2006 Fulltime - the road back


Our first trip for the new year was the Louisville Truck show. As you can see from the picture the weather was not promising, it's pretty cold in Louisville, KY in March so we took the car with us on this trip.

Louisville Parking




                             And here's the booth. Pretty much just the same old thing
                              this year. We're going to move up to a 10x20 next year.

Long Key Sunrise







Once we got back from the show and finished up the busy season it was off to our favorite campground, Long Key State Park. The sites are right on the edge of the water facing out into the Atlantic and I got what has become one of my favorite camping pictures.

Long Key Sunrise


                     04/28/06 - Long Key, Fl here's another view out the front windshield.

Long Key View









And of course no campout is complete without a little barberquing
so here's John hard at work

Long Key Barberque


                              And here's the honey supervising :)) -

Long Key relaxing









When we returned from Long Key it was time to get back to work
and start getting ready for the trip to the Vegas show.
We had decided to do a little sight seeing on the way and our
first stop was in Memphis. We'll let you guess where again -

Pink Caddie



                If that one doesn't ring any bells how about this one








If you still haven't gotten it this last one is a real giveaway.
He just wanted to be a trucker and instead ended up being a

Trucker Elvis




                  After Graceland we headed on out to Vegas. I've always                                                    been enamored with rock formations so here's an interesting
                  one from Arizona, along the I40 as I recall.

Az Cliffs





Next stop Vegas and this year we tried something new.
We teamed up with Safe Trucker, put up a drivers lounge
between our two booths and ended up with an open 30 foot
frontage on the aisle.

Vegas Show







           We didn't get any pictures of the space in Vegas this year, just the same
           old thing, Circus Circus parking lot. But after the show we took the scenic
           way home. 

                                                                                                              First stop along the way Devils Canyon in Utah. Devils Canyon






From there we headed for the main stop on the
way home, Glenwood Canyon, Co.

Glenwood Canyon Site



  6/20/06 Glenwood Canyon

                                We got a site right on the river.

On the river Glenwood Canyon






  After a long discussion with the folks at the campground it was decided
that they would allow us to take the short raft trip down the river. We got
dropped off about half way down from where the rest of the group
would start, so we missed the bigger rapids, but still had a fun raft trip
down the Colorado river. 

Rafting Glenwood Canyon


            We were sorry to have missed the heavier rapids a little further up, but we
            still got some rapids and there was some concern because of Sheila's oxygen
            bottle about doing the bigger rapids. Better safe than sorry :))Rafting Glenwood Canyon








We also got one of the best motorcycle rides of our lives there. We went for a ride
up to Aspen for lunch and then continued on up to the top of Independence Pass.
The scenery was breathtaking and the windy road up the mountain what what bikers
live for. We stopped 3 times on the way up adding more layers at each stop - it just
kept getting colder and colder as we climbed.  

Of course I remembered to pack all of Sheila's oxygen bottles but I forgot to bring the camera so we don't any pictures of the ride. Guess we'll just have to 
go back and do it again :))

From there it was back home to Florida and nothing exciting for a few months. Then it was time for the Dallas show so we headed off to Dallas. The park we decided to try for Dallas this year turned out to be a real dump and I didn't see the point in saving a photo of it for posterity. 

Dallas Booth

            But the booth came out real nice and we had a real good show. It was after the
            show  that the fun began. 




             On the way out of the mobile home park the narrow streets were clogged
             with a group of Mexicans who were unloading a truck on my left. So I was
             busy watching them to be sure I didn't hit one of them and brushed a car that
             was parked too close to the corner.




Not much damage, but it was a real pain.
I offered the gentleman $500 to cover the damage, but he wanted more so
I just turned it over to my insurance and let them handle it. It's real hard to
negotiate with someone through an interpreter. 

But we got that out of the way and headed on down the road. 

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