Aug - Sept - Oct 2014

Happiness is accepting that - it is what it is.
Sunrise at the beach

Sunrise at the beach.

 08//03-07/14- Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral, Fl Jetty Park
Getting away for a few days :))
08/03 to 07 Jetty Park - we both agreed now that things were looking up a little more that it was time to get away for a few days - so we told the Mayo - we're taking a week off. Sunday we headed down to Jetty Park, turned into an all day affair as the site we had reserved didn't really fit us, so we went back and forth with the office checking out a few other options and finally settled on this one. Monday I went to the office and we were able to cover the things that needed handling and discussing, so Tue & Wed we're more or less days off. Time for honey to walk on the beach - 2 miles both days :)). I walked the beach, alone and then with the honey - so I got my miles in lol. Worked on the manual, I've made a pact to at least touch it once a day until it's done. Of course the touch usually turns into Sheila reminding me of something else I need to do. Writing is one of those things that stops time for me so I just get lost in it.
Thursday we came back up to Pecan Park and tomorrow we start back on the old routine - Ultrasound and then Rehab - Tues, Fasting Lab and the a Bronc - Wed, Rehab and then the NP and DR to go over the Bronc and life in general - Thu we get a free day and then Fri it's Rehab and another visit to the Acupuncture Dr. for another treatment. The nausea is a lot better, but still comes and goes. Maybe this treatment will kick it out for good - just have to wait and see. All in all - life's good, Sheila is feeling a lot better - we did my birthday present yesterday - we watched the Dr Dain Heer Global Bars Class and ran each others bars. We both got something from the experience and plan to start running each others bars once a week or so. Access Consciousness if you're interested - I highly recommend it if you're tired of the same old thing :)). Till next time take care and remember to pass those smiles out - I promise they'll come back with interest :))
08//13/14- At the Mayo - waiting on the DrJetty Park
Miss Froggy being silly :))
8/25/14 - We're still at Pecan Park, but going back to Acosta Creek is getting closer and starting to look like a real possibility. We'll know for sure after the next bronc which is scheduled for 9/9 with the follow up on 9/10. If her progress continues and the healing continues we may be able to get out of here. The rehab people told her that 8/29 would be her last required session as she's making good progress and they're happy with how she's doing. So we won't be going 3 days a week for that any more and unless some new appointments show up after the 9/10 follow up her next thing is on 9/24. If we can get it down to once a month for a day or two we can drive up for those. The people who took our space while we were gone are due to leave 9/15, so the 'plan', bear in mind we don't take 'plans' very seriously since they're always subject to change on a moments notice, is to go back to Acosta Creek on the 15th. I'm sure Change Is will be happy to see us - and I think we might even be up to taking her out for a little longer run now what the hour of the marina limit is gone. Maybe head down Lake George for an explore. Our limit while we needed to be able to get back to the marina in case the call came stopped us short of the lake. Post call, we can start doing some of the things that our prior limits prohibited :))
Ok, the photo - once we're in the waiting rooms we can take the masks off, so being the extremely serous person I am I put mine on Miss Froggy and she was so cute with the mask on I couldn't resist taking a picture of her. She rides around on my roller case now - back has started acting up again so I'm not carrying the computer bag and other stuff - I let it all ride on Sheila's old oxygen stand. Works well for that purpose and Miss Froggy is fits just right :))  Those who've been following the adventure will remember Miss Froggy from her previous appearances on the back of Sheila's GoGo scooter back in the IV 5 times a day days.
08//29/14- At the Mayo - Graduation Day :))Graduation Day

Looks like we may be winding down and just in the nick of time. We're both starting to get a little antsy sitting around same place - same thing. But then Sheila graduated from her rehab class, so this week it's just a couple of Dr appointments instead of 3 days of rehab. So the schedule is winding down a little. Next week we have a bronc and the usual blood work etc. on Tuesday and then the follow up on Wednesday at which we're hoping to hear we're 'good to go' :). Paid the rent here again today and told them we're leaving the 13th. Humm, 13th, that sounds familiar lol.

