July 2011

Hells Canyon Overlook
Hells Canyon National Recreation Area

Hells Canyon Overlook

 7/1-6/11 - Hu-Na-Ha Rv Park, Elgin, Or
Morning Walk - Deer
No drive this is picked up from where we left off last month. The picture is on my morning walk. The first day here I took my camera along just in case - didn't see anything. Since I've left the camera and just been relying on the phone (and I'm not very good taking pics with the phone), so this show was with my Black Berry. If you blow it up and look real close you can see the deer in the middle of the shot. If they have fireworks here tomorrow I'll see if I can get a few shots of them and post them here.

Speaking of the morning walk - I'm ahead of schedule as of the end of June - 565 miles down - 435 to go.  Sheila has also really gotten into walking and we got her a new walker that's much better for the gravel and asphalt roads we often encounter.

7/6/11-Dry camped along the river on US12 in Idaho
Camped on the river
OR82>OR3>US12>Pullout about 40miles east of Kooskia, Id
EagleOk, blow this one up. We were outside, Sheila having her morning coffee and me just absorbing the vibes, when this eagle flys up and lands in a tree right across from us. It was still a little dim, so the pictures of him flying didn't turn out, but this one came out pretty good.

This really made out day and we really felt lucky to have had a visit from this regal bird. It was a real treat.

We camped in a pullout on US12 as we had planned. No phone/no internet/no satellite, just a peaceful evening and morning. Then we had to get on down the road and let life back in -- but for a few hours we got to visit paradise :)))
7/7/11 - Rocky Mountain Hi Rv Park, Kalispell, Mt
Rocky Mountain Hi Rv Park
US12>US93>Kalispell, Mt
US12 isn't the fastest road, but it's extremely scenic and we had a really good drive. We heated up a little on the drive up to Lolo Pass and I wasn't paying attention when we pulled in to the rest area at the top of the mountain and shut the engine off before it had a chance to cool back down. Result, the overflow tank (which was a little over filled to start with) overflowed. So brief  'what now??', but it passed rapidly as the overflow tank got rid of the excess and stopped spewing coolant.

All in all it was a good drive and we made it the rest of the way up to Kalispell. We'll be spending a month here (hard to resist $450/mo in such a beautiful spot). See if I can catch up on some of my work which is seriously behind and get in some rides and wheeling. I know the garage is empty (see last post for June). Ruby is in the hospital getting replacement surgery. But he should be home tomorrow and ready to ride :)) We're replacing both his front and rear wheels, but the front rim is on back order, so it'll be a little bit before we get that done. Pic's of course to follow as things get done.

Our adventures in Kalispell