2002 - The road back aka Fulltime Act II


2002 -

Meet Wannabe, he wants to be a Prevost when he grows up :~) and we want to be retired and enjoying him, so wannabe seemed like a good name. Wannabe is the solution to the butt not being able to take 10 hours in the saddle anymore, the wife's emphysema (the fumes from the 4 wheelers get to her especially in cities), and just the general desire to be comfortable that settles on one as age creeps up on you.

So here's a look at our comfort zone -

Of course you can't get IN THE WIND without a scooter - so we covered that also with a

little help from RV LIFTS OF AMERICA. This nifty little gadget runs down to the ground, you ride the bike on, strap it down and raise the lift. No ramps to try and push a 1,000# bike up :~).

We're still looking for the right cage to tow behind it - another concession to age, got to have a cage for those rainy days it's among the "other half requirements". She's a very demanding lady - gotta have a shower and gotta have a cage for those times when she's just not up to a ride.

A history note: we started out in a bus (also wanted to be a Prevost, but was a 40' rear engine (gas) converted school bus. We towed a trailer with our 79 shovel head, and didn't have a shower or a car. We hit the road before I got the shower installed and just never got to it. We full timed for a couple years and wandered looking for a new home. Course, over the years between then and now it's been a couple new homes, finally ending up in Florida. Hopefully this will remain our winter home and we'll be able to start using wannabe for our summer home.

So far we've only managed one real trip - up to Louisville for the truck show -

Louisville Truck Show

Camped out at the Louisville Exposition Center & our booth at the 2003 truck show.

Look for more to follow. We're planning to start taking a few long weekends and will post pics as we go along.