November-December 2013

Hanna Park - Morning Walk On The Beach
Sunrise on the beach

11/03/13 KOA, Mims, Fl
KOA Mims, Fl
11/03/13 - on the road again.

Ok, maybe not really on the road again, but we pulled in the slide, raised the stands and headed down to Mims, about 80 miles or so south of us, for a 3 day jaunt. We had an eye doctor on Friday, 11/1 in the morning and then a meeting at the office in  the afternoon. The original plan was to take the bike down to Melbourne to a shop we like there on Saturday. So we drove down on Thursday and got setup. We had hoped to get over to the iMax Thursday to see 'Gravity', but I wore myself out getting packed up and setup and so we decided to pass on that portion of the plan. Step two of the plan went according to schedule on Friday, but Saturday it turned rainy so we just took a day off and stayed home. Sunday we headed back up to  Satsuma and gave our new roadway a test. It performed as expected and we slid right back into our spot.

Traveling with Oxygen If you're wondering how we travel with those 3 large oxygen cylinders I thought I'd share a shot of them strapped in and ready to travel. I have eye bolts through the bed platform and I run a long strap around each bottle and through the eye bolts. Cinch it up and they're ready to travel. So far this method as worked well for us. Takes about 10 - 15 minutes to get them in place after the back slides are pulled in. About the same to get then back out and into their stationary places when we stop. It was good to get out again, it had been awhile since we'd been down the road and all and even a short trip was welcomed.
11/11/13 -  Hanna Park, Jacksonville, Fl.
Hanna Park
11/11/13 - Jacsonville, Fl.

Sheila had 2 days at the Mayo this week, so we decided to come up to Hanna for the week. We really like it there, the bike needed to get into the shop for a service and so we decided to just go up for the week rather then drive up and back two days in a row. We may actually start making this into a quarterly trip. There's the beach for my morning walk, miles of paved roads for Sheila to walk and it's just a good get away for us. Since the appointments were Tues and Wed, we didn't want to wait for our oxygen delivery here and then try to pack up and rush to get up to Hanna all in the same day so we arranged to have the oxygen delivery done at Hanna. It went smoothly and may have openned the door for us to start doing a little more getting away for a few days.

Speaking of the beach, that photo at the top is my morning walk and that's a shot it took with the phone, so that's not a special lens, the world really did turn that color. The sea turned pink, the beach turned pink, the world for a few moments stood still and pink became the message of the moment.
11/13/13  Ready  to ride -
Ready To Ride
11/13/13 - Jacksonville, Fl

Our Tuesday appointments ran from 7am to 4pm so there wasn't time to get the bike in but Wed we only had one appointment and that wasn't until 2pm so we decided we'd take the bike in early and then get over to Whole Foods and get our shopping done. The morning dawned a little on the chilly side (barely 50 when I went for my walk) and mid 50's when it was time to leave and take the bike in. Mid 50's is definitely leathers, baklava  and my Russian hat  :) So here I am all decked out and ready to  take the bike in. Sheila isn't joining me in this shot as she get's the 'car' part of this errand. The return trip the next day was much nicer - it was in the high 60's with is just a jacket and maybe not even that if the sun's out which it was. So check it out -
More chromeYou'll have to blow this one up to see the new goodies - got chrome tubes for the front shocks now and a new windshield. I know the windshield is hard to see, actually that's the point of getting a new one - it's hard to see and easy to see through :) The chrome front end will be alot easier to keep clean and shiny. For comparison you can check out the way the front end looked before the change. This shot's from when we first got Ruby. We're running out of things to chrome - then what??
12/07/13 Boat Ride
Honey's Got The Helm
We decided it had been way too long since we'd been out for a boat ride and I'd been talking about getting fuel for a couple weeks now, so we packed a lunch, filled a few bottles and headed for the boat
 We also decided that we wanted to get back to the other side of the dock. One of our favorite things with the boat has been to go down and watch the sunsets from the back deck and the other day we had a perfect opportunity, gorgeous sunset, but the boat was facing the wrong way :(. So with two missions to get accomplished we headed up the river. Interesting fact - up the river is down (south) the state since the St John's flows north to the sea. Our destination was fuel and back and we got a pleasant surprise. They we're just getting a fuel delivery and the price was going up to $4.59. He'd changed the sign but not  the pump yet, so we saved 20 cents a gallon - so early Christmas present from the universe :)) We made really good time going down, 8 knots and 4GPH (Gallons/Hour on each engine) and with the tide pushing us we were making good time coming back, 6 knots at 2GPH so as we neared Welaka we slowed down and Capt John took the helm back (I like using the auto pilot so don't hold the wheel much) so we'd have time to have our sandwiches before we got back. We timed it just about right and finished our sandwiches just as we rounded the last curve before home. We take a lot of pictures of where we're going - today I thought I'd be different so here's one of where we'd been. So home at last, we made a mess of getting into the slip - I need to get down there and practice never going to master docking if I don't do it more often - but with a little help from our friends we got her tucked in and all tied up for the night :)
12/08/13 Christmas Stuff & a Bike Ride
Christmas Stuff
This one just wouldn't work as a picture that fit in the box, needed to be tall and skinny. The oxygen machine is still there under the table, it's just pushed back to make room for some presents. We decided as long as we were doing this weekend we'd go whole hog. So today we headed to town to do our anual Santa Claus thing (a personal thing we do each year - sharing would ruin it so we'll leave it at it's a lot of fun for us :)) 

As you can see the shopping got started early this year. Not wanting to wait till the last moment, it's harder to do last moment when the internet is your primary shopping source, we dug in early, got the shopping done, the presents in and the wrapping out of the way. Now with a pile before us the anticipation is getting palletable. The growing suspense will make the paper tearing even more enjoyable this year I think. Since it's the paper tearing and the initial joy of something new that seems to be the thrill of the moment we have a lot of little things rather than a few big things. More paper = more fun, so we're maximizing the fun by getting lots of little things to wrap. Usually around mid-November we start wrapping things that we need but that aren't on the urgen list - so much of it isn't jumk, it's the underwear, socks and other mundane necessities. We've found that they're just as much fun to get Christmass morning as the less needed surprises. We've also discovered that if you intend not to remember what's in the boxes you generally don't so the surprise is still there and usually for both of us. So fun times are approaching. We also got a new stirng of lights for the tree this year - a battery operated 20 light led string. Really perked it up :))