August/Sept/Oct  2016

Bike Ride Picnic View
Picnic View

08/06/2016 Vogel State Park, Ga
Picnic at Vogel State Park
It was our last bike ride for this trip and we made is a really good one. From Hiawassee we took the Ga 17/75 South to Owl Creek Road - actually a little pas Owl Creek as we missed it and had to turn around and go back, then Owl Creek Rd to the 180 and then  the 60 South (or East) to the 19 north to Vogel State Park where we stopped for our picnic. Then on up the 19 to the 180 and back over the 180 to the 17/75 and home. But the 180 and the 60 were really a blast. They were real windy twisty roads and through the forest so great scenery along with the best kind of road there is for a motorcycle ride. By the time we got to the junction of the 60 and 19 it was getting close to lunch time so we got the map, checked where to next and head up to Vogel State Park. It was a good park with a big lake and a nice picnic spot next to a little stream that feeds into the late. I need to get one of those action cameras that you put on your helmet and then you take a video of the ride. It was great.

I have also decided that it's time to get a 'selfie stick'. We took a little walk of the path around the lake and I didn't bring my camera with me. Figured I had the phone. But ugh on holding the phone and taking a selfie of Sheila & I . I think it would work a lot better with one of those selfie sticks. It's not the camera - I took a good picture of Sheila so it's got to be the process. So we'll get a selfie stick and see what happens then. For our last Saturday here it was a memorable one. A great ride, and wonderful weather. Till next time - stay happy, remember your happiness is up to you :))
08/07/2016 Hiking trail in Chattahoochee National Forest.
Unnamed Falls on trail
Well I though another day to top yesterday would be hard to come by, but today was the same kind of day. We found a wheeling falls that sounded pretty good so we took off in the Jeep. It wasn't a far drive to the turn off and the directions worked good to get us to the first stop - a hiking trail into the wilderness that was really a great walk. The trail was a little narrow and challenging in a few spots but the scenery and the stream alongside the trail were out of this world Pic1. Quite, majestic beauty. We hiked in about 45 minutes or so then returned to the car and continued on looking for a picnic spot. As you can see pic2, we found a great one right on the banks of another stream. Next stop was the Tate City Mall (that's tongue in cheek) see Pic3. Then we continued on towards stop 2 another Falls, but the directions didn't work. Oh well, we continued on up the forest road, forded a small creek (Pic 5) and found another spot to stop and walk around a little. Again a nice stream and some rapids (Pic4). We finished up there and turned around. The drive home was uneventful and all in all Sunday was another day in paradise. Well that does it for this 'vacation'. We head back to Fl Friday so the weekend adventures are over for now.
The trailPicnicTate City MallSheila by the streamFording a little creek
08/12/2016 Magnolia RV Park, Kinard SC.
Magnolia RV Park, Kinard SC
Well, hate to admit it, but it's now December 10th and I'm just now getting to catching up. No real excuse, just been very 'otherwise' occupied with business and chores and other boring things and not doing much exciting for me to write about here but we'll cover that on the next page or two. For now, here's the end of the vacation. It was time to head home and this was the first stop on the way back to Florida. So we packed up this morning and headed back down. We had timed this so we had a month between port visits so we're on our way to Pecan Park (see the July page for a picture of Pecan Park) for her 9/15 port visit. Then it's back down to the river and back to the usual routine. Or at least that was the plan as we headed south again. We made it to the Mayo, got her port flushed and then back down to the river. So far so good. September came and went without anything worthy of mention - we find now that we're both in our 70's that 'nothing worthy of mention' is a positive thing. We really enjoy just having life flow along. I work, Sheila reads and we enjoy our life. So that's pretty much the way things have been flowing. I started getting a little busier after we got home with work and so just didn't get around to updating the site. That 'nothing worth reporting' kick in by not really motivating me to make the time for updates.I did think about it now and then but then something for work would come up - a database to fix or another customer issue that needed attending to, and I enjoy working, so I just plugged along. And now I've just about filled this frame up saying nothing, so I'll skip to the next frame and we'll move ahead to the next fun event - well maybe not a lot of fun, but the next event.
10/05/2016 Ho Humm Rv Park, Carrabelle, Fl.
HoHum RV Park, Carrabelle, Fl
So let's skip ahead to October and the next even worthy of mention. So about the same time that our 'you haven't moved in over 30 days' light started blinking along came hurrican Matther which was forcase to move up the east Florida coast and to bring major flooding with it so we started talking about whether we should go or stay. The final decision was to go, something new for us as we've weathered the prior storms that came out way. But this time we decided we were due for a little trip anyway and that it would probably be a lot better to move out from under these trees which we would have needed to do anyway. So if we have to packup and move out into the open anyway, might as well go a little further and move out of the forcasted path. So we found a park over on the Gulf Coast that has room and sounded like a nice little park and we headed out for a few days. We didn't need to be back until 10/11 for Sheila's next Mayo appointments. As it turned out we were gone for almost 2 weeks. The storm blew over a tree that blocked the road in at our home base, so it delayed getting back home after the storm. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We spent 5 days at Ho Hum, 10/5 to 10/9. Then we headed off the Pecan Park again on the 10th so we'd be there for Sheila's appointment on the 11. Ok, that will take us to our next event worthy of mention and I'll cover that in the next frame. While we were at Ho Hum we did take a run over to St. George State Park, we had stayed there a few years back, it's a great park and we went over for a picnic and look around. It's a really nice park with a great beach and lots of room to walk (I did my 8 mile walk here on the previous visit). We'll have to visit it again.
10/10/2016 Side of the road Blown Steer Tier.
On the side of the road with a blown steer tire.
So the morning of the 10th came and we packed up, hooked up the car and headed back to Jacksonville. It was to be an short and easy drive, so we weren't in a hurry and we're tooling down one of the small 2 lane roads that lead back up to the freeway when a cannon went off, the whole coach stated shimmying and the steering wheel demanded my immediate attention. Again, as on the previous occassion we were on a clear stretch of road, smooth road and nothing in the road. The same tire, the passenger side steer tire blew again. We called road service and they got a new tire on the way to us and then called the local sheriff's office as we were partially blocking the road. I got off as much as I could, but with a soft grass/dirt shoulder I didn't want to get too far into the slush. By keeping the coach over the pavement I could put the stands down so the tow truck could pull the wheel and change the tire. The shredded tire is on Facebook - I was bored so I took a pic of it and posted it there and then I promoted it and got a lot of traffic :) The Sheriff was very nice. She hung out back there for around an hour before we talked it over and agreed that there was plenty of room for people to see us and get around us and so she went back to work. She also came back by a few times to check and be sure everything was OK. The tire truck came down from Ga so it was a long wait for him, but he did finally show up and I posted some comments on my $600 tire change on Facebook. After my last experience with Michilen when the previous Michilen blew I decided not to try sending it in and I also decided not to do Michilen tires again. They're not the only kids on the block, big name with poor service and don't stand behind their product. That was my previous experience. Next set will not be Michilens. And that's is for October - the rest is a Mayo visit and home for the holidays :))
Till next time be safe and be HAPPY, we are :))