November-December 2016

That looks familiar, Sheila, Mayo, Popsicle - Now What??
Back at the Mayo

11/11/16 Settled in at the May - Surgery Tomorrow
Back in the Mayo
11/10 Start of the story. This one is going to require a little background and there are NO pictures of the background, just the story. So it's Thursday morning 11/10. We've decided to go to the Dylan concert in Jacksonville and I call and get the tickets up in the balcony. Later that afternoon, we are doing our Yoga - the beginners senior type of Yoga which we started a couple weeks ago. So we're doing this pose where you are down on all fours and you raise one leg out behind you and also raise the opposite arm and extend it out in front of you. Sheila lost her balance and fell over on her side. So it was a very short fall, but between osteoperosis and prednisone her bones, we have now learned, are extremely brittle - she broke her hip. So once the initial pain subsided we both agreed that we needed 911 to get her to the hospital. We weren't sure what was broken, but I was pretty sure her hip was broken. So you'd think following the ambulance to the local hospital and then sitting in the hospital for hours while they decide what to do with her and get her into a room I would have taken a picture - but I didn't. My mind was on other things. First and foremost, we both had to remind people to wash their hands, put on a mask while they accessed her port, etc. To put it mildly the conditions in the ER were not up to our (Mayo learned) standards. They had hand sanitizers everywhere and I never saw a single person use them (other than Sheila & I). We seemed to be the only ones who knew what they were and how to use them. We agreed that first thing in the morning I'd call the nurse co-ordinator at the Mayo and get to work on getting her transferred. We did not want surgery at the local hospital.
11/15/16 Walking the hall with Physical Therapist
Out walking the halls at Mayo
The following morning I put in a call to Margie, Sheila's Nurse Co-Ordinator and she wasn't in yet, but I talked with her assistant and explained the situation and then headed to the hospital. The surgeon came in and we discussed the transfer and Sheila's compromised immune system. He agreed that it would be best to get her transferred if we could and I have to say he actively pursued making that happen. In the transfer order he listed her as a "High Risk" patient. So it took a couple of hours for the paperwork and I headed home to get the things she & I would need at the Mayo. As I headed back to the hospital she called to let me know that the ambulance was there to take her to the Mayo, so I just went up to Jacksonville and straight to the Mayo. I got there a few minutes ahead of her. The Mayo was great, they had her room ready, ER already knew who she was and had all the paperwork taken care of, so she came in at ER and went pretty much straight through to her room. I can't really explain the relief when she got to the Mayo we just both knew it would be ok now. The Doctors came by in the afternoon and the surgeon explained the process. Next morning they took her to surgery and a few hours later the surgeon came by to let me know everything went "perfect'. Her hip had actually shattered, it was broken in 3 places. They had put in a plate and a long bar in the bone to support everything. I should support her weight without any problem. The picture at the left is a couple days later, and I picked that one as it shows the swelling, which seems to be the only concern in her recovery.
11/20/16  A  Get Well Gift from  the landlady :))Sheila Walking the Halls at Mayo)
We got Sheila out of the hospital on the 16th so it was, relatively speaking, a short stay but it was still good to get home. The Mayo had ordered home health care and they got that started right away and I have to admit we were both pleasantly surprised after our previous experiences with home health care. The therapist did an excellent job and were really helpful in getting Sheila back on her feet quickly. In fact we were both extremely surprised at how quickly she was recovering. Every day she was noticeably better and able to do something that she hadn't been able to do the day before. Of course she's a trooper, so she pushes herself a little and that helps a lot with a speedy recovery and we learned from the therapist just how much she could/should push herself.

Jane, our landlord here on the river, got the flowers for Sheila when she went to town and Sheila really loved them. I'm not sure wht the big white ones are called, but when they opened up they were very big, aromatic and pretty. It was a lovely arragnement and a really nice thought. Everyone here misses seeing Sheila out for her morning walk. They don't see me as I'm out for my walk in the dark before most people are up, but Sheila walks after breakfast so everyone is used to seeing her. They all ask about her. I always tell here - they love her, they tolderate me because I'm attached to Sheila. I'm not very 'social' and I often wonder about all the books that tell us how we are 'social' animals. Guess there's exceptions to that rule, I like being alone :)) Till next time ya'll be safe, be happy and keep smiling.
12/21/16 MERRY CHRISTMAS :)))
Christmas Before
The next even worth recordsing (or at least that got a few pictures) was Christmas. We again did a light Christmas as Sheila was recovering still getting back to walking and healing and I, as usual, was busy with work - good thing I like working :)). So here's the Christmas Before shot. Below are a few more shots of our Christmas....blow them up to actually see the. First we have Christmas After - so a picture of the mess. Next up, in the center we have Sheila showing off her new mug, sweatshirt and her head at that funny angle to show off her new earrings. Finally on the right is our turkey dinner - vegatarian style. Turkcy (tofu) cutlets, dressing with vegatarian gravy and string beans. A feast fit for a king.
All in all it was a very very joyous Christmas with a lot of thanksgiving for a wonderful year and a walking honey.

Christmas AfterChristmas Sheila with presentsChristmas Turkey with the trimmings (Vegatarian_
12/21/16 MERRY CHRISTMAS :)))
J&S Last Of The Motorcycle Pictures
12/31/2017 - HAPPY NEW YEAR - 01/01/2017 and another year goes the way of all good things. The picture of us with the bike is from our Georgia trip. After the lessons with the broken knee (twice) and then the broken hip from a fall of a few inches we have decided to retire the bike. We're still debating whether we'll keep it for me to use periodically on those rare occassions when I go somewhere by myself or sell it but we have to face reality in this particular case. Many who ride never actually ask themselves before they start riding if they're willing to fall occassionally or not, but the reality is that if you ride something with 2 wheels you will occassionally fall. My first venture on two wheels with motor was a bicycle with a motor when I was around 12 years old. I was hooked and I had a scooter before I even considered a car. For years off and on in my adult life I've had several periods when all I had was a motorcycle. So it's with great regret that we have come to this conclusion, but the reality is that even a minor fall could prove very detrimental for Sheila, so we'll be sticking to the car from now on. Even a car is risky when your bones get brittle, that seat belt relies on the wearer having a sturdy frame as do the air bags that slam into you in you crash. But life has risks, so you have to decide to live with them. Sheila gave it a lot of thought and we talked about it and eventually agreed that the joy she was getting from the ride was not worth the risk. So this is probably the last picture of Ruby that will be appearing in our web site.We've thoroughly enjoyed the many bike and many rides we've been on over the years and they're memories that we'll always hang on to. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. Keep smiling :))