Aug - Sept - Oct 2015

Happiness is accepting that - it is what it is.
Sunset on the river

Sunset on the river.

 10//10/15- Roof - Before - Home on the river. Roof Cleaning
Chores - this one is not my favorite -
 August came and August went - no updates, no travels and the event for the month was Sheila falling again on her bike. I wanted to get those 'click-it' shoes and pedals. You have these special clips on the bottom of the shoes and use a special pedal so it holds you foot to the pedal and you can get a back/up stroke as well as the push/down stroke when riding. They're good for going faster (higher gear) all the time. BUT I've decided to rename them - they're the 'think fast/quick reaction' pedals. At any rate, it was something new and Sheila lost her balance getting started and broke a bone in her foot. So the next 6 weeks when to recovering from that and working. This was our first month back at managing the business and we were working out who is doing what. Now (Oct) we've gotten pretty much into the swing of things, but August was a little hectic as we figured it all out again. We also had a few customer requests from the standalone program, so it was a productive month as well as being busy.

September was pretty much just more of the same. Running the business again has tied me to the house a little more than I was before. We're both pretty much home bodies anyway, so I don't think that we really mind, but it is nice to get out now and then. We did get over to St Augustine for the bank and lunch out, but that and a few trips to town for groceries and similar mundane chores have pretty much been the limit. With just on good foot a bike ride was also not in the cards during recovery, but perhaps we'll get out again in October after the healing is done and the muscles are built back up a bit. Getting on the bike requires pretty good leg muscles and she's been having trouble building her legs back up with all the accidents. But we're done with the falling thing and ready for a good run of exercise now.
 10//10/15- Roof - After - Home on the river. Roof Cleaning - After

Well, I guess a before and after is pretty boring, but when we haven't been anywhere and we've missed most of the sunsets (mostly busy that time of the evening) what's a guy supposed to do??? At least, for a change, I remembered to get a before and after.Today, it's Sunday, we went for our morning bike ride and then tended to our Sunday chores. Sunday is pill day - and often we hearken back to the first day home after the transplant. IT WAS MEMORABLE! That was the first time in my life that I can remember actually feeling overwhelmed by something. It was a fleeting feeling and passed quickly, but it was something totally new and unexpected. Make me wonder how the less capable handle this and helps me understand why the pharmacy is calling to check that everything is in hand and that Sheila is not missing any of her medication times.

But within a couple days I had a spread sheet made up to list and track everything and we had it in hand. Now the number of pills has dropped a lot and pill day is just a easily handled chore. But it is good for us to hearken back to that first day home and remember what things were like then. Remembering all the trials and tribulations, the days of nausea, the 2000 calorie milk shakes to get some weight back after losing so much adjusting to the meds. We look back on that and remember it often, it helps with keeping how lucky we are to be where we are now and keeps us from falling into an unconscious routine.
We're so thankful for all the blessings we have now. Breathing is a wonderful thing and the ability to ride a bike 10 miles every morning is something that we'll never take for granted again. Count your blessings - life is full of them. SMILE folks Life is GOOD!
10//10/15-Polishing  The  House Polishing the house Well after the roof it was time to clean up the rest of the house and for this part Sheila is a big help these days. Blow that one up and check out that smile :)) Sheila did the bottom half of the coach, all the way around. And boy does it SHINE!

Ok, I did get this partly done in October, but now it's mid-November and it's still not online. Work has been hectic, but I have started getting some things done. The programs - online is slowly moving again and the standalone has entered the planning stages for a rewrite along with getting some customer issues that have been pending resolved or at least in the works. It's a slow painful process, but it needs to be done. I've thought about closing down the standalone, but every time I get near that decision a number of sales come in and while I try to talk some of them into going with the online instead, they insist that they want a standalone program.

But enough about business - that's boring and this is supposed to be a blog about adventures not work. But then without work we don't get play -  play is not free and with the cost of diesel bouncing all over the place it's hard to make plans and estimate expenses for travel. We're also hanging out closer to home these days for Mayo visits (monthly) and still looking for traveling solution to getting Sheila's port flushed once a month. Seems that places that do it only do it for 'their' doctors and don't want to do it for out of town or out of state doctors. But a plan is brewing for next spring/summer to stay in the vicinity of one of the Mayo's - we can get it done at any Mayo :))) - Till next time - be safe and keep smiling.
10//24-28/25- Hanna Park (back again :))) Hanna Park It was time for another review (6 months this time) for Sheila so we decided that it was also time for us to put a few miles on the coach so we loaded up and headed back up to Jacksonville and Hanna Park for a short stay. We got a great site, just drive right into it and it'll be easy to get out of as well. Room to just drive out and be back on the main park road.

The review was 'outstanding' everything was doing good. This was the full review thing with testing and a bronc so a clean bill of heath here is great news. We have one more 3 month check up and one more 6 month full checkup and then she goes to yearly. The plan - and we all know how well 'plans' always work out - but at any rate the plan is to see if we can get out of here for a few months this coming summer after her next 6 month check up. Maybe off to Vegas to visit family and then on up to Utah for some 4 wheeling. The where/what is still up in the air, but somewhere close to Az or Mn is probably the destination as there are Mayo's in both of those for her monthly port visit.

The stay at Hanna was great, we got in our daily bike rides, got the bikes tuned up at REI, and I got out for my morning walks on the beach. No pictures of the walks (it's dark when I go these days) and we're riding together so no pictures from that either. But At least there's an update for the site :)) Considering how long it's been I think that's a big step in the right direction lol.
YA ALL BE SAFE OUT THERE AND KEEP SMILING - Life is what you make of it. Make it something special.