August-Sept-Oct. 2018

76 years old - who'd have ever thought???
View From My Room - Ghana

08/05/2017 Dirty and very old battery .
Back In Florida - Pecan Park
8/29/2018 - Well after a long silence I have finally decided to spend a little time getting this caught up and getting back to life again. The picture to the left is from May 2018 when I returned to Florida. I went on to start talking with a lady in Ghana, yes a scammer, but we we possibly taking this further than just that and it did over the following month get more serious. So months and thousands of dollars later I went to Ghana to see if this was really the one or not. Turned out that she wasnt't and so we broke up. Then I met 'the one' I had originally been looking for and now we are working on getting her a Visa to come to Mexico and I'm going to move to Mexico and live with her. I am for the moment now saying much more as I have had some issues with the lady I broke up with. But let's just say the old relationship was fraught with things going wrong and the new one is fraught with things going right. I always consider things going right as a sign I'm on the right path, so I think I am on that path now. So I am plugging away and talking online with my new lady and we seem to be a match made in heaven so I"m very hopeful. She is at least now a scammer. She works at a real job, she has not asked me for any money and I have sent some simply because I wanted to not because she asked for it. It's hard for people here to undeerstand life in a place like Ghana. Wages are very low and people struggle just to have enough for rent and groceries. She makes in US dollars around $170 a month, $800 cedi's (the currency in Ghana), so the extra few dollars I can afford to send go a long way to make life a little easier. We are working on the Visa and once we have that a friend there will insure that she can get to the airport and get her on a plane to Cancun. I'll be there ahead of her, meet her at the airport and will start on my new life with a new mate. Her name also starts with an S so will continue for now.
08/11-13/2018  - ALMOST BIRTHDAY Day Before 76. Terrible picture of me Ok, the picture is the only one of me I have from Ghana and it's a terrible picture, I think I look like a mad man so don't  blow it up. This was the day before my birthday and a friend I made in Ghana was over and took this picture of me. I didn't see the picture until I was home and then it was too late to say "ugh" and do it over. So I guess I'm stuck with this for my 76th birthday picture.

On a more pleasant subject, I do have a new love in my life and one who I beleive is going to be my next keeper if I don't run her off. There is a huge age difference, but she says and I agree, age is just a number. I"m still me, whether 76 or 26, I'm just, I hope, a little wiser version of me at 76. I'm not sure what she sees in me but as long as she see's something worth having I'm happy - thrilled actually. I didn't expect to find a 'young' woman and did not set out to find one but am very happy that I did. She is beautiful with a body that goes with her age. Ok enough on that topic.

I'm still walking and listening to audio books and have learned a lot from my latest book "Your Souls Gift" The Healing Power Of The Life You Planned before you were born. It describes in deatail how our soul actually plans out the life that is before it and determines what it wants to learn and expereince before it incarnates and forgets all the plans. It has helped me to understand a number of things from my own life and I'd highly recomment it to anyone who is into this type of topic. It's probably not for the organized religion person, if organized religion works for you then stick with it. It did not work for me and so I have looked for more compelling beliefs elsewhere. The Quantum has finally gone full circle and is now catching up with the Hindu's who have taught the real answer to the questions of the universe for thousands of years. Seems they got the story first hand back at the beginning of our current era. Now as we begin to wake up again I expect these topics to become more mainstream.
9/1/2018 Del Rio Texas Del Rio Texas $260/mo + elect
Sorry for the missed months - I was recuperating from Sheila departing, looking for a new mate and just not up to blathering here. But I have a prospect now, am back to feeling good about life and actually back to believing and feeling that LIFE IS GOOD and enjoying the many t-shirts I have that say so. I will be moving to Mexico soon for what I hope will be a failry short stay as we get my new love a Visa to come to the US and for us to live together in the US. WHY MEXICO?? It takes MONTHS, generally a lot of them to get a Visa to come from Ghana to the US and we want to be together now. So why don't I just go to Ghana - mostly Ghana sucks, it's a very corrupt country and everyone there has their hand out. Also, and more important, in Mexico I'll be on the same time as the US and can better support the users for my software if I'm closer to home. So the Visa to come to Mexico is a week or two process, the Visa to come to the US is a 6month or more process - so we are meeting in Mexico and living together while we work on getting the US visa. I debated putting a picture up, but for now she'll be the mystery lady as I want to wait until she is out of Ghana and with me and then I'll start posting pictures of us doing things and life will go back to normal for me and for those of you who enjoyed following my adventures in life here. I will post another picture here of the spot I'm taking the RV to in Texas after I get the coach moved there. Leaving the coach there seems to make a lot more sense - $260/mo + electric and here is't $800 a month with electric. So big difference in cost.

Well that love didn't pan out - but while I was in Ghana I met someone else, a friend of a friend and next thing you know I'm with her now. The move to Mexico got delayed, but is still on, just with a new person to meet there now. So the adventrure will resume soon I hope.

