1988 Fulltiming the beginning


The Bus

Since this is the beginning of this adventure I'd like to start of with an introduction of the cast and crew.


The Cast And Crew
Honey's Free

Let's start with the star of the show - the Bus

Above you have the side view taken from the back corner. Since it's original purchase the top got a coat of white rubberized paint to ward off the sun - with it gray it turned the inside into an oven even in the mild California sun. That open compartment on the back side was the home for that battery charger that's laying on the ground in the this shot - that was our fancy inverter system :))

The picture to the left is the front view. If you blow it up to full size you'll see his name - HONEY'S FREE. The point of the fulltime lifestyle for us was to allow the honey to break out of the mold she'd been cast in and to set her free from the "stuff mentality" that, at the time had ensnared both of us.

In the back of the pickup, again click the picture to blow it up and get it full size, is the recirculating toilet that went in to replace the one we had already (and that didn't have a black tank). There was only one holding tank :(

The Honey

Next we'll move to the INSPIRATION - here's the Honey.

Without a little inspiration nothing happens in this world, so one must put inspiration above the laborers who toil and sweat to make the inspiration smile.

There's an old saying that has I believe rung true throughout history

If Momma ain't happy then nobody's happy.

So much of what follows are the meager efforts of all concerned to keep Momma happy :))

The work force

Next the WORK FORCE - inspiration need labor to make things happen - here's the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer :))

Job 1 - keep Momma Happy and I guess after 20+ years I must have found a way to do that. Least we're both still smiling :)))

Boy, I was a skinny little runt then......

The star of the show - Baby

And here's a part of that Happiness Formula - BABY

Through thick and thin, storm and sunshine, when the world starts closing in on us we ride. There's just something about the wind in your face and the rumble of that engine that recharges our batteries and makes the cares of the world fade away.

There will be more of Baby later when we get into the travels, and of Baby's successors as the years go by.

Caddie - gone but not forgotten

Here we have Caddie - he's gone now, but not forgotten. He went into storage when we hit the road and came back to us later as our wheels for a few years. He was the best car I ever owned and if someday I get back into having another classic it'll be another 65, Coupe DeVille Convertible.

Believe it or not everything even worked :)) But for the road it was just Baby and our next and final member of the cast ......

Baby's House

Here's the Garage -

Over there to the far left is Baby's future home and my garage. It's a little rough right now, but give me a few days and there will be some pictures in the next section of the finished product.

This was a key player in our journeys, providing Baby a place to ride when we traveled and a home to keep him dry when we parked. Also a spot for my tools, a workbench and a spot for me to do my handyman duties.

Well that's the cast and crew - let's get to the story.


Next, the adventure begins with THE CONVERSION