November-December 2015

Christmas Day - 2015 At Home :)
J&S Christmas Picture

12/14/15 Alliance RV Wildwood, Fl
RV Repairs - Wildwood, Fl
The HydroHot reservoir was empty a couple weeks ago, so I filled it and forgot it. Then next time I looked it was empty again. So I filled it and watched it and it was going down fairly rapidly. So take everything apart - both side compartments - and look all over and I can't see anywhere that it's coming from. So I fill it again and then check under the coach and you can see it running out around the exhaust pipe that comes out of the bottom. So a call to Aquahot and they tell me that it may be a leak in the tank. Well to diagnose that you have to take the cover off - not the service cover the big cover which means pulling the unit. Hmmm - I look again and I still can't find where it's coming from so we make an appointment with Alliance RV in Wildwood to bring it in and have them check it. Half convinced that this is going to be a big one - replacing the HydroHot is a $10,000 job. But, the new attitude comes through for me and I shrug it off. "It is what it is" and worrying or agonizing over it won't change that. (ps - Look at my Christmas shirt in the picture above). So we wait the couple weeks till our appointment, drive down to Wildwood on Monday and spend the night. First thing Tuesday they get us into the bay, much to my chagrin, but not really to my surprise, it turned out to be the radiator cap that is on top of the unit. The seal around it was worn out from heat and age and the fluid was coming out there and runing down under the cover and coming out the bottom. I just couldn't see it from the angles I was looking. A younger more trained eye was needed to spot it. So a minor ($250) repair and we were back home Tuesday night. It was nice to get out, even for a very short little vacation :))
12/18/15 Sunsets :))
The sunsets on the river are often spectacular, but I don't always get out to take a picture. This particular evening it was really an exceptional one, the whole river was flaming red, so I got out quick as I could and got a couple of pictures. Sunset is a really quick one this time of year especially, so often by the time I see it, marvel at it's beauty and get outside with the camera it's too late for a really good picture.

Lifes going good right now. Sheila, broke another bone in her knee. Same knee, different bone. This time however it wasnt' because of anything she did wrong, we got in some soft dirt, her bike slid to the side, she put her leg down hard to catch herself so she wouldn't fall and her knee just collapsed under her. This was a week ago. We got her to the ortho clinic later that same day and at firs they said it wasn't broken, that it was just badly bruised. So they gave her a knee brace and sent her home. So the followup - a couple weeks later at the followup viist she insisted on seeing the Dr, not  the doctors assistant, and he did a MRI and annouced it was broken - very clear on the MRI, invisible on the X-Ray. It may be time to throw out those old xray machines and start using the MRI for things. But, it what it is, so now the new marching orders are no more then 50% of her weight on her knee for a few more weeks. So she's stuck with her walker for the holidays. We check back on 1/11 and we'll see what the Dr say then. We're real pleased with the doctor that we have, he's young and really seems to know his stuff, so we're content to follow his instructions for the most part. 
12/25/15 Nothing says  loving  like something from the oven :))Christmas Cookies)
Christmas PresentsChristmas finally arriived and we decided to hold it down this year, especially since the possibility of a very expensive replair was looming on the horizon. So the presents were mostly small stuff and things that we needed anyway :)) Not a buy a carton of smokes and wrap the packs up individually Christmas, but not our usual extravagaza either. But we had an adequate suppy of paper to tear and a lot of smiles to go around. We managed as usual to Christmas Presentsmake an appropriate mess. The joy of seeing the surprise and joy on anothers face as they tear, pry open and eventually reveal their latest gift is really priceless. Sharing Christmas with someone you love makes all the humm drum of life to get to that moment of joy worth the ride. Ok, I'm getting sappy, or maybe it's just happy.

It is what it is is the motto for the New Year and as we head towards it we look back on a quiet but very satisfying year behind. So with that we'll say to  all MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL - AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT.
12/31/2015 So long 2015 - it's been a year to remember :))
Sheila Bike
Since when we're riding, we're always riding together I don't have any good shots of Sheila coming down the road, but if it works (I haven't tested it yet) click the picture and a very short clip of her riding should come up.
Well time to day goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016. I do so with an interesting (at least to me) realization that while time is what it is - that is 60 seconds are always 60 seconds, that I also now somewhat understand those who tell us that time is also an illusion. The length to time that it take for a minute, month or year to pass is the same now as it's always been, but as one ages the sense of how long that is does change. Years are now a month or two. Looking back leaving 2014 and welcoming 2015 wasn't a year ago, it was a month or two. It's something you can hear when you're young and not understand - as you age you'll get it.
2015 was an interesting year, the blog fell behind a lot, busy was growing as the year progressed and with closing the office and taking on the work formerly done by 2 employee's it took a sudden upward leap. But then I've never minded working, so it's not a complaint, just a notice that other priorities sometimes prevent doing what's more appealing. Sheila started 2015 with a broken knee - she finished with a broken knee. But in between there were a lot of miles put on the bikes, a few falls along the way and a lot of smiles and happiness as well. While there are moments now and then of feeling disappointed by the handicap, overall she just smiles and keeps on getting on. She's mending again and soon we'll be out biking and walking again. I'm still walking, but I've parked the bike until she's ready to ride again. The motorcycle has been languishing in it's garage, a bad knee makes it very difficult to get on/off the bike so it's waiting patiently for the day when we can go cruising again.

We don't know yet what 2016 will bring. There's another review the end of Jan and we plan at the moment to make it to Louisville for the truck show. But beyond that we don't have an travel plans at this point. We need to work out port visits and the medical aspects first. But we're still hoping to get some more wheeling, cycle rides and biking into our future. If it comes we'll savor it - if it doesn't we'll savor what does come. LIFE IS GOOD - ENJOY IT whatever it brings.
See you next year - John & Sheila