So hopefully it's back to the river in a little over a week and we'll drop down to 2 days a month at the Mayo for awhile. The normal schedule I think - without going and looking it up - is once a month for the next 2 or 3 months and then once every 3 months after that. So, assuming that's right, we're going to be able to start taking a few little trips now and then. Long term we've got our eye on Moab again after Louisville next year. Still debating about a stop in Texas on the way to Utah - friends there, but also where we got grounded back in 2012, so we're still debating. If she's doing really well then part of the problem last time was unhealthy lungs that provided a home for the Mycobacterium abscessus that made her so sick. Now the 'good home' is gone but so's her immune system so it might still pose a threat. Need to do some more research on all that I guess. For now - she's getting stronger every day, we're walking about a mile and a half a day now. I go for my walk then when I get back we go for another walk. So I get two walks in - how's it get any better than that?? So fingers crossed and we'll be home soon - maybe a few longer boat rides in our future. Till next time keep smiling and we'll see ya'all soon :))))
09//07/14- Four Creeks State ParkWheeling Again Good week - Sheila had a Gastro test on Tuesday - put her to sleep and put a tube with a remote transmitter goodie in it down her esophagus to monitor her for acid reflux. Verdict was she doesn't have acid reflux so they don't need to do anything for that and her medication for that is doing it's job. Then we also go a verdict from the holter monitor she did a couple weeks ago and they took her off the Amodarone and the Lopressor - the heart and blood pressure meds. So two more meds drop off the list :)) On the flip side - you know those 'best laid plans' - turns out one of the transplant doctors, the one who was doing her bronc, has a family emergency so they postponed her bronc till Friday with the follow up on the following Tuesday. So we won't know before we move if she's 'officially' ok to move, but we're going anyway. It's time to move and the folks who rented our space for the summer are leaving - so we're going Saturday. If we need to make a change later we will but we're ready to get back to our spot on the river even if it's just for a few days. We need some new scenery. Speaking of change, we also remembered where it was that we went wheeling a couple years ago. So off we went for an explore and to see if we could find a little MUD & CRUD to make MLOYL happy.The first try at a new way to get there from where we are now didn't work, but we found another way to go and went slipping and sliding down the muddy roads until we came to a lake blocking the road  After a short debate the lack of a winch and my missing 'wheeling kit' (the box I keep the waders and the shovel in) we decided on a lake view picnic and had our sandwiches there. Then we turned around and found some other roads - like the one to the left to explore. Saw some wild turkeys and a few deer, but didn't make it to the creek to check out the gators. All in all though a fun day in the rain. Till next time - be happy and keep smiling.
09//13/14- Back  On The RiverBack On The River Ok, it was one of 'THOSE' days - but then it was also one of 'those' :))) days. If you ever want to know why we meditate today was the perfect example. So I slid the big slide in about 6 inches to sweep and spray (bug stuff) under it. Then, the urge to move it in all the way came upon me, it's easier to put thing away and get ready to go if it's in, so push the button and the front side starts in, the back end doesn't move - uh-oh! So look, poke, prod, etc and turns out the pin the holds the back gear to the shaft had worked out of one side and then sheared off. Call the the nearby RV store and try Lowe's and find something that fits was the best they could offer. So a 1/4"x1-1/4" stainless bolt (of the 4 or 5 options I got) turned out to be the best fit. The hi-jack that we got for wheeling also finally got put to use, it worked perfect to support and raise the back rail on the slide slightly so I could slide the gear free, knock out the sheared off pin and then get the gear aligned with the hole and the bolt in place. That worked and we rescheduled the 10am departure for 1pm. Next up, putting the water softener into the water compartment I bumped the faucet and broke it. Thankfully the water pump was on at the time so I realized immediately that it was broken and leaking - run inside, turn the water pump off and major basement flood averted :)). When we got to the home spot I took the faucet off and put a couple plugs on the pipes - fix it later when I get the replacement parts but meanwhile we have water. So back to the meditation - a couple years of it and through all the turmoil and issues of the day the smile stayed and I found the things to be thankful for rather than the things to curse. I had the jack to support the slide and take the weight off so I could realign the gear, we found the parts for a temporary fix, etc. So end of the day, a little tired and worn - we're in our space by the river and relaxing. All's well in paradise - keep smiling we certainly are :))))
09//27/14-  Morning Walk - Sheila's booking :)) Morning Walk
We get out between 6 and 7 most mornings and Sheila is really
enjoying walking again. It's nice here - the trees, the critters
occasionally, and no traffic on our little 1 mile loop.
Well it's was a quiet but busy 2 weeks since the last update. Meant to get to it last weekend, but then we spent a day putting up the new garage. It's not up yet in this picture, the new one is on the left and the old one on the right, but we're getting started. I think I pointed this out last time - it says Easy assembly or disassembly in 10 minutes. So 4 hours later, when I finally had it finished I reminded myself that I must be getting old and slow :))) lol. It took more than 10 minutes just to unpack and sort out the parts. But Sheila was able to help this time, holding up a few sections while I got the fiberglass poles in place (they didn't fit well :0!) but what the heck - it's up and in a lot better shape than the old one. Next up the iPhone 6 hit the stores and being in Palatka, Fl proved to be a plus. No lines, no wait and we just waltzed in and picked ours up. We were just going to get Sheila a new phone, she was still using a 4S, but then my battery started acting up, so we both got one. Next few days went to figuring that out and getting it all setup. That fingerprint thing is really neat :)). We also got treated to a few sunsets - we always enjoy those and have started talking about maybe doing supper on the river again.
Next is the boat. Something is up with the electrical so I had a mechanic come - probably good with motors, but didn't know electric at all. So I started a trial and error testing routine to nail down the problem. One of the power cords (both of them were really old) was looking a little worse for wear (plugs were wiggling around in the cover) so I replaced the cords and then started turning on/off various things and leaving it for awhile to see what is causing the problem. I think I've nailed it down to the battery charger & inverter not playing nice with each other but still a little more testing to do.
We're both doing well. Sheila has been having a little issue with her foot & Achilles tendon, but we're still walking and this morning some pre-stretching and starting out real slow seemed to help. Then a good stretch when we got home and it's feeling better now. Well, that's it for now - keep smiling and remember life is what you make it. :))
10//12/14-  Sunset - do like our sunsets :)) Sunset
This one turned out interesting - the flash was on and lit up the nearby moss and the moss dangling from the tree to the right side looks like a giant tree on the other side of the river
Not sure how it got to be 10/12 and no updates, but then things have been peaceful and quiet, a trip to the Mayo the other day for an X-Ray to see why her ribs are still hurting, but the breathing is good :)). We walk almost every morning, and she's up to almost 2 miles. We found that stretching and then a very slow start seems to have handled the cramps and soreness she was getting in her calves and Achilles tendon. We start out very slow and then pick it up, so we're doing around 3mph on the main part of the walk. We did have a minor fungal thing growing from the last biopsies, so we changed some meds around and started on the Sporonox that we got originally and then never started taking. Other than those which are pretty much minor adjustments, life is good, we're hanging out, keeping busy and enjoying life.

