August  2017

75 - who'd have ever thought???
Birthday Boy

08/05/2017 Dirty and very old battery .
Old and Dity Battery
8/5/2017 - it was a stay at home weekend and we started out with a plan. Ok, we do know what always seems to happen with plans and this weekend was no exception. The plan was to get the bike down and then fold the motorcycle rack up and move the RV back a little bit to make a bigger space between the trees on the drivers side and the coach so it would be easier for us and our neighbor to both get into the space next to us where we're both parking. We're long enough that we block the site next to us so we're just using it for parking now. So with great effeft and a little trial and tribulation and some help from the Honey and a racheting tie down strap we finally did get the bike down and moved next to the coach. But moving the coach ran into a snag, turn the kep and click, pop and the batteries for the coach gasped their last breath and gave up the ghost. So a little checking of fuses, etc. and I finally decided to plug the battery charger in to see if the problem was the batteries - it was. The lights came back on and so I knew it was the batteries. Next, moved to the phone and found replacement batteries in town so I ran out and got them. I also asked at the parts store if they know of a mobile mechanic who could change out the batteries for me. They gave me a number to call and I finally ran down a mobile guy who could get over to help me swap out the batteries. A 25 pount back and a 85 pound battery are not a workable combination. So I got out and did the wrenching while I waited for a younger back to arrive on the scene. I got the batteriest ready to come out by the time he got here and he made short work of the battery swap. Turn the key again and this time the engine came to life. By the time this was all accomplished it was getting to be dusk out so we decided to wait till Sunday to finish up. Sunday went according to plan and we got the RV moved back and now have a much easier path to back into our parking space. So all's well that ends well, and it you persist things always end well, just not always at the time you expected them to end. Till next time, be happy, be safe and persist. :))
08/12-13/2017  - BIRTHDAY WEEKEND
The picture at the top is the BIRTHDAY BOY picture, Actually we didn't take any pictures on the 12th, the official day, but we did have a special day. We headed up to the casino, we hadn't been there since arriving here, and had a great time playing the slots and left $200 ahead. The long term plan is to keep doing that :)) Sunday, the 13th, was also a special day. We headed out for our Sunday picnic and found some great spots to explore along the way. The pick to the left was up a short trail type climb over a few steps and up some loose rock. The shot doesn't show the steep or steps very well, they're in the shady part of the picture, but we were pleased with how the Jeep walked up this little hill. We're both getting a little more confident of it's ability as we go along.We also found some great mud holes and puddles to play in, a few rocky roads to bounce around on and a good spot by a little creek to have our picnic.
Picnic spot by the creek.Honey HikingRocky RoadMuddy Creek
As you can tell from the 'Muddy Creek' picture, there's a lot of run off from the rain and we get an almost daily afternoon rain that can be quite heavy up in the mountains north of us. The creek here at the RV Park is dry most of the time, but can rage when it's raining and we get a light rain compared to the mountains. We'll as this wonderful weekend draws to a close I want to wish you all safe and happy travels. Keep smiling and enjoy everything that comes your way. :)))