July 2012

Mickey Mouse lol (:~)
Mickey Mouse

07/11/12- New Seat and finished chroming the handle bars
New Seat
No travels this time, just hanging out and taking care of what needs takin' care of. Mickey Mouse is our theme this month as a reminder that this shot represents the seriousness with which we should be exercising. A smile is a lot better solution to your troubles or woes than a frown.

This months picture now is a different matter - this is serious business. We got some more points and turned them into a new seat and finished chroming the handle bars. So all the little buttons, clamps, brake/clutch levers, etc are now all chrome. The seat is a deeper seat and has a rider back rest so it will give my back a little more support. We took a sample out for a short ride at the dealer before we bought it, but we need to give it a real test (we're thinking a picnic this Friday maybe if the weather looks good) and see how we like it. The old seat was the most comfortable seat I ever had on any of my bikes but I couldn't get a back rest for father up and leaning on the honey hampers her breathing, so this is our trial solution. Update after we get a chance to give it a real try.

With last morning IV at 9 and the next one at 1 we have just enough time to get over to our favorite picnic spot for a little lunch. Till then - remember MIC - see you real soon, KEY - why because we like you, MOUSE :)))
07/26/12 - Morning Walk
Well this is going to be a boring month to read about. Still sitting, still hanging out, not much new this month. The picture is right outside our door looking out at the morning sky and the lights from the highway reflecting in the lake which is generally very smooth first thing in the morning. We did get out for a short ride to check out the seat. Rode over to Atlantic Beach to try out a pizza place that Sheila had heard about. Love the new seat, pizza was ok, but nothing to write home about. Next time I think we'll try one of their 'specialty' pizza's and see how they are. We just each got a single slice with a couple toppings on it.

These antibiotics are really wearing Sheila down and she's tired much of the time so we're just taking it easy and working our way through these 6 weeks. We go to the Mayo again next Monday, the 30th, another multi-test all day affair, with a meeting with the Dr at the end so hopefully we'll know something about how it's going and where we go from here next. Meanwhile I looked into a lift to help get these oxygen reserviors in and out of the coach and we're going to the a Burr Handi-Lift I think. Seems like the best solution. The guys I had come out to talk about it wanted $1500 to install it and we need to go park in their driveway for a couple days so I'm thinking about doing it myself. I think for me it would be a 2 day project (maybe 3), but for 2 guys with a shop this should be a day at the most.  If it turns out to be more than I can handle alone I can hire a helper or I can call them back or look for another place to get it done. Next update after the 30th when we know more about where we're at.
Till then - take care and if you're out there on the road be safe.
7/30/12 -
Out My Window - Turtles
Short note on the picture - took that out my window and needed to blow it up (or binoc's) to tell for sure what it was, just looked like two glowing bulbs to the naked eye. The Dragonfly at the top just flew into the picture - free bonus :))

I forgot the IV pole when we went to the Mayo, but our first stop was the Infusion Center for blood test and they we super and let us stay there for the first one (they needed to do the peak/trough blood tests anyway) and then found us a room to use for the 1PM one as well. So the testing is over, there was noticeable improvement in her lungs where the infection was (possibly still is). The bad news was her walk test was way off and her lung function was down another 2%. But they're not going to make her active again yet (and maybe never - we don't know yet). The issue now is that they want sputum samples which she hasn't been able to produce. That was why they did the bronc the first time. But now they don't want to do a bronc again because she didn't deal with it well the first time. So we're in a catch 22 - Sheila agreed to go another 30 days (we're continuing the IV meds) and try to produce some sputum for them, and then we'll decide (mostly she'll decide actually) whether to continue or move on. On the bright side, we've changed the plan and will be going to the Mayo Monday & Thursday for her blood test and morning IV which will end the frustration we had with the home nurse situation which just wasn't working well for us. We've also decided that July (1 actual went somewhere) is history we don't want to repeat so expect some more activity Wheeling, Museum's, etc in August. We may even pull in the slides and go somewhere one weekend between blood draws. So till then - take care and remember - It is what it is, happiness is enjoying what is (and you have that choice). Be Happy, we are :)))