December 2010

Nature's Wonders

Natures Wonders

One of the joys of our Christmas trip to St George Island State Park was walking on the beach every morning
and watching the sun come up. There'll be a few pictures of the beach to follow it's beauty and magnitude never fail to awe me.

12/20/10-01/02/11 - St George Island State Park, Fl
St George Island State Park 

I95>FL40>FL27>FL19>US98>ST GEORGE ISLAND STATE PARK, FL. We did this as a 2 day trip staying at Silver Springs State Park (which is very nice, but I can find the picture I took there. We got there on the 20th, and got in a ride over to Appalatchacola where we found a nice spot for a picnic and I started walking the beach in the mornings.

Appalatchacola, Fl Morning walk on the beach.

12/25/10 CHRISTMAS DAY :))

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning broke bright and clear and full of promise with a lot of paper to tear. This year we just started in November and pretty much anything we wanted got wrapped and put aside for Christmas :) That way we got lots of paper to tear without spending a lot extra for presents. We did manage to make a mess getting all those smiles thought :))
Made a messFloor Mats

12/20/10-01/02-11 St George State Park
Sunrise 12/24
and of course it wouldn't be Christmas without some games or projects for me -

Installing new TVNew TV installed
So the big present this year was for both of us. A new Bluray player and a new big screen hd Tv to go with it. The TV is too big for the opening the old TV fit into so I mounted one of those adjustable mounts for it. We bungie it when we're traveling and can bring it out and tilt/angle it so it's just right when we want to kick back and watch it :)  We also got Planet Earth and a couple other Blurays with it to keep our evenings occupied on our trip.
12/20/10-01/02-11 St George State Park
Before daybreak
And here's something new - I think they're cute, click them and see what you think. The first if from a ride over to St Joseph Peninsula and the state park over there.
St Joseph PeninsulaSt George Island
The second is from a drive we took to the very end of the island at St George State Park. It's a 5 mile sandy road so we got a little wheeling in :))
01/02/11 -  Camelot - Malabar, Fl Hudson, Fl

US98>FL19>Hudson (dry camp)>FL52>US98>F60>I95>Malabar

We came back a little different way, taking the 19 all the way down the coast to Hudson. We wanted to get a cover made for the garage, so we can carry it on top of the car, and a new custom cover for Ruby to help keep the dust and road grime out a little better. Cover Connection ( is located there and we met with him so he could take some measurements and get them done for us. The new covers are due in any day now, so you'll be able to check them out when we hit the road again. The picture was in Hudson.

If was a quiet ride back and now it's time to get back to some serious work. Probably get one more trip in before we head out for Louisville in mid-March. Have a fairly open itenerary at this point, we'll just have to see what develops as the year progresses.