Out for a stroll
The sun has, over the years, gotten a lot more intense or our skin has gotten a lot more sensitive, one or the other. But a side effect we've noticed has been that the car gets really hot out in the sun. So our big adventure for the day was a drive over to the Jeep dealer to get a windshield sun screen for the car. They have ones that are custom made to fit our car and it really does 'fit' perfectly. So that was our big outing for the day. Other than that just stayed home and Sheila got the receipts entered and the bookwork done and I updated this and worked a little.
The other event for the day was getting the repair lined up and scheduled and getting some more information on the replacement. Turns out that the muffler we had is a $2000+ muffler.Yes that's not a typo, it's a two thousand dollar muffler. If I'd known that before I kept going I might have looked harder for a place to stop and go back for it. Which I guess is why they don't keep them in stock and why you have to wait for it to be made. But for $2000 you'd think they could make it immediately not in 30+ days. At any rate the replacement is under $200 dollars so this won't empty the wallet, just put a little dent in it. The parts should be here Friday afternoon, to late for us to get it installed before the weekend, thus the extended stay. Instead of going home Friday we have to find a spot nearby to spend the weekend. I tried to stay where we are but the site is already booked and so is the rest of the park. Seems it's 'Father's Day' this weekend and it's a BIG weekend for the park. So we'll see if we can get a spot at the Great Outdoors and if not we'll spend it in the parking lot at Eagles Pride where the repair will be getting done. So the weekend is covered. Till next time, be safe, be happy and keep smiling.
06/15/16 - Wednesday was Dentist  Day
J&S On The Beach
It was dentist day and so I took the picture from a day or two back (it was in the text by in case you missed it here it is again:)). I figured I'd rather have a picture of us here than of the dentist. So today and we were all set for cleanings and headed off to the dentist unaware.that we were heading into a major fix for the Honey and a minor fix for me. Just goes to show we never know what life will come up with next. Soon as you start getting into a groove PTB comes along and reminds you who's in charge.

So my first - mine is minor really, 3 fillings. I think that listening to the hype about fluoride and it being bad for us may have been a mistake. I'd gone for a long time without any cavities and when it stopped using the fluoride I lost 3 teeth to gaping caverns and now 6 months later I have 3 more in need of repair. I've gone back on the fluoride, but I think it's a cumulative effect, so it takes awhile for it to get to working. So Thursday, which was to be a day for kicking back, laughing and strolling the beach ended up being another visit to the dentist to get fillings done.

Sheila, lost a bridge while the girl was cleaning her teeth and then it was a 3 hour process for our Dentist to rescue the tooth that broke when it decided to give up and stop supporting the bridge. So she was in the chair for 3 hours getting worked on and it was necessary to cut her gum a little to get at the tooth. So new bridge (building bridges, for roads or teeth, is I guess a very costly process. But we haven't hit the savings account for quite awhile and I think it was starting to feel forgotten. So we'll remind it why it's there when the bill comes in. Meanwhile, we're good and still smiling - hope you all are as well.
06/17/16 - Great Outdoors Resort, Titusville, Fl
Great Outdoors Resort

06/17-18 and the day of the 19th. As mentioned before we couldn't extend our stay at Jetty Park and we needed to be in Titusville Monday to get the muffler issue taken care of. So, since Eagles Pride is in the Great Outdoors Resort, we decided to stay here for the weekend and then spend Sunday night in the parking lot for Eagles Pride. They have done a bit of work on the coach over the years and they were my 'go to' place since we were down here to start with. They're the ones to put our  on when we first got TisIt. I don't think I documented the rack much other than a few complaints I've posted on it over the years. It was really poorly engineered and the support when I tried to get them to help with a problem I had with it was, to put it mildly, terrible. Telling someone to weld pieces that are held on by bolts because they are poorly designed is not a good suggestion. At any rate, I will not buy another Hydralift and I doubt that any of the many people I've talked to about my lift will have bought one either. For last of offering me a couple of replacement parts when mine failed they have, I'm sure, lost thousands of dollars in sales. To bad, I thought when I shelled out $6k for it that it was a really quality unit. Time has shown be otherwise. But back to the Great Outdoors, we got a pay for 2 nights and stay for 3 deal and we took a look at the place. It's a really nice place with a great layout and a lot of facilities. Also a great place to walk :)). I am picking it up a little in the walking department, did 2.5 miles this morning and my speed is back up into the 3mph range again. But I'll still taking it easy. Heel is getting better but still pains me a little.
06/19/16 - Eagles Pride, Titusville, Fl
Parked at Eagles Pride
Sunday came quickly and we spent most of the day in our space in the park but they had ask us to park by them so we wouldn't have far to go in the morning - easier to get started early on the muffler repair if the engine is cool. I got out for my morning walk early and then in the afternoon we went over to the Fitness Center here in the park to check it out. It was a great setup and most importantly for us, the TV's were off. Since we didn't have to listen to FOX Nonsense (I think they like to call it news, but not certain why) we both decided to stay. Sheila used the treadmill and I took advantage of the weights and weight machines. I've been neglecting my weights for months now. Just seem to have lost the motivation but I'm still carrying the dumbbells around so I may still get back to them one of these days. My exercise these days is walking and a few old fart push ups - you know put your hands on the counter and do standing push ups lol.

Monday they got us in and Sheila and I took off and returned to the dentist. Her mouth was bothering her a lot so they got us back in so he could check it. Apparently she'd drunk her tea too hot and burned the gum a little where the surgery was. He save her some numbing mouth wash to use and then we hit the drug store to get the mouthwash, then one of the surfing stores and I got a couple pairs of shorts. I have to admit it's nice having 3 pairs of shorts instead of just one. I don't wear shorts to town much, but I really like them around the house. We stayed the night again parked next to Eagles Pride and then headed home Tues morning. Drive home was uneventful. So till next time - be safe and be happy. :)))
06/29/16 - Bike in for service
Ruby Day One
The points, my Harley Cash for using the Harley credit card, have been building up for awhile so we decided that before we take off for our trip to the Georgia mountains (more on that next month) we'd get the bike in for service and maybe add a little more glitter and glamor. Not sure new tires fit into glitter or glamor, but they do fall in the necessity category, so that was at the top of the list. We're also adding a chrome master cylinder, a new speedometer/RPM gauge combo, a new LED Taillight that I really think will enhance safety a little, a new handle bar cruise control and a new Life To Ride/Ride To Life cover place. Of course there will also be a complete going over, oil change, tune up and just a general 'check everything' and let me know if anything needs work. So Wed morning early we headed off for the Harley dealer in Ormond Beach. The weather was great and the only shortcoming was that Sheila had to go in the car. But we're just dropping the bike off for this one and we'll pick it back up next week (7/7) when we have to go back to Melbourne to get Sheila's new bridge put in. Ormond Beach is right on our route and we go right past the dealer there so we'll leave a little early, pickup the bike and check it out, go over to JP Cycles and see if they have a bag we like to replace the old one, then part at the dealer until we're on our way home. Hopefully the weather will be as good as it was going over there. This picture is when I first got RUBY - there's a lot more chrome now and a few more miles. We haven't been riding as much as we used to, the weather just bothers Sheila more than it used to and not much point in riding if you're not enjoying it. But we'll take the bike on our trip and are hoping the weather will be cooler there in the mountains. Till next month - pass out those smiles - they'll make you and everyone around you happier :)))