August 2010

On The Road Again


Here's a shot the honey took when I wasn't looking - doing what I love, DRIVING and seeing the sights :))

08/07/10 - Hawk Mountain, Kempton, Pa
Bird Santuary Pa 

We did get in one more ride before we headed for Dallas and the truck show. We found a place called Hawk Mountain that was interesting. Apparently bird hunters used to come here every year and shoot hunreds of the birds for 'sport' - not my idea of sport.
They had some pretty gardens, so caught this one of a butterfly and along the way we found a need covered bridge :)

Bird Santuary Pa Bird Santuary Pa

08/09/10 - Super K, Cambridge, In

Home Depot Wisconsin Rapids

PA340>PA283>I70 - we're in boogy mode, need to get to Mo. and get the engine checked. Have an exhaust manifold leak and it needs to get fixed, so we're heading there quick as we can so we can get it taken care of and still make our appointments at Landline Now for a couple radio spots.

Nothing exciting about this route - it's just across the interstate with no time to sightsee.

08/10/10 Effingham, Il.
Tiki Rv Park, St Ignas Mi
I70 - I think we won't do the 70 across Il again unless I hear they've done some mayor road work. The road has been terrible today and one bump bounced the printer off the shelf and onto the floor - no apparent damage, but we'll have a bungy cord on it from now on. We've never had anything even fall over in the back in the past, so it took a really bad road to manage that :0!

08/14-17/10 - Kansas City East KOA, KC, Mo
Oh Turnpike Service Center
I 70 again, once out of Il the road improved a lot. We actually got here the 11th, but needed to get to the Cummins dealer to have an exhaust lead checked. They had a full hookup spot there and we spent a couple days there getting a new exhaust manifold put in. Warranty fortunately :))

Once that was done we checked in at the KOA where we usually stay and headed over to OOIDA on Monday to do a few radio spots. Also got to visit and have lunch with Mark and dinner with Sandy two of our friends there at Landline Now and Landline Magazine.
08/18/10 - Mcallister, Ok
Pa Turnpike Service Center

I70>US69>Mcallister, Ok, Good drive on a smaller and quieter US highway. Nothing unusual and didn't get any pictures along the way. I think it's getting toward the end of the summer and with nothing exciting left on the agenda to keep me motivated. But we are heading up to Red Bay after Dallas to get our new shades put in - looking forward to that :)

08/19-28/10 Dallas, Tx  Beacon Hill Campground Intercourse Pa

US69>US75>Melissa, Tx then next morning on in to Dallas Mobile Home Park - told you I was getting burned out, no pictures of Mellisa or Dallas MHP - but then we've been to both before and so it would just be more of the same.

Dallas is miserable this year, hot, humid and uncomfortable out. I'm getting out real early for my walks but I think we may skip Dallas next year. We'll let our partner work the booth here and just do Louisville and Vegas. We both enjoy Louisville and Vegas so I think we'll continue doing them.

I did at least take a picture of the booth set up for the show. We're also going to do a major revamp on the booth for next year and stop carrying all the show stuff with us. Just the booth itself for Louisville and Vegas, then we'll ship it to Dallas for the crew to set up there. We're going to get rid of the 2 big cases, and just go with the booth itself and the pullup stands. We'll rent a table from the show people. We could really use the space they're taking up right now.
08/29-31/10 Memphis East Campground, Memphis, Tn
Beacon Hill Campground Intercourse Pa
I30>I40>Memphis, Tn, back on the interstates again. Towards the end of the year they start looking more appealing. We're heading up to Red Bay to get some work done on the coach and to take care of a customer in Fayette, Al. Stopping over in Memphis for a couple days to get some R&R and visit with family.

This is a great park for walking - big park with some minor ups and downs to get the heart pumping :))

Next stop Red Bay and some repair work at the factory shop and a trip over to see Brannon and get our new shades installed. Big investment - hope they're going to be worth it.