A fulltimers journal August 2008


 `Sioux Falls SD

HAPPY TRAILS TO ALL and if you're out there on the roads BE SAFE.

8/2/08 - Sioux Falls, SD - Convience Campground
Convience Campground

8/2/08 I90>I29 good road and still fairly scenic even though it's the big road.  We're back in Sioux Falls to pick the car up. We'd been hoping for Saturday but the engine and transmission didn't arrive until late Friday so it's looking like Tuesday to get MLOYL back - we're anxious.

This is not a bad little campground and for $100/week including electric it can't be beat. There are some long dirt farm roads just a 1/4 mile up the road for me to run on so it works out great. We also found a back way into Sioux Falls for shopping so it's not a bad ride into town when we need to go.

Next shot will include Mellow Yellow :))

8/9-8/11/08 Oak Grove, Mo - Kansas City East KOA

Oak Grove, Mo

8/9/08 - I29>I70 - not a bad road. There's not practical back way from Sioux Falls to Kansas City, so we just poked down the big road. It's not one of the major routes and it was Saturday so the traffic wasn't too bad.

You'll no doubt note that MLOYL is back home :)))) - we're only here for a couple days, have a recording session at LandLine Now for Monday and then it's on over to Warsaw to celebrate the birthday and visit with Jason for a bit. No good places to ride here so we didn't get the bike down, but we'll remedy that in Warsaw. We're staying at the Harry S Truman State Park, right on Lake of the Ozarks and there's some good roads, and last I checked some good weather ahead so we'll be getting Dinky down and giving him some exercise.

For now we're just happy to have Mellow back and using him to do a little shopping here in town.

8/12-8/14 - Harry S Truman State Park, Warsaw, Mo
Harry Truman State Park

8/12/08 - MO-F>US50>MO131>MO-B>MO7 a scenic and fun drive.

This state park is great with big spaces and we found a hole in the trees for the satellite to get connected. It's electric only but for a 3 day stay we don't need full hookup.

Jason came over for a visit the 13th and we had dinner together. Was real good to see him, got to try and get by more often. We're getting to old for once a year :-o

Went for a ride the 14th and stopped by our acre lot just to see what it looked like, it had been a long time since we'd been there - it's still there, overgrown as we remembered it. Then we went on down to the lake and drove by the old homestead. It looked like the new folks have fixed it up a lot. Saw a central AC and a driveway down the hill. We didn't stop in to say high (or take any pictures). Got caught in a short shower on the way back, so it was a damp ride back - it was so nice out we didn't take our jackets, not a mistake we'll make in the future.

8/15/08 - Lebanon KOA, Lebanon, Mo


8/12/08 - US65>MO32>MO HWY A>I44 - this is our usual route for this drive and Hwy A is always fun. It's a scenic and fun drive and the road isn't bad.

My memory for this KOA is illustrated to the left - CHIGGERS. I had a run in with these little critters earlier this year in Texas and I can tell you from experience it's not a fun thing to deal with. The itching goes on for days and is very intense. Apparently they have them in the grass around the sites as I went out to hook up and starting finding the bites shortly after I came back in. I used a heavy does off OFF on subsequent trips outside but the damage was already done. It's now Sunday and I'm still putting on the anti-itch stuff :((

We were just there for the day and for a visit with Craig at truck.net. An old friend and business acquaintance of ours. I'm going to email the KOA and let them know about the bugs and suggest they spray the grounds.

8/16/08 - Checotah KOA- Checotah, Ok

8/16/08 - MO39>AR221>US62 - this one will go down in the history books as the day of the sign. I'll be posting more of the signs as soon as I get a chance to get them organized. The one at the left is but one of hundreds on this route. I would not recommend this route for the faint of heart, but if you're up to the challenge it was one of the most scenic drives we've had hauling the bike :))  When I can see MLOYL in the mirror as I go around the curves I know I've found a winding road.

It was a day of contrasts. One minute we'be be on a four lane and the next we'd be winding around curves and never getting over 25mph for miles. This would definitely be an area to return to for a week or two of bike rides.

All in all it was a long day - 270 miles in 8 hours which is around 33mph average - but it really was a fun drive with a lot to see along the way. See the SIGNS page (link will be here once I get the page up) for more on the day.

