A fulltimers journal July 2008
JULY 2008


 `NV US93

HAPPY TRAILS TO ALL and if you're out there on the roads BE SAFE.

7/1/08 - Coalville, Ut. Holiday Hills RV Park
US93 near Wendover, Nv

7/1/08 US93>I80 good road and still fairly scenic. I80 is really great through parley pass, but I was too busy driving 'n dodging to get any pictures. Give this route a 7, good road and fair scenery.

This shot is from a pull out (just a gravel patch really) where we pulled over to get some lunch. The white off in the distance is the Great Salt Desert - the home of the Bonneville Salt Flats. The flats go on for miles on both sides of the I80 from Wendover, Nv/Ut on to Salt Lake City.

Stopped for the night at a small campground in Coalville, Ut - real challenge to navigate and the sites are small, but the price is right and it's just for the night. There's a creek running through the campground and we went for a walk along it's banks :))

7/2/08 Rawlins, Wy KOA
Rawlins Wy KOA

I80 all the way to Rawlins - back onto the small road tomorrow. Good drive and again real interesting scenery along the way.

It started raining just as we got to Rawlins and it turned into a big thunderstorm a couple hours later. The hail was small but heavy and really beat on the roof. Love the sound of rain on the roof :)) This picture was after the storm passed over as is the shot at the top of the page. With a rainbow off to the east and a promising sunset to the west I got out with the camera and got some really good pictures for the collection.


7/3/08 - Lusk, Wy
Proghorn & Sagebrush

7/3/08-7/4/08 US284>US20 - a fun and peaceful drive. A little more traffic on this route than some of our back roads, but it was still relaxing and enjoyable.

We saw a few of these Proghorn Antellope along the way along with a range of other critters. We stopped at this spot to get lunch and I even got the binocs out - after all they said it was a "wildlife viewing area" but I guess the wildlife was in viewing mode while we were there as there wasn't a single critter in sight anywhere. We joked as we continued up the road and started hollering at the critters to get back down there and do their job :))

If you want fireworks for the 4th of July this is the place to stay - the official show started at 9pm but there's more private fireworks, and the big fancy ones, than the show had. It's after 10pm now and they're still going strong.

7/5/08 - Rocking J Bar Ranch Campground, Hill City, SD
Rocking J Bar Ranch Campground

7/5/08 - 7/17/08 US18>SD89 - great drive. Good road and good scenery.

This shot doesn't really do the site we have justice, but you can see we're on the end of the road. There is a couple acre field in front and to the side of us and the mountains off in the distance. The view out our windows is great all around. They have really big sites here. so even if you're not on the end you have room to stretch.

The flag is in the yard of the neighbor. You can see there a nice grass yard with every site.

I think we've found biker heaven here and there will be some pictures from our rides as soon as I get the page put together. Between work and rides there just hasn't been time yet to start getting the pics organized on put on a page - but I should get to it in the next day or two.


Coming in to the badlands

7/18/08 - SD16>SD44- Badlands/White River KOA

The picture is coming into the badlands on SD44. The road had it moments, running from smooth to bump city and slowing to 40 mph to keep from jarring out teeth loose.

Plan was to spend a week here, but the best laid plans of mice and men - we're still not sure what happened, we think a vandal put Mellow Yellow in gear when we were stopped in a pull out - but however it happened, he ended up in first gear and we got up to 40mph before he started protesting. By the time we got stopped we'd hauled him about a mile in 1st gear. To make a long story short, he wouldn't start when we got to the KOA and unhooked him. Nearest dealer was in Sioux Falls, so we cancelled the week in the badlands and moved on to Sioux Fall.


Badlands Natl Park

710/08 - SD377>I90>SD>SD45>SD44>US281>US18 - had to get back up to the interstate to fuel - $4.58 vs $4.90 down on the little roads - then got back on the little roads the rest of the way.

Well here's a shot I got as we ran through Badlands National Park on the way up to the big road. The views are spectacular there and we'll be back. We still want to ride this area. Maybe we'll try for a little earlier or a little later in the year when the weather is a little better.

We're in a small campground just south of Sioux Falls and the tow truck is scheduled to pickup Mellow in the morning and take him to the dealer. After over-revving the engine that badly I fear the worst, but still hope for the best. But it'll be what it'll be, so no sense fretting over it, just have to get the work done, hopefully by the end of the week as we're due for a professional services in Iowa next Monday.  

Flying Goose Campground

7/26/08 - Flying Goose CG, Fairmont, Mn - US18>CR42>CR20>CR34>US75> IA9>IA4>I90

You might notice that Mellow Yellow, we'll use his license place from now on to shorten his name, MLOYL, is missing from the shot. We had to get over to Fairmont for my professional services appointment and had to leave him at the hospital. Worst was the correct assumption and he's getting a full driveline transplant - used engine, transmission and rear end :( Didn't know this before, but you can buy a used engine and get a lifetime warranty on it so his new (to him) engine is coming with a lifetime warranty on the internal moving parts :).

So we're here, minus MLOYL, and I'm using Dinky to get back and forth. Will be here all week and then back to Sioux Falls to pick MLOYL back up. We're hoping he'll be done by Saturday and then we'll spend a week in Sioux Falls and drive him around a bit to be sure everything is working.