July 2010

After the storm


The morning after our big storm broke with a few clouds in the sky, but the storm had passed and left us a pretty sunrise :)

07/01/10 - Jackson, Mn KOA
Jackson KOA 

US81>I29>I90 - This update is so far after the fact (it's now 8/23) that it's hard to put these back together. I get busy with other things when we're traveling sometimes and so this gets neglected. I've done better taking pictures this year, now I need to get better at keeping the journal even if it's just jotting down a few notes on the day.

Jackson KOA was a nice enough park. It was 4th of July weekend so the place was crowded and we pretty much just stayed home and I worked (what's new :() ). We did watch a few movies and listened to the fireworks - went outside to see a rocket or two, but nothing exciting. It was too warm to ride so we didn't get the bike down. I had an appointment with a customer for the 5th and then we headed out again.

This will be a short page as we only traveled a little and spent much of the month in Pa working - I know we all want to see pictures of explores and bike rides and wheeling. We want to be making those pictures as well, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do and work is still on the agenda - always nice to dream that retirement dream, but for now we have to keep the revenue coming in to keep the adventures coming, so once in awhile we just have to be boring. But there's still an adventure or two in this month - as they say "All work and no play makes life boring". Ok that's not exactly what they say but it's what I say :))

07/06/10 - Home Depot, Wisconsin  Rapids, Wi

Home Depot Wisconsin Rapids

I90>WI54 - it was getting late and we were looking for a place to stop when the Home Depot popped up so we pulled in, found a nice spot over on the side of the building out of the way and went in to see if we could park for the nite. Only request was that we leave by 9 in the morning so we settled in for the nite.

07/07/10 Tiki RV Park, Ignace, Mi.
Tiki Rv Park, St Ignas Mi
WI54>US41>MI35>US2 - this one is easier to remember as a good portion of it is along Lake Michigan and it's always fun to run along the shore line especially with a lake this big. We only had a couple days here, but we'll be back. This is a great area and the weather was ideal. We got in a really enjoyable boat ride and a great bike ride - for a short 3 night stay this was one of the best spots on the trip this year.

CLICK HERE for our adventures and bike rides here and in Pa.

07/10/10 - Dry Camped in an Ohio Turnpike Rest Area
Oh Turnpike Service Center
I75>US27>MI61>MI18>US10>MI47>MI46>MI52>MI50>US23>US223>I80/I90 - now there's a route for you. Wound our way down to the turnpike and headed for PA.
07/11/10 - Dry Camped PA Pike Carlisle, Pa
Pa Turnpike Service Center

>I80>I76 - Ohio turnpike to the Pa turnpike - boring and realy makes you wonder why you're on the Pa pike. I'm not sure why we're paying for the pleasure of driving on really bad roads. The point of a Toll Road in my estimation should be that your tolls are keeping the road in tip top shape. That's not the case with the Pa turnpike. It's got a few spots where it's smooth as glass, but for the most part the road sucks. Much of the infrastructure of America has been let go since the early 2000's and 10 years of neglect is obvious when you drive the roads.

But enough bitching - we're on the toll road because it's time to get back to work and we're already going to be a day late arriving. Much to do this year, planning, planning, planning and a little other admin work for good measure. Next year I'm hoping things will just be rocking in Pa and we'll do all our work from afar, but for this year there are issues to get resolved so off to Pa we go.

On the bright side - love those sunrises :))
07/12/10 - Beacon Hill RV Park, Intercourse, Pa
Beacon Hill Campground Intercourse Pa
I76>PA441>PA283>PA772>US30>PA340>Intercourse, Pa - not a bad route through town. Lots to see along it and moved fairly well.

We're back at Beacon Hill in Intercourse which is one of our favorite spots. Weather isn't great, but it's cool in the morning when I go for my walk and while we were here we got Sheila a new walker and she started walking up to town (a mile + and uphill for the first half of it).

We're here for a month while I work at the office and we did manage to get a ride in along the way.

07/15/10 Out for a ride.
J&S taking a break
Just out for a ride, nowhere special in mind - just a nice day for a putt. Found this really neat place where we stopped for lunch - it was built back in in the 1890's. Makes ya feel young :)
Well that's it till Auguest - just working and enjoying ....

Beacon Hill Campground Intercourse Pa1890's ResturantBeacon Hill Campground Intercourse Pa