July 2015

Happiness is accepting that -
It Is What It Is

Nostalgia - this is July 2014 - still applies so we'll leave it for now.

 07//01/15- Back  At Wickham Park Back at Wicham Park Again

Ok, here we are again - Mayo done and we're still plugging away so ever onward. As we noted last month we're closing the office, so as of today we're officially back to just me and a 1600 square foot office that we need to fit into a 168 square foot trailer. So to work. My neighbor (office next door) talked to his computer guy and that took care of all the computers and electronic equipment. That was a big step forward. The local 'buy it cheap - sell it high' shop made me an offer I probably should have refused, but they did come and take everything else. They even took the 'shrink wrap machine' which I feared was going to end up in the dumpster.

Of course getting to the point where the desks were all empty and the boxes of "must save" tax documents etc. was all out of the building was a bit of a process. Mike, my office manager and general 'do everything' person was indispensable in getting things organized and ready to go. Sheila, my partner in life and love, also did her part spending hours shredding box after box full of old tax papers, invoices, etc. There's still a few more boxes to go, but without the ones that have already been deposited into the recycle bins (about 10 of those large 30 gallon trash bags stuffed to the brim, we probably would not have gotten everything into the trailer. But in the end we got everything we were keeping moved out and got the place ready for the movers to come and move it all off to their various stores.
07//15/15- Office moved and ready to head home - Trailer ready to head home
I rented a pickup from U-Haul ($19.95/day and $0.59/mile) to get all the left over brochures, cardboard boxes, etc. to the recycle center. I'll have to say that I wasn't impressed with the Waste Management recycle center. We were directed to this huge indoor building where you just dump everything on the floor. So far nothing bad, but then a small dump truck type truck came in and dumped a load of household hold junk on the floor. Our stuff was all paper and cardboard - all recyclable stuff. The junk from the other truck was everything from couches to just general household junk. There was - that I could see - no method for sorting our the couch from the cardboard, so I'm guessing that while my heart may be been in the right place, the execution of the intent was sorely lacking. But we can only do what we can do.

After getting the recycle stuff to the dump I hooked up the trailer and moved it home with the pickup. I have originally picked up the trailer with the car, but the experience coming home with it left me feeling that trying to haul that trailer around with the car was probably overloading the our beast. I think it'll be fine for moving the trailer around at our home base, but hauling it down the road is more than it's up to. Towing considerations and a sun roof that doesn't leak will be strong considerations when it's time for a new method of transportation. Love the Hummer, but it does have it's shortcomings. I mentioned an H2, but that idea was not met with smiles from the decider. She thinks it's too big. So the other option may be to empty out and get rid of the trailer :)  I think I prefer that idea anyway. Till later - take care and keep handing out those smiles :)))
07//18/15- Home again and new item added to the site  --- Home Again The drive home was uneventful but I have to comment on getting hooked up. Backing a 42 foot RV up to a little 14 foot trailer could be a challenge. But I have this theory that if you TRUST life to have your back when you need it covered and take the time to appreciate it when it does it take care of you. So I backed up, zigged and zagged a little on the way and stopped almost dead center and about an inch from where I needed to be. Roll eyes up and a heartfelt 'Thank You' was definitely in order.

In case you're wondering what a 1600 square foot office looks like when boiled down to it's essentials - the few things you have to keep and the few that you wanView from the back doort to keep and sell rather then trash - here it is. This first picture is from the back of the trailer - the second picture if from the side door. That  View from the side doorfiling cabinet has most of the tax records that needed to be kept. The boxes are mostly stuff still to be shredded. The oxygen machines and a few other salable items are in the rest of the space. Time to get on e-bay I think and see if we can move some of this stuff on down the road.