Sept 2010

On The Road Again

J&S Picnic

I think this is a good theme not just for this month, but for past and present - J&S doing what they do best :)
Picnic on the banks of the Goose Pond Slough (off the Tennessee River, Riverton, Al)

09/01-05/10 - Tiffin Campground, Red Bay, Al
Red Bay, Al
US78>MS23>AL24>Red Bay, Al. From Memphis it's a short run down to Red Bay, so we came down and got checked in. Got out for a bike ride and picnic - same on as the main pic for the month.

Ruby on the river Picnic on the river

09/06-10/10 - City Park, Fayette, Al

Fayette, Al

AL19>US43>FAYETTE, AL It's almost always a 3-4 week wait to get in to service at the shop in Red Bay so after getting checked in and taking a little R&R time we headed do to Fayette for a week of Professional Services.

I just can't resist those morning sunrises (or sunsets either for that matter).

09/11-29/10 Tiffin Campground, Red Bay, Al
Red Bay Repair Shop
 US43>AL19>Red Bay to wait our turn for the shop and our appointment with Brannon for our new shades (see below). Thankfully that's NOT our coach in the picture. That was one that was in the shop and I thought it would be a good one to remind me that our trials and tribulations are minor. As an aside, this isn't the worst I've seen in the shop - they  do amazing things there.
Front of coach beforeFront of coach after
Here's the BEFORE and AFTER shots that really illustrate a part of the difference. I don't know about anyone else but the new shades just seem to give you a much cleaner appearance. The side curtains, where the pleated paper shades were are now replaced with the 'touch' style shades, a little tug, turn it loose and it just magically rolls up :)) Best $5k we ever spent.
09/30- 10/05/10 - Drifters RV Park, Pensacolla, Fl
Pumpkin on side of road
AL19>US43>US84>AL21>US31>U S29>PENSACOLA, FL. This is a good route that we've run before (and probably will again)  as we like to stop by and visit with Eileen every chance we get. So we're in Pensacola to visit  with Eileen's for a few days. Since I've done pictures of Drifters a coupld times now I figured this happy face (or maybe it's the Haloween pumpkin putting in an early appearance) along the side of the road would be a better pic for the day.

Just a short visit this time and a couple days to unwind on the way back to the office and the all to familar 7 days a week work, work, work......  Did a lot of that during out time in Red Bay and am discovering that I have to take breaks a little more now days to keep from getting stale . Just another of the many joys of becoming a senior (lol).
10/06-07/10 -  Camelot - Malabar, Fl Home Base
I10>FL87>US98>US27>MAYO, FL (dry camp for the night)>US27>FL20>US1>I95>MALABAR, FL.

We came back along the coast and then cut over, stopped in our friendly county building parking lot in Mayo, Fl. and then back to our familar home base. So we're back for the winter. This year though I'm determined to get out once or twice just to break the monotony and to get me away fro m the office and the daily grind that I fall into every time we come back to our winter base. But with a little luck it'll be a productive winter and we'll make some major stides on getting the online version completed and possibly look at some new additions (iPhone anyone :))

It's been a great year and we enjoyed our travels, time with our customers and especially LOVED the 4 wheeling and we're looking forward to some more wheeling next year. I seem to do much better on a work early/late and get out and doing something in the middle type of schedule. So till CHRISTMAS - Fare thee well one and all and if you're out there on the road be safe.