10/19/2018 Wimberley, Tx - Joes Ranch Temporary Space  Wimberley Texas $400/mo + elect at Joe's Ranch Ok, well this pane is going to be just kind of what's going on then I'll move in the next pane to my new love and my trip to Kenya - yes, went to Kenya for 2 weeks with my new love and will have more on that later. For now let's talk about 2018. It's been a busy year for me personally, and a slow year for the business. I have been busy trying to get my own life back on track since Sheila died and left me alone in the world and the business has continued to stay on the back burner. But since the business is mostly me I think I have to get me back online before I can take care of the business the way I used to.

So let's talk about that a little. I've been to a few new loves that didn't pan out as I headed down the road to finding someone new to fill the gap (large gapping hole Sheila left me with). But the road lead me through scammers, old ladies and finially to the 20 year old that I'll be very heppy to spend the rest of my life with. More on her in the next pane. This one if for the road that lead there. So from Payson, Az. where I was with Sheila, it was Del Rio, Tx for my first explore to check out a possible replacement. But she was my age, a workaholic and we just didn't really connect. So from there I moved back to Jacksonville, Fl. and continued my search. I found out the dating sites are mostly useless. They are full of scammers who are very good at creating a dream that I liked and then milking a little money from me. I knew it was a sammer, but the dream was worth the price so I played that game for awhile. Finally, I hit the big time and got with a major scammer who led me down the primrose path and finally I traveled to Ghana to meet her and to start a new life with her. We planned to move to Mexico, a place where it's much easier to get a Visa than the US and work on the US Visa from there. So off to Ghana I went and there the depth of the scam became obvious and she milked me out of another $4k for a traditional wedding that never took place. So while licking my wounds I met another lady, this one not a scammer, but the one that the path had led me to. More detail in the next pane including a trip back to Africa to Kenya for a 2 week vacation living with my latest love. So keep reading, the adventure continues below.
10/19/2018 Stacy - the new S in Stacy on the Beach at the Diani Reef Hotel So now let's introduce you to Stacy the woman who has won my heart and who I hope to spend the rest of my life with. OMG - she's black, yes she is and she's from Africa and has a personality that I really love. I wasn't looking for a  black lady, I was looking for a personality that I could relate to and live iwth. She's very mature for a 20 year old and as I just said has a GREAT PERSONALITY. I think personality is the part that we love, body is the part we lust and she definitely has a body I lust for. We met as I said when I was licking my wounds from the previouos scammer and she is not a scammer. She works at a real job in a bank in Accra, Ghana and she is, from all indications the one that I was meant to be with after Sheila left. As I've mentioned before, I got some books on how we plan our lives and the people who will be in them before we are born. We don't remember it, but as I look back I can see how life has kind of followed a plan as I've lived it. So I think that Stacy, like Sheila before her, was part of that pre-life plan. Assuming that's true then it easily explains how we met and immediately bonded. I wasn't looking for a black lady and I wasn't looking for a 20 year old> I'm mot in my second childhood, I'm simply going with the flow as I've found that things have a way of working out when you do.
History for now - at our first meeting we met, we talked together and then we went to bed. I was so happy just cuddling with her that the fact that she didn't want to have sex right then didn't matter. So we just slept together and it was a real delight for me after sleeping alond for almost a year. We had that first night and then I returned to the US the next day. We started talking online then and the discussion went on for a couple months. Then finally we decided it was time to be together and see if we got along as well in person as we did online. We tried a couple of places that didn't work out, for one reason or another and then settled on Kenya. It was a direct flight for her and a long flight for me, and we met there 10/4 to 10/15 and had a wonderful time together. We are a match and now we're working on getting her a visa to Mexico. We'll live together there and persue a US Visa for her. If that works we'll come back to the US, get married and settle here living in our RV and traveling as we can. Is it just coincidence that her name starts with an S? I don't believe anythng in life is a coincidence so I think it's another sign that this is right. KENYA SAFARI in the next frame below.
10/19/2018 Kenya and our safari together - Safari - Lion

Safari - Lion on a hill topiHotel Monkey (thief is a better name)
Blow these pictures up - it's a GREAT lion picture I believe. Below are more safari pictures - While we celebrated being together we didn't just stay in the room, we booked a 2 day Safari to Tsavo East National Park where we saw many of the critters that inhabit Africa. Elephants are very numerous there and lions harder to find, but they are there. Blow all these up so you can see them better - they are all good shots especially the lion ones.
Antelopes and ZebrasBaboonsSafari - GiraffeSafari - Lion
Safari - Colurful LizardSafari - WarthogSafari - ZebrasSafari - 2 Lions Hunting
Safari - John At the entranceSafari - Stacy at the entranceSafari - Antelope or GizelleSafari -Elephants again.
We expected the driver to take a picture of us together at the entrance, but he ran off for a smoke, so we had to each take a picture of the other at the entrance to the park. In the park we stayed in the car - getting out to be prey for the lions was  not advisable. These are the best of the 300+ pictures I took at the park.