August-September-October 2013

How can it not be a glorious day?

08/01/13- Big Bang - Power Pole Repair Truck
Power Pole Repair
08/0102013 - Thunderstorms are the order of the day.

Well August started off with a bang, hopefully the only one we'll have this summer, but this is Florida and afternoon thunderstorms are generally part of the forcast every day from June till November sometime. Anyway, we had a particularly nasty one to start August off. That picture is out my widow and that truck is about 150 feet away. We had a lightning strike there. Knocked out power to the docks. It also took out my modem and router. It wasn't a power surge, at least not for us, but it was a lot of static floating around and that was just one of several strikes within a few hundred feet of us. One hit in the river right behind us, and several flashes that we didn't see the contact point on boomed at the same time we saw the flash.

We lost a modem and router, Jay & Kathy lost their phone. We both were running to town after the storm to pick up new equipment. I had bought my own modem as I wanted the super duper one - a Motorola Surfboard, SB6121, but I decided we'd settle for the Comcast replacement. Next strike we'll let them replace it :). We also had 2 boats that got hit, knocked out electrical systems and some of their electronics. fortunately we were spared. I think someone was looking out for us, we have one of the talest antenna's around on the boat. So thanks PTB, we appreciate it :))
08/23/13 - Working???
08/23/13 -

Where did this month go? Business has been keeping me busier than usual and the weeks just seem to fly by. We made tenative plans to get out a couple times but something always seemed to come up. August just slid by and turned into September which also flew by and now here it is October 5th and I'm finally putting up a few pictures and catching up. There have been some changes around the homestead, but I'll talk more about those a little further down (see the 10/05 post below).

Work has been a challenge again the past few months. We're still struggling with getting the Log Master for the online version up and working correctly and finally just gave up on patches. We're re-writing the Log Master to address several issues. We also have had the iPhone app out for months for the 2013 rule change update and it's still not working (oops, something missing). For those who don't know logs there should be a line to 10:00 :(. So we have pulled the plug on the previous company and have moved the project to a new company to get that done. I think if they fail I may pull the iPhone app for the time being. The picture is me at my desk - yes I work with my feet up and the keyboard in my lap, it's very comfortable :))
09/05/13 Roof Cleaning
09/05/2013 - no travel , just an invasion

Among the interesting developments was a big branch that blew out of the tree and landed on the roof. It was rotted out but it brought with it a community of ants who have now taken up residence on the roof and surrounding areas. They moved into the hollows behind the roof rails and trim strips and I think they moved into one section of the wall but that's open for debates since we can't really tell for sure where they are exactly. We've only had a couple minor incursions into our space, but they are multiplying outside so I have started researching a plan of attach. I have tried some bait traps, you need to bait them so they carry the bait home and feed it to the rest to actually get rid of them, and so far they have not seemed overly interested in the bait I put out. The secondary method of attack is a spray that they get on them and then carry home. It's slow acting so they can spread it around to everyone. Sort of like spreading the flu bug around for us - then everyone gets sick and no more ants. The problem is that we have had a ton of rain, almost every day it rains, often for hours. So the rain washes the spray off and you can't get it to stay long enough to work.
I am making some headway, but they're still here :(). More to follow as this appears it will be an ongoing battle. The tree has also been trimmed a bit so hopefully all the deadwood is cleaned out of it.
09/24/13 Roof - Again
Roof Again
09/24/2013 - and in case your forgot 07/07/2013

The picture to the left is the roof on 9/24, the link above is the roof 7/7. Being under this tree had made the roof a constant mess. But I think help is on the way, I'm waiting to hear back from the shed place I emailed, and have devised a plan to put up a cover. Since it appears we'll be here for awhile, and the long term plan is to leave the boat here when we travel and then leave the coach here when we boat, so we figure the cover is a valid investment. It will keep the roof clear of the leaves - oak leaves, they fall to the roof, then it rains or the A/C runs some water across the roof, and the leaves get web and make wonderfull stains which are really hard to get off. So for now I'm not cleaning it up. Once the cover is scheduled, I will time the cleaning with the arrival of the cover and get it cleaned and then covered. I still have a few issues to address - the A/C's being one of them. I need to find out if a 2-3 foot clearnce above them is going to allow enough air circulation. and we're going to have the installer come out and take a look before we order the cover to be sure that it will work where we need it to go. It's 20 x 41, and its going to stick out a little into the current road, but Jay and I talked it over and he says there's still room to drive around the end of it, so the big question now is the tree, which is right next to the coach. More to follow as this will be another ongoing story.
10/01/13 A/C Repair
A/C Repairs
10/01/2013 - A/C issues have been the norm the past month.

