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Light, camera, action

I'm going to skip ahead with this opening shot to the end of this chapter - this is Sheila's last day at work. The cake, gotten by her fellow workers to bid her farewell has the following on the bus - 

"John & Sheila, Follow the yellow brick road"

The money tree in the background was also a nice parting gift and bought us a little extra time on the road.

So without further ado, here it is - our home sweet home. I don't have any pictures of the very beginning with the bus, but this is as close as I have, so this will have to do. This was taken at the Castaic Rv Park, Castaic, Ca. in late 87 or early 88. I was living in the bus full time at this point and Sheila was living with me part-time. The pictures below are the earliest we have of the bus and it's transition from a prior conversion to our own idea of a home :))

  The Conversion

Bedroom day 2

Winter 1987 - Don't know the exact date, but it was Winter 87. Sheila and I had just gotten back together and I'd moved the bus down to Castaic and she'd come over to spend the night the previous night and we discovered that the steel ceiling was like one of those radiant heaters only it radiated COLD. Thus, this picture the next evening, cardboard ceiling and a piece of old carpet over the back.

We don't have any pictures from the very beginning with the bus, at the point where my first pictures come in I've already installed the bed and a few other changes, but it's mostly still the way I got it originally. It was already converted - but as you'll see - a little rough.

Front Before

Early 88 - what a mess

This is early 88, my desk is across the front and I've put some cubes in on the right side. The couch is just a real couch that we wedged through the door somehow to get it inside. There was a lot of that taking what was at hand and making it work in the very beginning.

The ceiling is also mostly done at this point in the front, and partially done further back - the bedroom is of course done -that was the first thing that needed to get done. Freezing at night was not my idea of fun. I used cork for the ceiling as it was a good insulator - but when we started traveling it took a couple months to shake out all the cork dust :((

Cork Ceiling

Early 88 - looking back from the front to the kitchen/dining area.

As you can see the cork is partly done back here. The kitchen is the way it was when I got the bus as are the shelving/dining area. not much more than a box to sit on back there at this point and the kitchen was a little rough - but there was a small fridge, right in front of the honey, that white thing, a stove to cook on and a sink to wash the dishes.

I mean, if you have a kitchen sink what else to you need to make it a home :))

Ok it was a little rough, but the honey was getting by and by now was spending a lot more time with me in the bus than she was spending at home in her house. Guess I better get it together and get her a little nicer kitchen.

Kitchen Before

March or April 88 - time to remodel

The couch is out of the way - gone the way of all good things and it's time to get to work on this sorry excuse for a kitchen. I'm still working, but getting close to the end and making plans to get out of LA and go travel for awhile.

You can barely see the improvements on the left side, but there's a cupboard back there now and I've put in cubes as the base for the seats - I used those cubes everywhere. They provided us with a ton of drawer space and they were cheap :) an important requirement at this point.

Kitchen Start Over  Kitchen Installing

April 88 - Out with the old - in with the new

Old kitchen gone, fridge and stove piled up temporarily in the first shot. You can't see it in the second shot, but the new fridge, with a microwave over it, are now back there where the old ones were stacked in the first picture, just behind that board at the end of the counter base I'm working on.


Kitchen After

And here's the final result -

Honey says it was the nicest kitchen she ever had - now if I'd just finished the shower (but that's another story).

As you can see I got the counter in, put pull out trays in all the lower cupboards so it would be easy to get at the stuff that was in them. When you live in a narrow house getting to the bottom cupboards can sometimes be a challenge.

Also put in a big double sink - a honey priority - and a new stove. You can see where the new refer and microwave are even though you can't really see them. The new dinette seats are also visible in this one - drawer cubes with a cushion on top. The back one also has a back cushion - honey's side - the near one has the door right behind it, so no back rest.

Here's the front before - I had already done the cubes, but still had the desk up front and the old couch. The desk is along the side behind the TV so out of sight in this shot.

Front Before

Here's the after - put in some shelves, desk is gone and computer is in the shelves, used the TV for the monitor. The pink chair and reading lamp were for the honey. :))

Front After

Honey & Naugahyde

May 88 - this shot gives you a better view of the naugahyde that the previous owner had put over the windows - it wasn't long lived for use. The first time we got a good rain we had several leaks. Tracking them down led to the conclusion that the screws that held the naugahyde panels up were leaking. Since I wasn't that big a fan of the look anyway I took the panels down which gave us a much more "rustic appearance" :))

Baby, in this shot doesn't have his decals anymore - gas got spilled at a fillup and it ate the decals - the first of many nicks and dings to come - but through it all he always got us home.


More to come - that's all I have time for this evening - but I'll be getting more in here as we continue to scan the pictures out of the old hard copy albums.