We did get a new neighbor who took up residence in a riverside tree the first of the month. He's there most of the time with occasional trips out for forage for a meal and we enjoy watching him. It's starting to cool off a little and we're getting a little more use out of the patio. Boat decided to blow a circuit breaker while we were gone, that resulted in the inverter taking over  for the fridge. low voltage issue and so a burned out compressor. We've been doing some searching, but so far no replacement for the circuit breaker can be found. The company that now owns the original maker does still make them but it's an 'on demand item, so we order from the distributor here, order goes off to you know where and then sometime in the next 3 weeks to 3 months the replacement arrives. This is a specialty type of circuit breaker, but we have found a similar one, slightly different size, so I think we'll get that and see if it'll fit. Meanwhile the boat is parked and waiting on parts :( But as I'm fond of saying - it is what it is, so we're not fretting over it just enjoying today.
10//18/14-  Bridge Enclosure - Almost Bridge Enclosure
Blow it up and look close and you'll notice that the snaps down the side are not snapped, in fact they're  a couple inches below the cover, oops.
So the project for the week-end was to get the bridge cover (eisenglass cover) on the bridge to replace the old cover which is giving up the ghost (sun and age have taken a toll). So I gave it a try yesterday evening, but this was not a one man job. So this morning the honey and I headed to the boat and this afternoon it's as covered as it's going to get for right now. Seems that these covers shrink after they're installed. Well the eisenglass portion was under the mattress and out of the elements and the top wasn't. So the top shrank and while I was able to get the top and the sides zipped together, they are not long enough to reach the snaps on the sides. Then also are pulling out of the front (the fiberglass so they need a backing plate. We've called a boat upholstery place to have him come out and talk with us about it. I think the expensive part of the enclosure is the sides (the part with the eisenglass in it). So if we can replace the top reasonably we'll do that and maybe get an addition to finish closing in the back - that will give us great protection for the bridge and enclose it :))

Other than that life is flowing along. May get out for a much, much overdue ride tomorrow - the weather is finally turning nice. We'll see. Maybe another picture or two if we get out. Will finish this tomorrow after we see what the day holds.
10/19 - We did get out for a ride, beautiful day. No pictures, we just rode down the CR309 (the main road to Acosta Creek) going south to the end at Lake George, then since it dead ends there, we came back up a little and took off on CR308 over to FL17 and then rode that back up to the road across to Welaka (don't know the name of that road). We stopped for a break at Cresent city, a little spot we know of by the lake. So great day - great ride :))) Till next time everyone be happy - remember it is what it is but you get to choose how you'll deal with that. Enjoy - we are :|)