The first issue was the middle A/C which decided to burn out the start capacitor for the compressor. That one was back on 8/24. So I got new capacitors, got extra's since they seem to go out regularly, and got that installed and we went back to normal. Then around 9/20 or so the fan on the front A/C started making noises. Kind of a clicking sound when it would shut off and it started getting unreliable about starting. Normally not starting is the capacitor, but the clicking noise sounded more like the motor going out. The noise increased for a few days and then the motor just stopped working at all. Pretty sure it was the motor I went up to take it apart and see if anything was wrong with the blower (fan part) but that opened a real can of worms. Since I hadn't done that one before I wasn't sure exactly how it all fit together, so got a false start on getting the motor off before I realized you really had to take the whole thing apart to get the motor out. Checking the capacitor lead to the conclusion the motor was definitely bad so I ordered a new motor. The picture to the left is the unit with the motor/fan housing cover off. That is not a project for the mechanically challenged, there's a few screws hidden in very small places, but as usual persistence again overcame resistance and after 3 put it together, oops, take it apart and put it together again, I finally got it right. First time I had the wires on the wrong side of the cover (so they wouldn't reach), second time I forgot to put the two supports under the motor. The second time I had it all back together before I notices that <:0. But all's well that ends well and we're up and running again.
10/04/13 Road Work
Road Work
10/04/2013 - Fixing the sand trap -

Back in April when we last we last took the coach out for an outing we got buried in the sand trying to get back into our space. We finally managed to scoot up the side of the road, back around the corner and then pull into the space, but it was a chore getting back in. We talked to the owner about the problem and he agreed to have the road crew fix the problem the next time they came out to do the road. So here's a couple shots of the road repairs. To the left is the raw ground after about 6 inches of sand as scraped off it. They did the grading and brought in the road dirt the first day, then they came back the next day to roll it and make it pretty. So here's the finished product -
finished drive wayYou'll have to click it to get a good view :)) - the new road portion starts about 6 feet in front of where we park and now completely covers the soft sand area that we got stuck in last time. Of course time will tell, and I'm definitely not challenging Murphy by saying we can't get stuck on this road, but I'm fairly confident of it's stability. Not that we can get back in, a trip somewhere is probably not far off. We have a week planned for next month, back to Hanna for Sheila's regular quarterly check up.
10/05/13 Vegetarians??
Dinner - Vegetarian Style
10/05/2013 - Artistic Fare :)) and other changes on the personal front.
While we have been sitting more than usual, we've also been making some adjustments to life, love and the pursuit of happiness. First change was we got more involved, both Sheila and I in things spiritual and mystical and have ventured a little into the realms of the psychic. We found a cable TV channel, GaiamTV that has a lot of interesting new age type people on and got interested in
Richard Gordon and Quantum Touch. So we took his course and are working a little with Quantum Touch and healing to see how it works on COPD. We also got interested in Dr. Joe Dispenza. Sheila read his book, I listened to some audios (the book isn't on audio yet), and we signed up for his Teleclass. There are a few other things along this line, but I won't bore you with the details - we are meditating daily, and I think we both have noticed a step or two up the contentment ladder since we started this so it's a fun and exciting adventure for us - and we don't need to travel to take this trip :))

The second big change was we have started paying more attention to our diet and the stick in the mud (I like what I like) is now eating vegetables, yogurt and a bunch of other 'good for you' stuff. Actually it's pretty good and I have to admit it seems to make you feel better as well as being good for you. So we may not be traveling, but we're also not sitting still. Well that catches me up with the present - I will again try to stay a little more current - we'll just have to see how that turns out. Back soon (I hope).
10/06/13 Morning Rose 
10/06/2013 - Morning Walks

I'm still out walking most days, and I'm using a program called Map My Tracks to keep an eye on how I'm doing. I have not really been paying a lot of attention to it other than to be sure I'm getting my 3 miles or so in and keeping a decent pace most of the time. Have slowed down a little from what I used to do, but I've stopped 'pushing' myself so much and have just started keeping a comfortable but not hurried pace. So the other day I went and looked at the web site, haven't been there in months and was surprised to see I'd done 900+ miles this year. No wonder I had to go buy new shoes lol. Anyway, I thought a couple pictures I took out walking might liven up this update.

I've expaned my walk now and go out and walk up the road a mile or so and take one of two or three different side roads that are up that way. My other route is walking up to Welaka which I usually do on Sunday when there's not much traffic. So this first one is on one of those side roads that leads down to the river. This gives you a shot of 'natural' Florida. The second one is on another road I walk that goes away from the river and it's of a farm field. I walk early in the morning so you get a shot here of the morning mists. I don't take pictures often while walking but both of these sights caught my fancy. Till next time laugh a lot, it keeps you young :))