September 2012

Mayo - IV

09/09/12 Wheeling Again --
Under the old oak tree....
Here it is September already, time does fly when you're having fun :)). As you can see (above) the sunrises are still glorious and as evenidenced the Mloyl the rains are still with us. Been a little too hot and muggy for us to get out for a bike ride, but we didn get out for a little wheeling and a picnic this weekend.

We found a few new trails to explore and one particularly narrow one was a lot of fun. It's also been raining a lot and so we found a few puddles to play in. We also found a couple where we decided to turn around rather than chance it and have finally decided that it's time for that winch I've been wanting to get. When we're out alone, a few miles from any road and in a spot where the tow truck would probably never find us discretion is obviously the better part of valor. We did do some slightly questionable spots, but we passed on the highly questionable ones. Tomorrow when the shops open again I've found a local four wheel drive place to check out and get some more info on what our options are.

All the antibiotics really took a toll on the honey's hair and had kind of dried it out. So she decided, now that she's off the IV's for awhile to give it a henna treatment. It did give it back some body and luster, and it also turned it a bright shade of red :)) Nothing much exciting for me - I hit 170 and am back on Atkins for awhile. Back down to 165 this morning going to see if I can hit 150 this time. Time will tell.  Till next time ya'all be safe and enjoy - life is what you make of it.
09/27/12 CH-CH-CHANGES
Well it's been a very busy month, but not many pictures to show for it. We decided a few weeks ago that we needed a change. Just sitting here in Jacksonville vegetating was not agreeing with us, so an idea we'd be considering for awhile came back to mind and we decided to see if we could find a RV Park that also had a Marina and look at getting a boat again to use exploring the St Johns River and to get away for a weekend now and then. So the month has been spent searching the web for both a place to move to and a boat. To the left is the result of the boat search. She's not officially ours yet, but the buyer has accepted our offer and the survey and sea trial are scheduled for next Wed (10/3) and to close, assuming everything is good in the survey, on 10/8.

The search for a new place to live was also a success, actually we found it and arranged the move before we found the boat. So we'll be moving about and hour and a half south to a little place called Satsuma, Fl. The park/marina is Acosta Creek Harbor
It's a small RV Park, 4 spaces and they just happened to have one left when we called. The people are real friendly, it's in the woods, lots of critters and a marina where we can get anything we need done to the boat that I don't want to do myself done there.
SCHEDULE - this is how it may happen if the stars line up right and favor our plan :))
Boat Closes, 10/8: Day on the water (instruction & familarize with the boat) 10/9: Move the boat down 10/15
Get ready to go 10/10, Move to Cummins (service) 10/11, Service 10/12, Move to Acosta 10/13
There will be more pictures of the boat, new home, etc. coming up next month as we get all this accomplished.