8/17/08 - Melissa, Tx
Melissa, Tx

8/17/08 - I40>US69>US75 road varies from a 10 to a 2 with enough of the road in OK being bad that we probably won't run down this way again. Overall a 4 for road and scenics.

After the day of the signs, which I have to admit did wear me out a bit, we opted for a easy day today and stuck with a major highway down the rest of the way. Not wanting to deal with Dallas at the end of the day we stopped here for the night. We'll do the other 40 miles into Dallas and get settled for the week tomorrow. If you've never done Dallas it's a typical big city, narrow lanes, 4 wheelers cutting in and out, trucks trying to get out of town as fast as possible. In other words just a general mad house and unless you're going to go in in the middle of the night there's no good time during the day to try and deal with it. We'll leave here around 10:30 or so which will at least be after the morning rush. You'd think with everyone at work the roads would be fairly empty in the middle of the day, but they're packed - one wonders where all these people are going??

8/18/08 - Dallas, Tx
Dallas West MH & RV Park

8/18/08 - 8/24/08 Dallas West MH & RV Park - US75

This was an unenventful drive down, which after past experiences in the Dallas area means a good trip. We're here for a week for the Dallas Truck Show and staying again at the Dallas West RV park. It's not a bad little park, is really close to the show and is not too expensive ($180 for the week).

Hope it's still here next year - there's a for sale sign on it. The old parks, most of them located in cities are rapidly disappearing as the owners cash them in and the investors turn them into condos and high rises. It's a shame and a real loss for the RVer and generally for the folks who live in these parks who are mostly the working poor. Where do they go when the affordable housing near their work disappears :(

Oh well, guess I can't solve the ills of the world - but I did comment to Sheila that if we had millions I'd buy places like this one and preserve them. They serve a real need and their loss will be noticed - but not by those who matter $$$

8/25/08 - Little Rock, Ar. Little Rock, Ar

Back on the road again. I30 all the way. Not a bad road and the traffic was light. We'll hit the back roads again tomorrow.

Uneventful day :)) that's the best kind, especially when we're driving. Last time we were leaving Dallas ..... well you can go back to last year if you want to see the last few episodes in Dallas. Suffice it to say that where Dallas is concerned "uneventful" is definitely an improvement.

On our way up to Dallas to visit with my sister and her family. Haven't seen them for quite awhile so it'll be good to pay stop by. We'll be there a couple days and then on up to Red Bay to get a little work done on TisIt.

This is the I30 Campground in Little Rock. Not a bad little park with lots of room around the sites and looks like room to run if a get a chance in the morning.

8/26/08 Memphis, Tn - Memphis West RV Park
Memphis, Tn

US70>I40 and never again. US70 is a kalump road - you know one of those every 20 feet or so another seam and kalump! everything rattles including your bones. We're going to upgrade the shocks Koni shocks and see if that doesn't help resolve that issue. Everyone we've talked to and read comments from swears by them.

The picture is out the front windsheild in our space at the Memphis West RV Park. This was the welcoming committee and the showed up while we were still getting settled. This was a good park for us. Convienent to my sisters place and a really big park by the time you cover the mobile home section.

Set a new record here - 8.2 miles in 1hr 30min :)) These places where there's a lot of up/down, not serious hills, but little ups and downs seems to let me get really good times. I walk real fast uphill, then can jog down without getting the heart rate up too much. My next run was back on the flat at Red Bay and I barley got my 7 and 1/2 done in my hour and a half. We'll see how I do at the beach when we get back to Fl.

8/28/08 - 9/6/08 Red Bay, Al  Allegro Campground
Red Bay, Al

US72>MS25 a short but pleasant drive ending with us back in Allegro country and back in line with the cousins :))

We'll be here a week or so, and with Gustav, Hanna and now Ike just popped onto the scene we're not in a big hurry to go further south. We have a few minor things to get done here at the factory and I'm going to look for a place to put the new Koni shocks on. It'll be interesting to get them on before we head the rest of the way back to the winter base and see how much of a difference they make.

Other than that I installed a new monitoring system for the holding/water tanks and when I got it all finished the monitor board appears to be dead. I've got power to it but it doesn't read anything :(( And with the holiday weekend I'll have to wait till Tues to see about getting a replacement.

It's a little to warm for the honey to enjoy riding, so I'm hanging out and getting some work done - gotta keep that work monster fed. Now we just need to get that cash register ringing a little more often :)