August 2012

Mayo - IV
Mayo - IV

08/02-8/04/12- Picnic & Wheeling
Ok, let's start with the picture for the month. This was our first visit to the Mayo to get the blood test done and to do one of the IVs there (the one we need the peak & trough on. After they drew the trough blood, we headed for the canteen and got breakfast then went to kick back in one of the less used lobbies - if you look close you can see the IV pole behind Sheila.

To the left, as I noted the end of July, we're getting antsy sitting home all the time, so it's time to get out and get back to doing while the doing's good :)). So hot/humid is not that comfortable riding, so we headed for a local state forest that advertised 25 miles of dirt road to see if we could do a little wheeling and of course a picnic. It's not heavy duty wheeling, but we found a few obstacles, water to play in, some fair road and some what road?. After exploring a little we stopped for our picnic on the bank of a creek and got a first - our first gator in the wild who put in a couple appearances while we ate. After lunch, we moved back just a little under some trees for shade and set up the IV and got that going. About 1/2 way through one of our Florida summer storms blew up and it started pouring. With Sheila hooked to the IV pole we couldn't run for the car (run - that's funny), so I got the umbrella and we toughed it out until the IV finished. By then we were both a little wet and laughing about, we wanted some variety, nature was just providing it for us :)). So a little soggy and still smiling we got Sheila unhooked and the car loaded with out wet chairs and pole and headed home. All in all it was a great day and August is off to a fantastic start. We're back and the adventure continues - for now we may have a limited travel range, but we can still find adventures. Till next time - Keep Smiling!
08/16/12 - At the Mayo
The star of the show this week is Miss Froggy, pictured here  just hanging out and waiting for the IV to finish so we can run back upstairs and get the blood draws done. Here's an even better shot of her in her normal position zipping down the hallways.

We had decided that we wanted to get a new cooler bag to put Sheila's IV supplies in for our trips to the Mayo and elsewhere so we didn't need to use our picnic bag for this purpose. So off we went to the store with a mission. We hadn't at this point gotten the idea that this was to be a smiley day, so we started out in the sporting goods looking for another bag similar to the one we already had. But we couldn't find anything that fit the bill. So we decided to move on and try elsewhere, but then on the way out the store in the school supplies area Sheila spotted some kiddie bags and Miss Froggy just jumped right out. It was laughter at first sight so now Miss Froggy is delighting the crowds at the Mayo and setting everyone to smiling and when you can share a smile it lights a candle not only in your heart but in the hearts of all those around.

So Miss Froggy is now a permanent member of  the troupe and will accompanying us on our twice weekly outings to the Mayo. Almost forgot the BIG NEWS - As of Tuesday the 14th Sheila is Active again :)) That means she's back on the active transplant list, phone could ring any time. Plans are forming for a celebration picnic this weekend and perhaps another peek at the alligator or some other critter lurking in the bush. Till next time keep smiling.
08/19/12 Picnic & Wheeling
Got out again for a picnic and a little wheeling and found a really neat place. Same state forest we went to last time, but we went in the south entrance this time and it's a larger park and a lot more roads/trails to explore. We had a really good time exploring and looking for a good picnic spot. We finally found this one down a small road - but one with a sign on it :))

So second picnic, second alligator. We had a really great view from our picnic spot and we didn't spot this guy until we were half way through lunch. He was a little smaller than the one we saw last week, but he was closer and I was able to get a really great shot of him. We also got a little smarter this week after our IV in the rain the last picnic and after lunch when it started clouding up we moved to the car to do Sheila's IV.

There were also a lot of fun, sorta roads. Lots of places to get a little dirty, and this one is before the rain. After the rain there were a lot of puddles to play in.  There was also one section with a lot of really neat trees. After her IV we started back a down a new road, but ran into a puddle that we didn't want to try (I didn't take a picture of it, seemed more like a small lake than a puddle) and I told Sheila what I wanted for Christmas. Going to have to see if we can get a winch without removing out tow bar from the front - we still need to be able to tow it, but a winch and I might have tried that little pond :)) - till next time keep smiling.
08/26/12 Cummer Museum & Garden
We thought we'd do something different this weekend so Sheila had read some things about the Cummer Museum so we decided we'd try lunch out (picnic without packing a lunch) and check out the gardens and the exhibits. So we stopped in to their little cafe and got a pitta sandwich to share (mushroom/spinach) and it was really good.

After lunch we toured the garden a little and then found a nice arbor to park under for Sheila's 1pm drip. I ordered us a wheel chair style IV Pole, so we don't need to pack the one from home and this was it's maiden voyage. It was a success and saves having to strap the home one into the basket. The garden was really nice with a few  exceptional flowers and the biggest oak tree that either of us had ever seen. I don't know the name of this pink flower, but it is certainly beautiful. The oak tree is known as the Cummer Oak and this picture doesn't really do it justice. If you want to know more about this 100+ year old tree click here. On the way out of the garden there was this throne looking stone seat with lion heads on the arms and I just couldn't resist. I think it's the Leo in me :)) So here's "King John". We also took a quick tour through the museum and they have some really interesting stuff. Their porcelain exhibit is really something if you like fine china. The artwork is magnificent and it's hard to imagine all the artists who took part in creating the intricte designs. According to the brochure it's the finest collection of it's type in the us and one of the top 3 collections in the world.  All in all - GREAT DAY, but then every day is :)) Be happy.
08/28/12 - MAYO Visit
Red Flower
BREAKING NEWS - a day late getting it posted, but it's official, Sheila is off the 'drip' list :))) - Doc said at our review that he would go over progress with the infectious disease doctor and they would be reducing her to just one IV antibiotic instead of the two she's been on. Then Friday we got the word they were taking her off both of them. No more twice a week lab visits to the Mayo, no more 5 times a day IV's, no more getting up at 4:45 to start the first drip of the day. OK! HAPPY DANCE :)))

Next step we need to get an appt to get her needle out of the port. She'll be keeping the port, ready for whatever comes next, but it won't be active now. So we'll go in once a month for labs and to clear the port, but it won't be live anymore and we won't have to tape her up for a shower. For anyone who might need to cover anything for showers the AquaGuard really works will. We used the 7x7 one and there are smaller and larger ones. We ordered them online, seems it's not an item the drugstores carry, but they worked really well. Once the needle's out and it's not active anymore it's nice, covered by your skin so no worrys about anything getting in to it.

So now it's just the waiting game. Waiting for the phone to ring and waiting for the weather to cool. Ruby is waiting patiently and Mloyl is filling the gap while we wait for riding weather to return. But we're happy campers and all things come to those who wait :)) - till next time Be Safe, Be Happy.