2003 - Fulltime - The Road Back

Well the best laid plans of mice and men again show us how the years slip by unnoticed. In The Wind started in 2003 and here it is 2007, two RV's later and a world of other changes. So let's take a look back at the past couple of years and see if we can get caught up.

2003Thanksgiving, 2003
Camped out in FloridaAugust 2003, taking
a long week-end.

On the right, Thanksgiving 2003 - camped out in a state park near Tampa/St. Pete

Air Card wouldn't work from here so we had to run into town twice a day to do emails.

Christmass 2003 - we spent a week at John Pennencamp which is in Key Largo -
Christmas 2003Christmas 2003

 And of course with
 Christmass you have
 to have a few goodies
 so here's Honey and      the Bear after the          paper tearing is done.

 You'll no doubt notice    Pooh has his Santa hat   on - he does a lot of      shopping this time of  year.