A fulltimers journal - September 2009
September 2009

Sunrise welcomes us back

Sunrise first day back

The first morning back in Camelot the sun rose in it's spectacular manner to welcome us home. In fact the sunrises have been particularly spectacular this year and I made my first attempt at a YOU TUBE VIDEO - check it out I think it came out pretty good.

HAPPY TRAILS TO ALL and if you're out there on the roads BE SAFE.

9/1-9/13/09 Beacon Hill Campgroud, Intercourse, Pa
Beacon Hill CG

Intercourse, Pa is a Amish community with lots of buggies and plain down home folk. They're hard working, friendly and unimposing. Beacon Hill is right across the street from an Amish farm and they were up with the sun every morning and out working until the sun set.

The drive to Akron, where the PA office is located, was a nice drive through the country side mostly with Amish farms along the way and the occassional buggy or farm wagon to navigate around. It was also a great area to ride and we got a couple rides in just heading down the back roads and seeing where they took us We also got a day of WHEELING in :))

09/14/09 Dry Camped, Intercourse, Pa
Dry Camped Intercourse Pa

Across the street from Beacon Hill Campground. A miscalculation on my part resulted in a phone call from the honey as I was in the middle of my last meeting at Layover before heading home. Turns out I had forgotten to change our last day to the 14th and our spot was already booked so we couldn't stay over.

Right across the main road there's a local store, KINGS HOMESTEAD with a really big parking lot and they were nice enough to let us park there for the night. So we broke camp and hustled to get out of the way - our new site occupants were standing in the wings tapping their toes, and settled in across the street for the night. If you're up that way stop in, they have some really great stuff :))

9/15/09 - Fancy Gap KOA, Fancy Gap, Va
Fancy Gap KOA

PA772>PA340>US30>I81>I77- just big road, nothing exceptional. This late in the trip I stick mostly to the big road as it's just easier to navigate.

This one was an interesting park and site. Looks really wierd in the picture but actually we are level - it's the groung that sloped. It was a fairly long site, but the farther forward I went the more the front dropped, so I stayed back as far as I could with having the car in the road. We originally had picked anohter park here at Fancy Gap, but it was on a hillside and we couldn't get level, so we moved to the KOA instead. They were both nice parks, but it was late and I just didn't want to hassle with trying to get level at the other park so I took the easy way out :)

9/16-9/19/09 Jones RV Park, Norcross, Ga
Jones RV Park

I71>I40>I85>Norcross, Ga.

We've stayed here before. It's close to Michael's and it's not a bad park. Lots of room to walk and real close to shopping if we need anything.

The trees were blocking the satellite but the air card had a good signal so we just used that while we were here. We don't really watch enough TV for it's loss to be worth moving around where we can get a signal, so we watched stuff we had recorded instead  - Mystery on PBS mainly :)


9/20-26/09 - Drifters RV Park, Pensacola, Fl
Dad's Windows

I85>I65>US29>Pensacola, Fl.

We've stayed here befor to visit Dad & Eileen and now that Dad's moved on to bigger and better things we still stop by to visit with Eileen whenever we can.

The windows are at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Pensacola where Dad was a member. They were done by Dad (chief glass cutter & laborer) and Gordon Levi who was the artist & stained glass expert. It is made of Art Glass and has glass from all over the world in it. Click the pic to see a larger picture.

9/27/09 - Dry Camped - Mayo, Fl
Mayo, Fl

US98>US27> Mayo, Fl

Original plan was to stop a couple times on the way back to Camelot, but we got to the first stop early, so decided to keep going. Mayo just turned up as we were getting to the stopping point and offered us this really nice parking lot at the city or county center, so we pulled in for the night.

One of hte nice things about dry camping is that you get up early and get out early - before people start filling up the parking lot. So it was an early start the next morning to finish the drive to Camelot.

9/27/09 - Lunch Break
Lunch Break

US98>Along the gulf.

This shot was outside the door when we stopped for lunch on the 27th and I just wanted to get it in. Click it to blow it up, it's a really pretty butterfly. They were all over the place where we stopped for lunch, just a wide spot in the road along the gulf. The broken up concrete is part of the retaining wall that they've add along much of the road

09/28/09 - Camelot RV Park, Malabar, Fl

US27>I95> Malabar, Fl

Well we're home for the winter now. Back to our space in Camelot. We like this space so much that we just keep it all year, it's out base camp I guess.

The river and sunrise out the front, the gate and US1 out the desk window, the squirels scampering up and down the palms and chasing each other around. They all lend an ambience of home and with the office just 12 miles away and the beach about the same, it's a good base of operations during the winter.